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Despite dozens upon dozens of films coming out every year, each one of them can be called a miracle. The process of creating a film is lengthy, and involves juggling all sorts of creative people while working within budgetary constraints and studio feedback. This isn’t even counting the countless films that never make it past the concept phase.

In some ways, creating an animated movie is even more arduous than live-action, as it takes teams of animators months to animate a few minutes of character movement. Nevertheless, the hard work and determination of the production crew have resulted in many films that, despite a rocky beginning, have become classics.


‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ (1937)

Disney’s first fully animation motion picture tells the classic story of Snow White, forced to flee for her life when her wicked stepmother, the queen, tries to have her killed. Deep in the woods, she befriends seven dwarves thanks to her generosity. However, the queen learns of Snow White’s survival and uses magic to disguise herself as an old woman to kill her personally

Related: 10 Scariest Animated Disney Movies Of All TimeAt the time, nobody had any faith that an animated film could hold an audience’s attention, and they named the project “Disney’s folly.” The experimental nature of the production made it difficult to predict a budget, and Walt and his brother Roy Disney were forced to place mortgages on their houses to pay for it. Fortunately, Disney was able to convince bankers to finance the project’s last leg, and the rest is history.

‘Gulliver’s Travels’ (1939)

With the success of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Paramount Pictures decided to release their own animated feature. They brought on Max and Dave Fleischer, whose studio had been a rival to Disney in the 1920s and 30s. The film they chose was an adaptation of Johnathan Swift’s classic tale about an explorer who ends up in a land of different-sized people.

Unfortunately, Paramount wanted to cash in on Snow White’ssuccess and gave the Fleischers under two years to deliver a finished product. They were also expected to mimic Disney’s animation style, resulting in some characters that look like discount dwarfs and Silly Symphony characters. The film was well received, but its failure to make enough of a profit would spell the end for Fleischer Studios.

‘Dumbo’ (1941)

Despite Snow White’s success, the 1940s were hard on Disney due to the outbreak of World War II. To finance Bambi, Walt released a short film about a circus elephant born with big ears. While ridiculed for it, he eventually learns how to turn this perceived weakness into his greatest strength.

Related: 7 Most Emotional Disney Movies That Are Worth The TearsSince most of Walt’s best artists where working on Bambi, Dumbo was helmed by junior animators. Production went well until May 1941, when production was halted by over three hundred animators going on strike, including Art Babbitt and Bill Tytla, who animated Dumbo. The strike is referenced in the film when the clowns decide to ask for a raise after performing with Dumbo.

‘The Fox and the Hound’ (1981)Fox and the Hound smiling at each other

This classic tale of two best friends who grow into bitter enemies got its start during Disney’s dark era. With the death of Walt and Roy, the new management didn’t want the studio to take risks with their animated films. Their top animators from Snow White were also beginning to retire, so new talent was brought in.

This resulted in a clash of ideals, as the younger animators wanted to take risks like in the old days, while management wanted them to fall in line. The fate of Chief, Copper’s mentor who died in the book but survives in the film, was an especially strong point of contention. Even the old guard wasn’t safe, as Wolfgang Reitherman, who had directed Disney’s animated films since the 60s, stepped down due to disagreements with the higher-ups.

‘The Secret of NIMH’ (1982)secret-of-nimh

Another delay to The Fox and the Hound was the departure of Don Bluth and fifteen other animators. Tired of Disney’s conservative strategies, Bluth and his friends wanted to remind the world of the beauty that had motivated them to become animators. They’d do this by release an animated adaptation of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH.

Related: Ranking Don Bluth’s 10 Theatrical Films From Best to WorstGiven that the film was made by a handful of animators working in Bluth’s garage, it’s a miracle that it looks as beautiful as it does. Bluth’s team worked up to 100 hours a week near the end and the higher-ups mortgaged their houses for funding. While the film underperformed due to a limited release, its critical success saw Bluth rise to challenge Disney for a time.

‘Beauty and the Beast’ (1991)Beauty and the Beast dancing in Beauty and the Beast 1991 Disney animated movie

Beauty and the Beast is the first animated film to be nominated for the Acadamy Award for Best Picture. Its history with the company dates all the way back to Walt, who wanted to try and make his own version but was discouraged by Jean Cocteau’s 1946 classic. As Disney was prepping to go into the 90s, they decided to revisit the idea in their London studio.

Unfortunately, Jeffrey Katzenberg, who was in charge of Disney animation, hated the original storyboard reels and demanded a redo. This left the animators with half the usual production time, forcing many of them to work long, thankless hours. Lyricist Howard Ashman was also dying due to complications from AIDS, so production was moved to New York, so he could be involved until the end.

‘Toy Story’ (1995)Woody and Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story

Pixar’s first feature film was also the first animated film made entirely with computer-generated images. However, many don’t know the crazy story of how Woody and Buzz’s friendship saw the light of day. It began with a lengthy period of negotiation between Disney and Pixar before the script was approved in 1993.

Katzenberg made many edits to the story to add edginess and adult appeal, which resulted in Woody turning into a tyrannical jerk. It got so bad that, when Disney executives saw the new footage, they halted production until Pixar could make a new script. After three months, they struck a balance between lighthearted and mature, which helped endear the film to audiences of all ages.

‘Toy Story 2’ (1999)Toy Story 2 Jessie

With how successful Toy Story was, a sequel was inevitable. Amazingly, Pixar managed to get lightning to strike twice and create a sequel that many argue is better than the original. However, it got its start as a direct-to-video project while the main Pixar team was working on A Bug’s Life.

When Disney saw the test footage, they decided to upgrade the project to a theatrical release, which strained Pixar’s animators and creatives after two films so close together. Worse, their animation was almost wiped out when an animator accidentally typed a delete code and their backups were corrupted. Fortunately, technical director Galyn Susman had backups on her computer.

‘The Emperor’s New Groove’ (2000)Pacha and Kuzco

Upon release, The Emperor’s New Groove was praised for its unique style of humor and atypical storytelling structure from Disney. This is due to years of behind-the-scenes edits and restructuring, back when the film was called The Kingdom of the Sun. Set to be directed by The Lion King co-director, Roger Allers, the film had a prince and the pauper style story, the villain Yzma as a necromancer who wanted to darken the sun, and many songs written by Sting.

Related: How ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’ Was Nearly Canceled and Wound Up a Cult ClassicUnfortunately, as the Disney Renaissance was coming to an end, audiences wanted something different than epic musicals. Numerous edits were made to the film, and Mark Dindal from Cats Don’t Dance was brought in to give it a screwball-comedy feel. Realizing his movie was gone, Allers and many animators would leave the production for Lilo and Stitch.

‘Sausage Party’ (2016)

Seth Rogan’s raunchy comedy about if food could talk has a number of achievements. It was the first 3D animated film to get an R rating, and at the time, the highest-grossing R-rated animated film. Despite its warm reception, the film’s history is about as dark as its content.

Related: From ‘Sausage Party’ to ‘Groundhog Day’: 10 Great Comedies With Surprising Hidden MeaningsRogan spent over eight years pitching the idea to studios, who rejected it due to its strong religious themes. When it was finally greenlit, director Greg Tiernan was brutal to the animators and forced them to work overtime with little to no pay, and anyone who opposed this was blacklisted and removed from the credits. Fortunately, a lawsuit was filed in 2019, which saw the animators receive some recompense for their time and effort.

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