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Warning! This article contains spoilers for Loki season 2, episode 5, “Science/Fiction.”


  • The TVA has been destroyed, and all reality is facing an unraveling after the Temporal Loom exploded.
  • The episode focuses on the backstories of TVA workers and their return to their original lives before being recruited.
  • Loki learns to control his time-slipping power just in time and returns to the TVA before the Loom explosion, setting the stage for the finale.

Coming off a massive cliffhanger last week, Loki season 2, episode 5, “Science/Fiction,” succeeds in answering some questions while setting in motion the upcoming Loki season 2 finale. The entire MCU seemed on the brink of destruction as the Temporal Loom was overloaded and exploded in a flash of white light in Loki season 2, episode 4, and episode 5 picks up right at that moment. While it’s clear that everything wasn’t immediately destroyed, the stakes have been raised as all of reality faces a slow and unnerving unraveling.

Loki season 2, episode 5 takes a step back from the jaw-dropping twists and, in focusing on the aftermath of last week’s bombshell, gives some long-awaited backstory and development to the Loki cast. The fate of Miss Minutes, Victor Timely, and Ravonna Renslayer are being held for next week’s finale, which has a massive amount to wrap up. From an empty TVA to seeing characters in a brand new light, Loki season 2, episode 5, “Science/Fiction,” is a fantastic penultimate episode.

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10 The TVA Is Destroyed

Loki Briefly Wanders The Halls Alone

Loki season 2, episode 4 ended with a massive cliffhanger as Jonathan Major’s Victor Timely died and the Temporal Loom exploded, though the consequences of that were left hanging. “Science/Fiction” opens that exact moment, and Loki opens his eyes and finds himself still alive. However, the Temporal Loom observatory room he’d been in with several others is now empty save for himself. Loki walks around the TVA and finds it completely devoid of life. After he grabs a TVA handbook, the TVA itself slowly starts to “spaghetti-fy” and whither into nothingness. As that happens, Loki time slips away.

9 TVA Worker Backstories Are Finally Shown

Mobius Finally Gets His Jet Ski

When Loki time slips away from the destroyed TVA, he briefly visits the new location of each TVA worker who was with him when the Temporal Loom exploded. Instead of dying, each person there – and perhaps in the entire TVA – was sent back to their original life in the Sacred Timeline before being recruited to the TVA. It’s a fascinating look at lives only hinted at so far in the show.

First, Casey is shown in 1962 San Francisco as he attempts to escape imprisonment in Alcatraz, and his real name is revealed to be Frank. Then, Hunter B-15, AKA Doctor Willis, is revealed to have been a pediatrician in 2012 New York City. Mobius, AKA Don, finally finds a jet ski as he returns to his life as a water sports salesman in 2022 Ohio, and OB is a struggling sci-fi author and theoretical physics professor named Doug in 1994 Pasadena, CA.

8 None Of The TVA Staff Remembers Their Life In The Organization

It’s Unclear If They Returned To The Moment They Were Originally Taken Or Not

Loki doesn’t immediately speak to B-15 as his visit to her hospital is quite short, but he does approach Mobius, Casey, and Orobouros to tell them that the TVA has been destroyed. Frustratingly, none of them remember anything about Loki, the TVA, or any of the events that have transpired across Loki season 1 and 2. While Casey and Mobius understandably think Loki is out of his mind, OB, with his background in both theoretical physics and science fiction, seems to believe Loki’s story immediately and starts working with him to fix the whole ordeal.

7 OB Coaches Loki To Control his Time Slipping

It’s Unclear Why Time Slipping Has Suddenly Returned

OB coaches Loki through time slipping in Loki season 2

Ouroboros has been a breakout favorite character across Loki season 2 so far, and that’s likely to continue after he helps Loki work towards a solution for the destroyed TVA without actually remembering anything that happened. In Loki season 2, episode 1, Loki’s time slipping was seen as a problem that needed solving. However, OB now believes time slipping is the key to saving the TVA. If Loki can learn to control it, he believes, Loki can travel back to the TVA, even though it doesn’t exist anymore. It’s a fantastic scene that drives home OBs optimistic, solution-oriented personality and showcases how much Loki has grown as he embraces mentorship.

6 OB Gets His Own TVA Handbook To Create A TemPad

TVA Handbooks Continue To Cause Casual Loops

Loki asks OB to create a new TemPad so they can more intentionally travel through time and space, but the engineer understandably doesn’t know how without his previous memories. Fortunately, Loki presents him with a TVA handbook – which OB wrote – that he grabbed from the organization before it was destroyed. This is the second time the book has been involved in a sort of paradox, as last week, OB and Timely both claim they learned what they know from each other. The handbook works, and OB creates a makeshift TemPad that works well enough.

5 Loki Reunites With Sylvie, Again

Sylvie Is Still Against The Idea Of The TVA

Sylvie in a bar in Loki season 2

The last former-associate Loki visits is Sylvie in Broxton, Oklahoma, and much to his surprise, her memory is fully intact, just as his is. The reason why isn’t explained but is likely due to them being both gods and TVA outsiders, but Sylvie still isn’t sold on reforming the TVA. According to her, everyone is back where they belong. The scene, in which Loki admits, “I want my friends back. I don’t want to be alone.” cements Loki’s impressive character growth even more and is a memorably character-driven moment in a show full of non-stop twists and turns. The two part ways once again.

4 Sylvie’s New Home Is Destroyed

The Loom’s Destruction Is Spreading

Sylvie's new home disintegrates in Loki season 2

After Loki leaves, Sylvie goes to a record store to unwind with some music – a place she appears to frequent. Enjoying the subtle comforts of her new home after a life on the run, the destruction caused by the Temporal Loom’s destruction finally hits. Sylvie’s new home slowly disintegrates, killing her friend and shredding the entire reality. Just as the last bits of color fade to nothingness, Sylvie jumps to the Sacred Timeline to rejoin Loki and his newly reformed crew.

3 Loki & Company Have A New Basic TVA

The Entire TVA May Be A Giant Orobouros

OBs living quarters morph into the new TVA in Loki season 2

After Sylvie rejoins Loki, Mobius, OB, B-15, and Casey, the foundation for a new TVA is complete. However, there are hints that the group may be doing more than simply continuing where they left off. OB’s living quarters become the new base of operations, but it bears a striking resemblance to his office in the actual TVA. Moreover, the entrance door looks similar, and the feeling grows that Loki may be unknowingly enacting the events that formed the original TVA in the first place. He’s plucked TVA agents from their lives just as they originally were, and Loki season 2 has already shown a penchant for circular cause and effect.

2 The Sacred Timeline Is Destroyed

Loki Learns To Control His Powers Just In Time

Just as Sylvie arrives to join the group and things are looking like they may come together, the Sacred Timeline itself starts to unravel. First, each person in the room besides Loki turns to string and disappears; then, the environment does the same. It’s a disturbing and quietly unsettling scene on par with the Avengers turning to dust in Infinity War, and Loki seems completely lost as his world quite literally falls apart.

1 Loki Returns To The TVA Before The Loom Explosion

Loki Gets His Strongest Superpower Yet

Loki time slips to the TVA in Loki season 2

After struggling to control his time slipping throughout the season, Loki finally masters it in the moments before the disintegrating timeline claims his life. At first, he only jumps back a few moments, but then, motivated by the heightened stakes and losing his friends, Loki successfully jumps back to the TVA, where he finds himself with OB before the Temporal Loom meltdown. It’s unclear what Loki will be able to do to change the past and save the future, but next week’s Loki season 2 finale has its work cut out for it.

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