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Hollywood may be considered the global hub of film production, but many great films come from countries all over the globe every year. It’s important to cherish these films as many don’t get the same coverage as their Hollywood counterparts.

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Even though we are swiftly reaching the final quarter of 2022, it’s important to bring light to the many international films we received last year, whether that be because foreign films sometimes have delayed release dates in more populous countries, finding something different and unconventional compared to the standard Hollywood blockbuster, or just celebrating the art of cinema from different regions across the globe.


‘7 Prisoners’ — Brazil

7 Prisoners is a powerful film that tells the story of a group of boys who are captured and victimized by human trafficking and forced labor. The film follows a boy named Mateus (Christian Malheiros) as he struggles to break free from this lifestyle and overcome his captors.

The film is a genuinely harrowing experience as we watch these characters fight for their lives and question their morals to escape this nightmarish situation. It’s a very dull film but one that expresses an extremely important subject matter.

‘Drive My Car’ — Japan

Drive My Car is a true methodical moving experience, winning the Oscar for Best International Feature because of its expertly crafted journey. The film tells a simple yet effective story of a famous stage director who takes on directing a new stage production to cope with the death of his wife two years prior.

Despite the film’s length, it is entirely justified because it is such a great character study, exploring the dynamic and relationship formed between the two leads.

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‘A Hero’ — Iran

A Hero is currently the latest film from Asghar Farhadi, who has made many great Iranian films, including The Salesman and A Separation. This film tells the story of a man who attempts to settle his financial troubles within his two-day leave from prison. However, things don’t go exactly as planned.

It’s a very gripping film filled with a ton of personality. We feel for the characters in the film and experience their tough emotional journey to escape their unfortunate situation.

‘Titane’ — France

Titane is an extremely screwed-up blend of many brutal and mind-bending sequences. This film has a reputation for being one of the most messed up films from 2021, and that is undoubtedly the experience you will get when watching it. The plot is absurd and atypical but still incredibly meaningful in its own weird way.

There are a lot of genuine themes Titane has to offer, despite being presented as a bloody, spiraling mystery. It’s a film worth checking out for anybody who loves interpretation, subtext, and unconventional horror. You know a film is fantastic when it simultaneously has a deranged reputation and is also a Palme d’Or winner.

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‘Compartment nom. 6’ — Finland

Compartment Nom.6 is a simple yet effective story about two strangers, a Finnish student and a husky Russian miner, who have to share a cramped compartment on a train heading from Moscow to the arctic circle.

This is pretty much the 2020s version of Before Sunrise, sharing the qualities of two strangers that meet on a train and begin to form a personal relationship. Compartment nom.6 does a fantastic job at making its characters memorable and watchable. It presents a profound dynamic between these two people that encapsulates the human experience.

‘A Cop Movie’ — Mexico

A Cop Movie, as the title suggests, is a film about police officers but delves into the corruption within the police force through the experience of two officers. It is a very experimental documentary that blends the lines between fiction and reality.

This film comes from Director Alonso Ruizpalacios, who has experimented with many genre subversions within his films. His film, Museo, entirely reconstructs the heist genre, and A Cop Movie entirely reconstructs documentaries. It’s a great film that blends visual and fictional storytelling by expressing real-life events and issues.

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‘Hive’ — Kosovo

Hive is an extremely impressive directorial debut from Blerta Basholli that tells the story of a woman whose husband goes missing in a war and her struggle to care for her family, as well as deal with the backlash of subverting societal expectations.

The film does a great job of exploring how certain communities perceive typical gender roles and the unfortunate risk of breaking certain societal expectations people have. It’s a great film filled with a ton of character and culture through the performances and direction.

‘The Worst Person in the World’ — Norway

The Worst Person in the World is one of the more popular international films from 2021, and for good reason. It tells an intimate story about the life of a young woman named Julie and her struggles with finding love, employment, and a sense of place within the world.

It’s such an easy film to immerse yourself within, consisting of great characters, editing, and storytelling. The film touches on some truly important aspects of life. It’s extremely relatable and profound; many people can find themselves connecting with it, whether it be reminiscing about that time of their life or living through it.

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‘Întregalde’ — Romania

Întregalde is a very tense and stressful film that isn’t going to be a pleasant watch for everyone. The film follows a group of humanitarian workers delivering supplies in rural Romania; however, when they attempt to help a disoriented local find his home, things begin to take a turn for the worst.

The film is an amazing atmospheric experience with a great focus on its setting and character. A lot of this film’s conflict relates to the character dynamics as well as the weather and environment, and it uses its location exceptionally well to create tension. It’s a genuinely thrilling experience and one that deserves more attention.

‘One for the Road’ — Thailand

One for the Road is a buddy-road-drama film in the same vein of Drive My Care (albeit One for the Road came out before Drive My Car). It shares a similar aesthetic and setting but is quite different in terms of the story being told. This film tells the story of two friends that travel through Thailand; one character suffers from terminal lung cancer and wants to make amends with his previous relationships.

It’s a heartfelt road trip film that starts with a familiar premise but devolves into something far more personal and engaging. It’s a lively and energetic film that flourishes from start to end.

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