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Few modern-day actors have embraced the buddy comedy sub-genre better than Kevin Hart. Having initially starred alongside actors such as Dwayne Johnson, Will Ferrell, Ice Cube, and Woody Harrelson, the comedian has once again dived into familiar waters with Mark Wahlberg in Me Time. The new Netflix release is a tale about two friends, Sonny and Huck, who get to engage in all forms of mischief while the former’s wife is away.

While Hart and Wahlberg are familiar faces, there are a couple of other incredible actors in the movie who are still on their journey to A-list status. As such, audiences might be wondering which projects they have starred in before. And most of them have been part of other great projects too.


Luis Gerardo Méndez – Narcos: Mexico

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Méndez is Armando, a tortoise-loving billionaire who Maya hopes to make a deal with. His close relationship with Maya soon results in a feud between him and her husband, Sonny.

Despite having been a star in Mexico for years, Méndez remained an unfamiliar face to global audiences. That’s until he landed the role of Victor Tapia, a police officer who begins working for the Juarez Cartel. Through the two roles, Méndez gets to showcase his range as an actor since both have very different personalities. While Armando is a cocky billionaire who doesn’t hesitate to mock Sonny, Tapia is a cowardly lawman who is often worried about getting killed for talking to the DEA. The genres are quite different from each other too.

Regina Hall – Girls Trip (2017)

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Hall plays the architect Maya, who is married to Sonny. She constantly clashes with her husband over her close relationship with her business partner, Armando.

Hall has collaborated with Hart on a number of projects, but Girls Trip sits top among her major projects. In it, she is Ryan, a lifestyle guru and author dubbed “The Next Oprah.” Parallels can be spotted between Maya and Ryan, as they both highlight the challenges that successful career women have to deal with at home. For Maya, it’s kids that have started loving their father more, while for Ryan, it’s a husband that feels neglected. But there’s hardly any melancholy since Hall portrays both characters in a very comical manner.

Kevin Hart – The Jumanji Franchise

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Hart’s character is that of Sonny, a stay-at-home dad who is insecure about his wife’s friendship with her business partner. While his wife is away with the children, he reunites with his friend, Huck, and the two go on to engage in endless mischief.

Having starred in at least two movies each year since the early 2010s, Hart is truly on his way to becoming one of the most prolific Hollywood actors. In the Jumanji franchise, the comedian is Franklin “Mouse” Finbar, a playable character in a video game. Most of Hart’s movie characters use the same template and that’s true with Sonny and Mouse. Just as is the case with Sonny, Mouse finds himself in all sorts of hilarious misfortunes. Luckily, they are both surrounded by cool friends ready to come to their rescue.

Mark Wahlberg – The Departed (2007)

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Wahlberg is Huck, Sonny’s adventure-loving friend. After reuniting for a birthday party, the two go on a mission to punish Sonny’s new enemy, Armando.

Wahlberg’s career is full of highs and lows, as he has been nominated for both an Oscar and a Razzie. His body of work is vast too, which makes picking a single movie harder. However, his career-defining performance comes in what is one of the best ever gangster movies: The Departed. In the Scorsese movie, he stars as Sean Dignam, a character who embodies charisma and daredevilry just as much as Huck.

Jimmy O. Yang – Space Force (2020 – 2022)

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Yang’s role is that of Stan, a loan shark who comes to collect money from Huck. Though comical by nature, Stan isn’t above using violent means to get his money back.

Though Yang doesn’t frequently fall victim to typecasting, a good number of his characters have similar mannerisms. In the Netflix series, Yang stars as Dr. Kaifang Chan, a scientist who thrives on sarcasm in the same way Stan does. Both characters have peculiar ways of doing things. While Stan prefers to console debtors before torturing them, Chan arranges his French fries in crosses before eating them.

Che Tafari – Daredevil (2018)

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Tafari plays Sonny and Maya’s son, Dashiell. He is constantly complaining about the manner in which his parents treat him and his siblings.

In the MCU, Tafari is Marcus, a child who gets adopted from an orphanage but isn’t so sure about leaving. For many child actors, their roles involve having to deal with parental figures and the same can be seen in Tafari’s characters. While Dashiell shows what life is like growing up in a stable home, Marcus just how hard life can be for those who grew up without parents.

Naomi Ekperigin – Mythic Quest (2020)

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Naomi stars in the Netflix comedy as Jill, a divorced mother who keeps clashing with her ex-husband, Allan, over parental responsibilities. Jill’s major wish is for her husband to spend more time with the children so that she can find time to go on dates with new people.

In Mythic Quest, Naomi is Carol, an understanding Head of Human Resources who employees take advantage of by using her as an unofficial therapist. Both Jill and Carol are rare roles for Naomi as she mostly does stand-up comedy and screenwriting work rather than acting. Given her impressive performance in the Netflix movie, fans will be hoping that she lands more comedic roles.

Andrew Santino – The Disaster Artist (2017)

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Santino plays Jill’s ex-husband, Allan. He is also one of Sonny’s friends, though he only sees them as dad buddies rather than actual friends.

In the Oscar-nominated movie, The Disaster Artist, Santino is Scott Holmes, an actor that gets to star in what is considered one of the worst movies of all time, The Room. Of the two roles, Allan is the more interesting one since Santino gets to flex his muscles in a genre he has dived into many times – comedy. Scott, on the other hand, only gets to be a part of the filming scenes and is never accorded proper character development.

John Amos – Coming To America Franchise

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Amos is Maya’s overprotective father, Gil. He and Sonny don’t see eye to eye because he considers his son-in-law weak for being a stay-at-home dad.

Fans of the actor will be quick to note that his role in the two Coming To America movies are very similar to this one. There, he plays Cleo, the father of a woman that the protagonist is also in love with. Amos’ overprotective nature cuts across both movies and so is his judgmental nature.

Anna Maria Horsford – Vacation Friends (2021)

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In the new Netflix comedy, Horsford has a supporting role as Maya’s mother, Connie. She has always had dreams of writing an erotic novel, but her parental responsibilities have prevented her from doing so.

Horsford appeared in a string of sitcoms in the ‘80s and ‘90s, but younger audiences will remember her more in the Hulu comedy, Vacation Friends. In it, she is once again depicted as an understanding mother who loves unconditionally. Given how convincing she is in both projects, it would be great if fans get to see more of her in these kinds of roles.

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