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With What We Do In The Shadows’ fourth season at a close, Nadja has become more herself than ever. Nadja of Antipaxos has always been known for her passion, but she is also a fascinating combination of sweetness and violence. She knows herself and what she wants and fiercely loves her husband, Laszlo.

Not only that, but she’s technically her own best friend as her human ghost possesses a doll that looks like her. All of these aspects of Nadja come together to make her one of the audience’s favorite characters.


10 “That Little P*** Snake Thinks She Can Send A Curse To Us?”

“The Curse” (S2.E4)

When “Bloody Mary” sends a curse through email to Nandor, he gets Laszlo and Nadja to read it, so they’re all cursed. Nadja’s rage takes over as she retaliates by cursing Bloody Mary right back.

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She only uses the word “p***” with an animal to describe someone or a situation when she really hates it, and Nadja isn’t afraid to express her negative feelings and act on them. Nadja is extremely protective and won’t let someone threaten herself or anyone she cares about, even Bloody Mary.

9 “Vibrant Women… Married To Such Boiled Potatoes?”

“Brain Scramblies” (S2.E3)

At the “Superb Owl” party, Nadja spends time with the women, where she realizes they’re strong and beautiful and vicious women whose husbands’ treat them poorly. As one half of one of the show’s best couples, Nadja is disheartened to hear about their relationships because these women deserve the type of loving and equal relationship she has with Laszlo.

Nadja is constantly highly complementary of other women, and this moment is no exception. True to her character, she balances her praise of the women by harshly comparing their husbands to boiled potatoes.

8 “It’s So Disgusting. I Love It.”

“The Grand Opening” (S4.E3)

After one of the biggest surprises in What We Do In The Shadows, the child that crawled out of Colin Robinson’s chest cavity loves to perform Broadway musicals in Nadja’s nightclub. She finds it both disgusting and fantastic, which fits perfectly with her constantly combining something sweet with something harsh.

Nadja loves the creepiness and exploitative nature of Colin’s performances because she finds pleasure in things being so bad they’re enjoyable. As someone who needs to be entertained at all times, Nadja needs something to be beautiful and horrifying.

7 “I Don’t Dislike Gail! I Really Like Her. I Like This Woman.”

“Gail” (S3.E3)

When resolving their issues with werewolves inspired by Twilight, a kickball game occurs where Nadja accidentally kicks Gail in the head. Everyone has been perpetuating this story that she hates Gail, so they assume it was purposeful and that Nadja killed Gail.

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Nadja may not like everyone she meets, but she refuses to hate other women solely because they’re another woman. She makes it clear to the surrounding men that she will not follow their idea that women always compete against each other because she works to support other women however she can.

6 “I Didn’t Want To Go – And I Wasn’t Invited.”

“On The Run” (S2.E6)

In one of What We Do In The Shadows’ best episodes, Laszlo reveals he ran away to California for a time. Nadja initially says she didn’t want to go with him, but Laszlo says he didn’t invite her.

Nadja needs to be in control and seen as a leader, so she first makes this decision seem like it was entirely up to her until Laszlo’s correction. Even then, she doesn’t correct her first statement; she only adds that part to the end of her comment to keep her agency in the situation.

5 “Who Is The Vampire And Who Is The Familiar?”

“The Grand Opening” (S4.E3)

When Richie Sucks’ familiar, Dr. Tom, is getting too controlling, Nadja leans on her firm belief in the vampire and familiar hierarchy to convince him to take back his power in the situation. Not only that, but to reference Nadja’s most iconic scene where she gives two spits for an enemy, she spits on Dr. Tom’s name.

Throughout the series, Nadja enforces the vampire and familiar hierarchy on Guillermo, which aligns with her values and character as she inspires others to use their status as a vampire as she always has.

4 “Be Strong, Sweet Little One…S*** On All Of Their Graves.”

“City Council” S1.E2

Beginning one of the best relationships in What We Do In The Shadows, Nadja turns a young girl Jenna into a vampire, so she can have the power to face her bullies and friends that don’t care about her. Nadja wants to see everyone as powerful as possible, and she inspires with her typical combination of kindness and violence.

She doesn’t abandon Jenna after turning her because she genuinely cares about her wellbeing. This relationship means a great deal to Nadja, and she shows that through her praise that empowers violence.

3 “I Think We Just Balls To The Wall, Just Go F***ing Crazy.”

“The Chamber of Judgement” (S3.E5)

Nadja likes having and asserting her power in any way possible, no matter how illogical or ridiculous it may appear. She and Nandor judge someone for endangering vampires, and she decides it’s best to appear unpredictable after showing the last person mercy.

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Sentencing this vampire to death was one of the things she and Nandor looked forward to most about being on the Vampiric Council. Nadja trusts her plans more than Nandor’s, so she feels it’s up to her to decide when to exert their full power to keep their leadership roles.

2 “I’m Not Staying For This. You’re Being Very Boring.”

“Animal Control” (S1.E5)

Laszlo and Nadja are vampiric couple’s goals for many reasons, but one thing that especially makes them good together is how they hunt together. When Laszlo decides he’ll go kill their new neighbor, Phil, Nadja agrees to stay back and watch to make him happy even though she’s not in the mood to kill.

While Nadja shares many interests with Laszlo, she also shares his need to be entertained at every moment. When she’s bored, she easily decides to find something interesting to do and lets Laszlo know she’s done with the activity.

1 “Now, Now He Was Just Doing His Husbandly Duties.”

“Ghosts” (S2.E2)

Nadja discovers the ghost of her reincarnated human lover, Gregor, on their front porch. When Laszlo comes to talk to Nadja, Jeff is there and sarcastically thanks Laszlo for cutting his head off once again. Nadja immediately stops this saying it was just Laszlo’s job.

She loves her husband and defends him with everything she has. That being said, Nadja dismisses many people’s feelings when it comes to those she isn’t close to, and with Jeff being a ghost, she feels none of their connection, so it’s even easier to defend Laszlo’s actions.

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