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Few movies are as engrossing, as capable of making an audience truly escape and have tunnel vision, quite like a first-rate thriller. Characterized by twists, careful plotting, and above all tension, thrillers have enduring, timeless appeal, with plenty of genre crossover potential.

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The high points of the thriller genre will be studied and enjoyed as long as moving pictures exist: The French Connectionis still raw and exhilarating over five decades later. The Silence of the Lambs has forever etched an imprint in the public imagination. Then, of course, there is Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, whose contribution to the medium is impossible to sum up. On the opposite end of the spectrum of such greatness, there are certainly thrillers out there that attempt to raise the pulse, and succeed only in slowing it down. According to critics on the Tomatometer, these are the worst thrillers of all time.


10. ‘Dark Tide’ (2012) — 0%

One of two unfortunate shark movies on this list saddles Academy Award winner Halle Berry and real-life ex-husband Olivier Martinez with a shallow script about a cash-strapped shark expert (people call her “the shark whisperer”) who overcomes a recent trauma to assist an excitement-hungry millionaire’s joy ride into a strip of sea called “Shark Alley.”

Goodness knows Berry can carry any movie with a decent script, but reviewers were highly critical of Dark Tide‘s lack of imagination. After all, how hard can it be to make a shark movie at least mindlessly entertaining? The universally panned film grossed just over $1 million against a relatively modest $25 million budget.

9. ‘Killing Me Softly’ (2002) —0%

Done well, an erotic thriller is a decadence, alluring in the extreme. The late ’80s and early ’90s were the golden era of such films, with Fatal Attraction, Basic Instinct and The Last Seduction enamoring audiences, critics or both. Perhaps the godfather of the erotic thriller is Brian De Palma, whose hyper-stylized pictures grow in esteem among film buffs as the years pass.

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Starring gorgeous and charismatic leads in Heather Graham and Joseph Fiennes, featuring no shortage of graphic sex scenes, and directed by Palme d’Or winner Chen Kaige (Farewell My Concubine), Killing Me Softly nevertheless got a beat down from critics, who singled out ludicrous plotting and unintentionally funny dialogue. Loosely based on the 1999 novel about budding mistrust in a marriage, Killing Me Softly is the Chinese-American filmmaker’s first and final film in the English language.

8. ‘Homecoming’ (2009) — 0%

In Homecoming, Mischa Barton plays a jealous woman who seeks vengeance after former bae (Matt Long) returns to their hometown with a new girlfriend (Jessica Stroup). There have only been about a billion Fatal Attraction and Misery knockoffs (this is a little bit of both), arguably none as instantly forgettable or pathetic as this.

Critics dog-piled on Homecoming for wall-to-wall clichés, and a lack of entertainment value. It’s rare, though not unheard of, for a movie with subject matter like this to be genuinely good art. To not even be good trash is unforgivable.

7. ‘The Disappointments Room’ (2016) — 0%

But seriously, who ok’d this title? What’s next, a horror movie called The Underwhelming Films Bunker? Kate Beckinsale is usually brilliant (this movie was released the same year as Love & Friendship, perhaps her best work to date), but she appears to be sleepwalking through this supernatural thrill-free thriller about a Brooklyn couple who discover a weird room in their new country house. And who could blame her?

The Disappointments Roomwas released in the wake of Relativity folding. Surely much of the talent involved would have rather it never saw the light of day. Director D.J. Caruso has made a crackling horror film, in 2007’s Disturbia, but The Disappointments Room practically evaporates as you watch it.

6. ‘Shadow Conspiracy’ (1997)

Charlie Sheen plays a top White House aide who learns of a deadly conspiracy at the highest level of government. The plot and physics of Shadow Conspiracy aggressively defy plausibility at every turn, and shoddy set pieces are funny by accident. There was a genuine crime committed here: Linda Hamilton, Sarah Connor herself, is wasted in a supporting role.

Generic and utterly devoid of any surprises (surprises are usually a good thing to have in a thriller) Shadow Conspiracy was trashed by critics and has since been relegated to obscurity.

5. ‘London Fields’ (2018) —0%

Neo-noir is cinephile bliss when it’s inspired and fully formed. Modern examples that knocked it out of the park include the original Sin City, Guillermo del Toro‘s darkly arresting Nightmare Alley, and even the John Wick movies.

Based on the acclaimed novel of the same name by co-screenwriter Martin Amis, London Fields is a convoluted yet halfhearted stab noir that’s utterly unconvincing, due at least in part to troubles behind the scenes that led to multiple existing cuts, and a long-shelved release. Billy Bob Thornton, Amber Heard, Jim Sturgess and Theo James star in a messy would-be mood piece about a clairvoyant who has a vision of her own death.

4. ‘Dark Crimes’ (2016) — 0%

Jim Carrey is in a league of his own as a comedic virtuoso, and he’s been entirely brilliant in dramatic efforts like The Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. One of the brightest stars of his generation disappears into the woodwork in a thrill-less crime thriller that’s as rote and unimaginative as its title.

Gloomy in a wan and forgettable way,Dark Crimessees Carreyplay opposite Charlotte Gainsbourg in a procedural about a detective trailing an author. Critics hated it.

3. ‘Jaws’: (1987) — 0%

Steven Spielberg‘s 1975 masterpiece was the original blockbuster, and as fine a suspense film as has ever been. The immediate sequel was unnecessary, occasionally exciting, definitely not entirely awful. Jaws 3D is hilarious. The fourth entry alternates between hilarious (fleetingly), and mostly unwatchable.

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This is the one where the shark carries a personal vendetta. This is the picture with one of cinema history’s most infamous continuity errors (Michael Caine‘s shirt appears freshly tailored and dry right after he is submerged in the ocean). This is the one where the shark roars like the MGM lion.

2. ‘The Last Days of American Crime’ (2020) — 0%

Interminably long comic-book adaptation briefly trended on Netflix, and that’s exactly where the accomplishments end. Taken 2 and Taken 3 director Olivier Megaton‘s nearly three-hour stab at Scarface is abrasive and even kind of pathetic. Good actors like Michael Pitt and Édgar Ramírez are given nothing more to do than pose and shout dialogue.

Critics unanimously agreed that Crime was a crime against cinema. Its desperate desire to be edgy is laughable. For The Last Days of American Crime, edgy just equals a lot of screaming and self-conscious camera work.

1.’Gotti’ (2018) — 0%

It’s really important to note that John Travolta has, in better films, given some of the best-loved performances in film history. It’s not fair to pin this on him. Ridiculous crime biopic Gotti is like The Godfather from a multiverse where every good filmmaking decision is replaced with a disastrous one.

A side note here: Released one year later, Fred Durst‘s The Fanaticwas trashed by critics similarly, perhaps a dogpile inspired by resentment at admittedly terrible Gotti. Flawed but never less than entertaining and occasionally inspired, The Fanatic is definitely a superior film to Gotti. It’s oddly worth watching.

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