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A Tear in the Sky takes you on an unprecedented journey into the UFO / UAP phenomenon with a team of military personnel, …








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  1. Barnekkid Avatar

    The X47B Is NOT capable of Mach 9.

  2. Andres Soulas Avatar

    Wait, how can you possibly say that the X47B is a "MACH 9+ aircraft"? NO sir, that's very wrong, the real speed of the X47B is TEN times LESS than that, just MACH 0.9! And you're supposed to be one of the show 'experts'? and noby saw that huge error during the editing process? Jesus. Makes me have doubts about the whole production.

  3. ANTI-G RC Avatar

    The hole in the sky is the exact same thing that's over skinwalker ranch and there's a lot more of them all over the world specifically in the areas where UFO sightings are frequently seen. Take your team and just look you'll be surprised at what you find or not if you're like me.

  4. Full Circle Florida Avatar

    OK, here is my take on this film. First off, let's be honest with ourselves. One of the first clips of video they present as a UAP is a purple object on infrared that shows something coming into frame from the left moving right, then quickly back to the left and then slowly back into frame moving right again. They claimed it was a UAP making a zig zag move. After reviewing that clip several times, it was very obvious that it was the camera that moved, not the object. This for me discredits the entire film. This is the kind of junk we see on the History channel. I did watch the entire show only because I paid for it. Very disappointed.

  5. Skyler Spurlock Avatar

    Loved it! Thank you all so much! Making progress! 💚✨

  6. Datkrazyfoo Avatar

    24:00 lmaoo. I ain’t deaf but looks like he says “wow… that’s cool fam.… gah damn. Let’s see. Ehh, don’t even wanna (???)”; or something “shit” 💀

  7. Marsden Balaska Avatar

    How much is the dang show, Caroline?!! It's not showing no price just "buy or rent"!? 😣

  8. Marsden Balaska Avatar

    Gad I hope you guys found the truth so we can shut up michio cacklejack, Another ASSHAT Nay Sayer

  9. Cynthia Sylvester Avatar

    Would this team be willing to come to Bremerton and go on some ferry runs as I got some videos of what followed the Seattle Bremerton run although my phone was not the greatest and it would black out and such there are several I mean several that flew over each end of ferry and several that followed please can you help out

  10. BlueKarma Avatar

    I hope at some point if this is still your goal that you at some point you make actual contact . Whether it be actual alien contact or just concrete evidence they are here now and have been here for a long time.

  11. JDB723 Avatar

    Loved it 👍🏼

  12. J T Avatar

    This was interesting. This team should make a YouTube Channel and do LIVE streaming episodes and maybe charge some sort of fee for subscribers.

    Maybe show live screens of their equipment in real time and have multiple cams going. I would pay for that.

  13. Mark Slimick Avatar

    Don’t waste your money on this documentary. Snooze fest.

  14. wilsden Avatar

    production on this is beyond cringe lol

  15. Drew Avatar

    Fluff bull crap with a drunk actor – Thumbs down 👎

  16. Yoong Avatar

    Why can’t watch in Singapore?

  17. Bumstead13 Avatar

    Every time I see this lady “alien” pops up in my head, it isn’t humanly possible to smile all the time. Lovely veneers tho.

  18. Doc Whiskey Avatar

    "here's a piece of something" doesn't Gary Nolan have a piece of something?

  19. Occam's Razor ♪ Avatar

    I've personally spoken with many of the people on this project…

  20. truthbknwn Avatar

    This needs to become the History channel's next series.

  21. LorkyMX2 Avatar

    In typical fashion super disappointed, another nothing burger ufo documentary.