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Armessa is a company that will bring a mobile app for the ages that will utilise features such as AR, social media and e-commerce to connect fans together through their love of music, film, merchandise and pop culture. We aim to bring immersive experiences together for content makers, brands and users. As well as this, user generated content will be offered to consumers through social media and e-commerce options to promos their work and creations. All through our platform.


Music Feature

Armessa uses Augmented reality to connect consumers and creatives through an immersive experience. This ranges from live event tickets, livestream and virtual shows.

Armessa will be the world’s consumer manual guiding music and film fans before, during and after the purchase button.


Film Feature

As well as music features, Armessa also offers AR for film. This includes scene sessions, for filmmakers and actors to create, post and share content with audiences.

To add to our film feature, Armessa will offer the option to host film and listening parties. By offering this, it will allow friends and colleagues to connect and use Armessa as a platform to discover new content.

Matchmaker Tool

The matchmaker tool allows users to discover live shows, screenings, films and virtual performances.

Fashion & Trending

As well as music, film and pop culture, Armessa will also include a merchandise feature. Through the use of AR, users can browse, view and purchase different items of clothing. This can be merchandise from performers, films and music, as well as clothing in general.

Exclusive Chatrooms

Only available to subscribers, users will have access to subscriber-only competitions hosted by the streamer / content creater as well as much more.

To add to this, Armessa will offer a digital currency system that’ll allow viewers to cheer on and support the content streamer they’re watching.

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