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Contrary to popular belief, Batman is actually a great mentor to his Robins, which is proven when he gives Green Arrow a lesson in parenting.

This article contains SPOILERS for DC’s Saved By The Belle Reve #1.

When it comes to parenting, Batman gets a lot of flack. It doesn’t help that some versions of Batman refer to his Robins as “soldiers” rather than the children they are. Before Green Arrow had biological children of his own, he too was the guardian of a teenaged sidekick. These two had vastly different approaches to parenting, though Oliver has picked up some useful tips from Bruce over the years.

As the first member of the Justice League to have a young sidekick, Batman’s had more experience with children than most of his teammates. With Alfred as the only parental figure he had for most of his life, Bruce has become the butt of many jokes regarding his incompetence as a father. When he’s working to make Gotham a safer place, it seems like Batman may not have the time to take an interest in the lives of his wards. It would be doing Batman injustice, however, to ignore the dozens of touching moments he’s had with each of his children throughout his comic book tenure.


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In DC’s Saved By The Belle Reve #1‘s short story, “Earn It Back,” by Dave Wielgosz, Mike Norton and Allen Passalaqua, Green Arrow gets called out for his lack of authority over Speedy. When Oliver gets called into the principal’s office about Roy’s falling grades, he realizes something needs to change. Batman points out that “Speedy is getting more of [Oliver’s] attention than Roy is.” This is undoubtedly a lesson Bruce had to learn with each of his Robins, seeing them as people rather than sidekicks. Obviously, no teenager wants to give up the opportunity of being a hero and going on adventures with their friends, but they’re still in their formative years. Their education, a normal social life, and a healthy sleep schedule are just as important.

Taking Batman’s advice a little too far, Ollie makes Roy’s life a living hell. No longer allowed to go out with the Teen Titans, his life now solely revolves around school. While his grades may be going up, his mood is progressively going down. It’s no surprise that Roy begins sneaking out as Speedy to go on patrol. When Bruce finds out from Dick that Ollie literally shooed the Titans away from his house, Batman decides to intervene. He points out that there is a distinct difference between being an authority figure and going full-blown authoritarian. While Batman may seem cold and aloof to outsiders, he is a genuinely warm and caring father-figure to his Robins.

Parenting is full of its ups and downs, but sometimes the best you can do is be honest. While Batman’s kids have been severely injured and even killed, it’s clear that he’s always striving to be better for their sakes. Even one of DC’s more laid back heroes, Green Arrow, can learn a thing or two from Batman.

DC’s Saved By The Belle Reve #1 is available from DC Comics digitally and in print.


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