Boyfriend is too scared to let me see his penis because he doesn’t think I’ll still love him if I do


Okay so my boyfriend (24) and I (25f) have been together for about four months now and I’m his first girlfriend and he seems overjoyed to be with me and tbh I’m overjoyed to be with him too. The relationship is loving and safe and I do really think he’s great and it seems he genuinely does care about me. In the time we’ve been together, he hasn’t really shown any interest in sex, and I didn’t at all mind taking it slow but there became a point where he was flat out swerving my advances. I tried to ask him about it and he said he just “wasn’t interested in sex” and was just “interested in me”. I could tell something was up so I talked to him and then it seemed he was about to cry and he told me that he actually has “a pretty small penis” and I tried to tell him size doesn’t matter if you know what to do, but then he told me about how he had sex one time and the person he was having sex with was frustrated with his size and kept telling him that it didn’t feel good and his dick was too small to do anything about it. Then he said that he knows I have needs but he also “knows” he can’t meet them with what he has and that if I see it, I’m not going to want to be with him. Then he just completely broke down crying, so I hugged him and let him cry it out.

After he had calmed down a bit, I ordered us dinner and we watched a movie he wanted to see for a while and we fell asleep together on my bed. Before I left this morning, I told him that I wanted him to know I didn’t think any differently of him as a man or a boyfriend and that I wasn’t dating him for whatever he had in his pants and that I was dating him for what was in his heart and his mind, and I told him whatever he had down there I’d love it because it’s a part of him. He seemed a bit reassured and we both left.

That whole thing was just…goddamn. It breaks my heart he went through that and that he felt that way. He didn’t deserve that. I really want to help but I have no idea what to do.

What should I do?

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