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Britney Spears felt like she was being “studied” in a “science lab” during her stay at a mental health facility in 2019.

The Toxic hitmaker took to Instagram on Saturday to share five audio messages in which she reflected on a variety of topics, including the time she spent in a treatment facility in 2019 after she cancelled her Domination residency in Las Vegas.

“I know it’s an old story, but the psychological damage in not having real contact in that place…eight hours of just communicating by just sitting in a chair, and their big smiles and asking me questions and studying me. I couldn’t come out of my seat, and I wanted to get the f**k out of there,” she alleged in the clip. “I mean, Jesus Christ, how come, by law, these people can just do this and make me think, think, think? Most people would say I’d like to be asked questions like that. It was more like, ‘We’re studying you.’ I was like a science lab. I’m saying this God knows I’m not perfect. I’m taking each day at a time.”

Last July, Britney posted and swiftly deleted screengrabs of alleged texts she sent her mother Lynne Spears, a friend, and a court-appointed attorney while in the facility, where she claimed she was being forced to stay.

Ever since her 13-year conservatorship was terminated last November, the singer has continued to call out her parents, family, and others over their alleged behaviour towards her.

Elsewhere in the audio message, Britney revealed that the only type of therapy she connects with is equine therapy.

“I do basically communication with horses. It’s called quarantine (sic) therapy, but literally, after like 45 minutes, you’re talking to a f**king horse, but it honestly is a different reflection,” the 40-year-old explained. “I feel like my reflection with people is not very clear. I think it’s almost like I need to break through a wall or make contact.”


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