Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death – Playlists

Bill Maher stars as a chauvinistic tour guide who takes an angry feminist anthropologist on a journey through the hostile jungles of …







40 responses to “Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death – Playlists”

  1. Razor Ramon Avatar

    I wish Dr. Margo Hunt and Bunny had've ended up together.

    They'd make a hot couple! 😁

  2. Randall Bevan Sr Avatar

    Now,let's not forget those lemons,limes,and oranges y'all

  3. Joe Ort Avatar

    I thought they were talking about the islands off the coast of India.

  4. Dale Mckinnie Avatar

    They need to do a remake of this movie starring Johnny Deep, Amber heard and about 10 or 15 cute young ladies in it. Elon Musk could fund the project.

  5. lord kanti Avatar

    Is that bill Maher ?

  6. jamerv86 Avatar

    Jungles in eastern California…can’t beat jungle women..ridiculous.

  7. Brian Higgins Avatar

    Hey who is that holding the sign so the wind doesn't blow it over? 1:21:32

  8. Now What? Avatar

    LMFAO, Funny Movie…….Nice T & A throughout movie A+ on that.🤣

  9. Chuck Bangers Avatar

    Case Study: How to take the "good bad movie" formula and make an "actual bad movie".

  10. Gerald Black Avatar

    Bill Maher plays the weasely snake so naturally! No wonder his reputation is so mahered lol.

  11. Paul Piasta Avatar

    Greatest movie ever made that doesn't star Godzilla.

  12. Dave Kauffman Avatar

    Wasn't sure what I'd be in for with this, I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the women in it, I wasn't expecting there to be actual bare breasts, that's usually edited out or not even filmed in the usual You Tube movie, impressive. Cute to see a young Bill Maher before Liberalism got hold of him, today he'd be all about feminism and women's superiority over men, maybe this movie is what turned him.
    Almost every cliche about stereotypical macho men is used, but in a nicely campy way, very appropriate, there are some guys out there that are like that, but not as many as there were, I for one, am happy to cook for my sweetie, or pamper her on a special day, as a token of my attraction and love for her, she's worth it.

  13. We Are Winning Avatar

    Ha ha…….if you like 'high camp' hollywood style, this will scrumple your toes

  14. Ed Gein Avatar

    Those Jungle men are what most men are like today.

  15. Donna Ramada Avatar

    Don't waste your time!

  16. Tami Rose Avatar

    That shit was crazy 🤣

  17. edward gleeson Avatar

    Porn quality acting, sets and costumes. Poor Adrien B. And Mr. Mahr.

  18. Car Silk Avatar

    These satirical movie characters are now real world humans. It's like Idiocracy in that respect😳

  19. M Avatar

    The actress that plays Bunny reminds me so much of Cristina Ricci. Great movie.

  20. danny chan Avatar

    ….GENE SIMMONS sure know how to pick HIS AVOCADO🥑at the RIGHT time..
    ….HMMM HMMM HMMM ! ! good PICKING… GENEE BOY ! ! !

  21. Johnny Bickle Avatar

    Apparently Youtube has not watched this movie.

  22. Bill Hillyer Avatar

    I Wish i was an Oscar Mayer Wiener then everyone would be in love with me

  23. Peter Gambaccini Avatar

    Shannon and Adrienne. That is all.

  24. Danny Lard Avatar

    This one of the dumbest movies, I have ever watched. But I did fall asleep several times during it, thumbs down rating all the way through it…

  25. Erroneous  Avatar

    This should be remade. So relevant to todays politics.

  26. Erroneous  Avatar

    I didn’t know Roger corman made a Indiana jones knock off.

  27. jack good Avatar

    this movie is so bad you should be paid to watch it

  28. williams9071 Avatar

    I clicked on this video, just to ask the comment thread, why the fuck did this show up in my shits man? Am I as twisted as YouTube thinks I am? Lol. Never saw this movie, never heard of it….

  29. J Men Avatar

    Adrienne Barboobs

  30. endonutz Avatar

    perhaps one of if not the greatest movie ever made…10 thumbs up

  31. Glenn Avatar

    I might be wrong,but
    Wasn't Shanon married
    To a band member of

  32. Pamela Heriges Avatar

    It's a funny movie. Plenty of funny lines.

  33. James Mckenney Avatar

    That was so stupid it was kind of funny!😜

  34. UHFStation1 Avatar

    Bill Maher was really the downside to this. They should of selected the ninja.

  35. Mike Bryant Avatar

    Those jungle feminists have some nice Bongos. 😛