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  • Bre Tiesi may have left Selling Sunset at the end of season 7 due to ongoing issues with Jason and Brett’s treatment towards her and a disagreement over commission splits.
  • While it is unknown if Bre officially left the Oppenheim Group, she is still listed as an agent on their website and has not spoken out about her departure.
  • The introduction of Cassandra Repstad caused further tension between Bre and the O Group, leaving uncertainty about whether Cassandra will join the cast permanently and if Bre’s future with the firm is secure.

Selling Sunset season 7 was filled with drama and fights, but only one agent’s future was left on the line: Nick Cannon’s baby mama, Bre Tiesi. Bre joined the cast in Selling Sunset season 6 and became immediately embroiled in a feud with British-Nigerian powerhouse Chelsea Lazkani over their conflicting familial beliefs. However, between Brett and Jason Oppenheim questioning her professional viability and the introduction of a rival agent, Bre’s patience for the O Group may be running low.

The introduction of Cassandra Repstad, better known online as Playboy bunny Cassandra Dawn, was perhaps the last straw for Bre. While Cassandra claimed to have known Bre from the past, the former model was put off by Cassandra’s knowledge of Bre’s resume and shut down any chance at friendship. Chelsea took the opportunity to become friends with Cassandra and invite her into the O Group’s fold both in Cabo and Los Angeles, much to Bre’s chagrin. Why is it possible Bre might have left Selling Sunset at the end of season 7?

Bre Was Unhappy With How Jason and Brett Treated Her On Selling Sunset


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In the final episode of Selling Sunset season 7, Bre meets Jason in the O Group office and confronts him about how she’s been treated. She notes in a confessional that many other brokerages offer a 90-10 split, in which the agent responsible for the sale receives 90% of the commission and 10% goes to the brokerage. However, it’s revealed that the O Group does an 80-20 split in which 80% of the commission goes to the agent and 20% to the brokerage.

Bre doesn’t mince words with Jason and asks if every agent at the firm gets that split– even seasoned agent and favorite Mary Fitzgerald. Jason responds even Mary is subject to the 80-20 split, arguing that working with the O Group ensures greater visibility and better listings. Still clearly hurt by Jason’s decision to give Chelsea a $10 million listing in the same breath he gave her a $5 million listing, she argues her worth to the firm. Jason agreed but noted she hadn’t brought in the money Chelsea had. In a huff, Bre leaves, unsure of whether she would attend the party at the new office that evening and where her future with the Oppenheim Group stood.

Bre’s Departure From The Oppenheim Group Is Unknown

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While Bre was undoubtedly upset with her split at the Oppenheim Group and her ongoing feud with Chelsea Lazkani, it’s unknown whether she left the O Group. She is still listed as an agent on the Oppenheim Group website and posted a photo of the upcoming season on her Instagram page. Bre seemed ready to snap at the end of Selling Sunset season 7, but it’s possible she decided the clout and notoriety were worth a lower split, as Jason suggested. Even though she has a baby with Nick Cannon, her fame skyrocketed after being cast on Selling Sunset. She’s making money through her real estate listings and as an influencer, so she’s undoubtedly more successful than the average luxury real estate agent.

However, Netflix may have prevented her from speaking out about her departure from the Oppenheim Group until after the new season has aired, so staying tuned to her social media and the O Group website is prudent.

Will Jason Hire Cassandra Repstad If Bre Leaves?

Cassandra Repstad selling sunset

Cassandra was introduced as a foil to Bre on Selling Sunset season 7. Still, unlike Ali Harper on Selling The OC, it’s unclear whether she will join the cast of Selling Sunset as a permanent agent in the Los Angeles office. The LA native currently works for Revel Real Estate in Los Angeles and Miami and shows no indication of joining the O Group on her socials or the Oppenheim Group website. However, Chelsea did introduce her to Jason on a potential co-list, and she attended the party at the new office, where a season-ending blowout with Bre led to questions regarding her future with the firm.

For now, it seems Bre is still an agent at the O Group, and Cassandra is nowhere to be found. However, Netflix cast members are not allowed to reveal spoilers on their social media, so more information may be revealed in the coming days. Whether Bre remains a cast member is unknown, but the drama stirred during the Selling Sunset season 7 finale certainly raised important questions.

Selling Sunset season 7 is now streaming on Netflix.

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