Dog – Playlists

In this road-trip comedy, two hard-charging former Army Rangers paired against their will – Briggs (Channing Tatum) and a …








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  1. Isabella de la Cruz Avatar

    Omg such a wonderful movie I cried so much and I also laugh so much really lovely story 😊

  2. Jeanie Harris Avatar

    I'm a huge dog lover. Great movie!!

  3. judy Widener Avatar

    Great movie- and a fantastic dog-
    I pray the Malinois breed doesnt become a " trendy" dog! They are so very smart, and need to be kept busy in training.
    I hope people who do not know this breed will leave them alone. They need an experienced and compassionate trainer!🙏❤️

  4. Natalia V Avatar

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  5. Natalia V Avatar

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  6. Eva Garren Avatar

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  7. Eva Garren Avatar

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  8. Natalia V Avatar

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  9. Dennis Pfeifer Avatar

    I hooked up my strong farm dogs to my little red flyer wagon at 3 years of age and they would pull me around…that was the 1950's…

  10. Dennis Pfeifer Avatar

    Looks interesting for sure…

  11. Alivia cardwell Avatar

    This movie was great

  12. BIG BLUE Avatar


  13. kisanet Tesfay Avatar

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  14. Madelaine Aslam Avatar


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  15. Jonica Madrid Avatar

    Such a loving warm incredible movie thank you Channing Tatum & Lulu. I am such an animal lover dogs & horses are my favorite pets my Nina I just love her she is a mixed Chihuahua she is by my side 247 ❤️🐕❤️.
    Thank you for all Army Men/Women & K9's service 🤍🙏🤍

  16. Vicki Pratt Avatar

    Hopefully they make dog 2 I would love to watch it again sometime

  17. Paula Ramsey Avatar

    My only Son 29 years old ….died from a motorcycle accident July 2 2022 , Colt would have been 30 today 😢 😭 This Movie taught me about Love ❤️ Period. My fur babies both died within the same year as my Son. A new fur baby named Bear 🐻 walked in. ❤️ Rest in heaven 🙏 Colt Darro August 21 1992 * July 2, 2022 I'll keep 🙏 them all in my heart forever.

  18. Otis Never Quits Avatar

    Leave No Dog Behind….
    Vietnam…..We did… Leave Them Behind…!!!!
    What have we learned….
    Bring All Dogs Home….
    THAT should be the final Statement of this Movie
    No more Abandonment of military Dog's by USA
    Or killing them Out of convenience.
    Respect/Remember " Cairo "

  19. Natalia V Avatar

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  20. D5701 Avatar

    this guy is a living version of CHAD 💁‍♂️

  21. Ron Haytack Avatar

    Touching, Emotional, Truthful!!!

  22. Jacob Powell Avatar

    Make freeeeeeeeee

  23. Madison Shay Avatar

    someone who hates dogs with a passion I surprisingly like this movie. I normally hate anything with Dog's.

  24. TK Bethea Avatar

    Had me in tears 😭

  25. austin caplinger Avatar

    Great example of how MP’s are lol

  26. General Tso's Chicken Avatar

    Military dogs are animal abuse. Human lives are worthless but dogs can't choose to be tools of war for the rich. Save a dog, throw yourself over a bomb.