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We’ve been worrying about Don’t Worry Darling for a while now. The rumor mill has been rampant with reports of an alleged feud between Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh, and it has dominated the narrative around the film. Many have been speaking out on the plethora of situations and, more recently, one crew member has now stepped up to address claims about drama occurring on the set.

After the film’s premiere at the Venice Film Festival, social media was buzzing over all the rumors surrounding the alleged feud. On top of those rumors, there has been lots of speculation regarding Wilde’s relationship with co-star and pop star Harry Styles, and we’ve also seen the rise of conspiracy theories about wilds things like whether Styles spit on Chris Pine, another one of the film’s stars (both stars have said this did not happen). Now, the film’s cinematographer, Matthew Libatique has told the THR podcast Behind the Screen (opens in new tab) that the BTS rumors do not reflect his experience:

This was probably the most harmonious set I’ve ever been on. Olivia built a team that believed in her and she believed in each and everybody on the set. … When I hear that there are rumors of acrimony on the set, I reject it. It wasn’t apparent at all.


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