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As we all know, one of Ewan McGregor’s best performances is playing the young poet Christian in Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge!. But did you know that Ethan Hawke could have been the one to show off his singing chops and star opposite Nicole Kidman? The Boyhood actor recalls the time he “crushed” his Moulin Rouge! audition before he lost out to Ewan McGregor.

Released in 2001, Moulin Rouge! is the star-crossed love story between a young English poet and a cabaret actress. To think that Ethan Hawke could have been part of the Moulin Rouge! cast singing “Come What May.” In an interview with ScreenRant, Hawke spoke about how he believed the audition for Moulin Rouge! was “one of the greatest screen tests of [his] life.” He explained:

Ewan doesn’t like this because he gets embarrassed, but I gave one of the greatest screen tests of my life for Moulin Rouge. I did not get the part. I crushed this audition. And it just goes to show you how much I like Ewan’s work. I still went to see the movie on opening day and loved it. So, I got over it. But I will say, someday that audition will be seen and people are gonna rethink.


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