Gf said she can’t and has never came, but that I shouldn’t worry


So I’ve been with my gf for almost 7 months and she always initiates sex and seems to really enjoy it. We have sex multiple times a day and it’s always amazing for me and she says it’s great for her too. But recently she told me she has never come before, either by herself or with any guy including me. She’s on antidepressants and has anxiety and had addiction issues she’s recently been getting over, which she claims is the reason why. I feel soooo bad I can’t do this for her though I really want her to experience this but she keeps telling me to stop thinking about it because she thinks it isn’t possible at this point.

Do y’all think it’s really it’s impossible for her to finish or is she just in her head? I really want to do this for her but she keeps reassuring me that our sex is really good but I would be so happy to be the first guy that makes her come.

Any advice is appreciated :))


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