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The horror genre has been thriving for years now, thanks to acclaimed new and returning properties achieving box office and critical acclaim. Some of the best horror movie franchises have returned to theaters, a trend partially started by the massively successful 2018 Halloween movie. Two more sequels were quickly ordered from director David Gordon Green, and Halloween Ends’ Jamie Lee Curtis have revealed a big change to Laurie in the new slasher.

Halloween Ends will mark the end to the current trilogy, and will also mark Jamie Lee Curtis’ final bow as her signature character Laurie Strode. The stakes are super high as a result, and fans can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in the mysterious threequel– especially since footage has been so limited. Luckily for the fans, Curtis herself opened up in a video on YouTube promoting Ends, where she set up one major change for the final girl. In her words,

There is a battle between them. And the irony is that the 2018 and 2021 movie were about a woman who was prepared for Michael every day of her life since she was 17 years old. Every day. This is a movie where she’s actually moved on. Because Laurie doesn’t see Michael coming. And that’s a very different result. So the fight with Michael is much more violent, unxpected, and it has to be like a street brawl.


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