How to apologise to partner for my reaction


I’m F partner is M

My partner and I have an amazing sex life. It’s frequent and satisfying and a lot of fun. I’m open to most things, however, I don’t like getting cum on my face. I’ve had it get in my eyes before and it really burns, and for some reason it just feels icky on my face. I think it’s a texture thing.

My partner still insists it’s his favourite place to cum and wants me to just do it. There’s been a few times where he’s gone to cum on my boobs but then he’ll move last minute and send a shot on my face. He laughs and thinks it’s funny, but he also says how hot I look with a facefull of cum. It’s a pain but I cope with it.

But yesterday he did something else. We were discussing how I’m not a fan of facials and he was insisting that it was ok and what he wanted. He said (jokingly) ‘Well I’ll just cum in your ear instead’ and we had a laugh about it. However, next time we had sex, he was close to finishing and he got into position where he always does (me laying flat on my back, him kneeling to my left with his dick pointed at my tits). Except this time he put his knee on my left arm and pinned it down, held my head down and actually came in my ear.

I screamed because it was soo gross. I hate getting water or anything liquid in my ear and he knows this. I was yelling and crying. I asked why he’d do that and he said he thought it was funny, especially since we laughed about it earlier. The thing is that I didn’t know he was being serious. I thought it was a joke.

I showered and flushed out my ear as best I could, but I still feel icky. How can I explain to him that I wasn’t a fan of that and apologise for freaking out?



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