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Knowing how to efficiently earn money and create a large source of passive income is the key to running the best arcade in Arcade Paradise.

Arcade Paradise allows the chance for players to live their retro dream of earning money by running an up-and-coming arcade. With new and old arcade games, the arcade manages to draw in customers and real-life players. In order to bring this arcade dream to life, money is an essential element in the game from the start.

Without earning money, the arcade will never be able to expand and grow in popularity. In Arcade Paradise, it not only costs money to increase space within the arcade but also additional funds are needed to purchase more game cabinets. The completion of both of these tasks goes a long way toward turning the arcade into a profitable venture. Over time, earning money becomes less of an urgent matter as the arcade grows in size and prestige, and players can focus primarily on the arcade games themselves.


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The quick way to earn money in Arcade Paradise is to invest time and energy into the laundromat. Besides being the only method of making money at the start of the game, it will always remain the fastest method to earn immediate cash. By cleaning garbage, washing and drying clothes, or even pulling gum off of chairs and machines, money will accumulate nicely over the first few days in-game. Checking the hoppers of the arcade cabinets already in possession also helps quickly reach monetary goals.

How To Monetize The Arcade in Arcade Paradise

While the laundromat will remain a constant source of income in Arcade Paradise, the arcade is meant to be turned into a more profitable source of passive income. By increasing the number of game cabinets, customers will have more options, and the player will accumulate more money. Additionally, players can attract customers by increasing the popularity of their game cabinets. This can be done by playing the arcade games themselves or completing objectives on arcade machines.

Lastly, money can even further be maximized in Arcade Paradise if the cabinets are properly placed and moved around. By checking the popularity of the cabinets, and moving around less played games versus popular games, each cabinet can be st to earn as much money as possible. With this in mind, players can create a business that pays for its own expansion until all the game cabinets are added. Once all the game cabinets are unlocked and money is consistent, playing arcade games will be the biggest worry in Arcade Paradise.


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