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Constructing your own metropolis from the ground up in Cities: Skylines 2 is an exciting and overwhelming task, but trying to make money while doing so is even more difficult. The good news, however, is that there are a few tricks of the trade to help you turn aside a profit or, at the very least, break even. After all, the last thing you want is to see your citizens packing their belongings and shuffling to the next town over because their mayor ran the city into debt.

Although Cities: Skylines 2 is primarily an intricate city planning game, making money is a significant aspect of it. That’s because everything you do in the development of your city will come at a cost, and it won’t be cheap. As a result, if you want your city to succeed, it’s in your best interest to make money fast.

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Best Ways To Earn Money Quickly In Cities: Skylines 2

Milestones are one of the most effective ways to earn money in Cities: Skylines 2. In total, there are 20 Milestones in the game, which you hit by growing your city’s population and infrastructure. When you reach a new milestone, such as a “Big Town,” you will receive a mix of cash rewards, development points, expansion points, as well as access to new infrastructure and services.

Each new milestone you hit comes with a bigger cash reward. As a result, pushing your city to hit Milestones is crucial, as it’s the fastest way to earn a large lump sum of money in the game – other than taking out a loan. Aside from that, there are three main ways to get money quickly in Cities: Skylines 2.

Although Loans are a great way to earn money fast in Cities: Skylines 2, you must pay them back with interest, which may leave you deeper in debt than when you started. As a result, getting a loan is a significant risk.

Sell Electricity & Water

Although there are some major differences in Cities: Skylines 2 from the original, selling excess electricity and water remains one of the most profitable ways to make money. Once you own a Coal or Geothermal Power Plant, you can sell excess electricity as long as your Power Plant is running efficiently. You can see where you can improve your Power Plant’s production by clicking on it and hovering over the efficiency statistic.

Increase Taxes & Parking Fees

Although many players initially hesitate, increasing taxes is a great way to get more money. You can set up different rates by allocating tax zones and adjusting them based on their education level and business type. All in all, by fine-tuning your taxes, you will significantly boost the amount of money collected from your citizens. And if you do irritate them, it’s just a matter of trial and error until you hit the sweet spot.

If increasing taxes isn’t the answer, incorporating parking fees very well could be. When creating a district, you can impose a Roadside Parking Fee ranging from $10 to $50. With hundreds of cars, even thousands for bigger cities, parking fees quickly add up and make for an excellent extra revenue source.

Fine Tune Your Service Budget

Many players are wasting money because of their Services budget. Under Services in the economy menu, you can see how much money you spend on roads, electricity, healthcare, and other essential services for your citizens. Although it is critical to have adequate funding in each of these areas, you can cut your budget back in areas that aren’t being fully utilized. Again, like taxes, some fine-tuning is required to achieve a profit while keeping your city running to your citizens’ standards.

By implementing all of these money-making strategies, you will not only make money quickly but also consistently in Cities: Skylines 2.

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    Cities: Skylines is a city-building simulator focused on urban planning and geographical design. It builds upon the ideas pioneered by SimCity, expanding on the concept with highly-detailed traffic, population rendering, and intricate gameplay mechanics such as taxation, budgeting, zoning, and public transportation.

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