I tried to start a FWB relationship. Now he’s ghosting me because i was going to make him wait until after I was on bc to have sex. I’m really disappointed


This guy and I used to work together. We bumped into each other at the grocery store while he was visiting his parents. Normally he lives 2 hours away.

One thing led to another and we started sexting a lot. We were always close at work but when he moved we feel out of contact. I considered him a good friend and we shared a lot. He knew I was a virgin and wasn’t looking for a relationship and neither was he. He made it pretty clear he wanted to take my virginity but I wanted to be on birth control in addition to using a condom. my appointment to get it is Monday.

Thursday I made the 2hour drive to his place and we spent the whole evening together. We got food, saw a movie and he was all over me the whole time.

Finally, we went back to his place and I went down on him several times. It was super fun and I loved it. But when it was my turn to get off he was not very enthusiastic.

He kept trying to convince me to have sex with him even though I made it clear it was off the table until Monday. Now he’s ghosting me and I’m pissed.


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