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While the general public is presumably still a ways off from seeing the first Indiana Jones 5 trailer given that the movie isn’t coming out for another nine months, there are lucky individuals over the last few weeks who’ve been treated to some goodies from Harrison Ford’s final outing as the fedora-wearing, whip-wielding archaeologist. Indiana Jones 5 footage debuted exclusively to D23 attendees this past weekend, and before that, composer John Williams premiered one of the movie’s pieces of music at the Hollywood Bowl. Now director James Mangold has talked about putting the “finishing touches” on Indiana Jones 5 while responding to an inquiry about “Helena’s Theme,” the aforementioned musical piece.

This all started when a fan asked James Mangold on Twitter if he’d convinced John Williams to release “Helena’s Theme” on digital, to which Mangold answered, “All in good time.” This led to another fan urging Mangold to push for “a 2 CD or 3 CD release worth of music for the soundtrack instead of the usual 1 CD 75 minute release,” as according to them, the latter only contains less than half of the music recorded for a movie, which, as they said, “never” does John Williams “music justice.” Mangold said to that person:

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