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There is a lesson somewhere in here… Musician Tony Ann, who works from home is constantly bothered by his neighbor’s car alarm that annoyingly keeps going off for long periods of time every single day. If you have ever experienced a car alarm that won’t shut tf up, then you know it could very well be the thing that breaks you and allows your intrusive thoughts to take over.  Tony was most likely dwindling down to his wits end, but one day he decided to turn lemons into lemonade. 

“When annoyance turns into inspiration,” he captioned the now viral video. The musical piece is an absolute epic masterpiece that seems to be invoking strong emotions to many listeners. Though the car alarm is constantly blaring in the background, it’s melodic and resembles a very loud metronome, so it all seems to fit together perfectly. 

Someone commented saying that car alarms are many musical notes piled on top of one another, so when the musician plays it songs, your ears pull out the notes that match—thus, making it seem like the car alarm is changing notes along to the song. Many people are commenting how they wish they could save this song and listen to it again and again. The epic number seriously sounds like an orchestral masterpiece played during the background of some emotional peak in a film or one stage. The song starts with just the alarm, sending shivers down your back of its annoyance, but then the music starts and holy hell it’s beautiful. The song ends again with just the alarm, but somehow it has transformed (though still pretty annoying without the music playing along to it. 

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