9 Replies to “Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy? – Playlists”

  1. Around the 28 minute mark Noam could have maybe stopped interrupting and listened before saying "you're wrong" again and again. He isn't even acknowledging the very obvious difference between what he and the interviewer are saying. The interviewer is talking about the concept of a dog, Noam uses an individual dog to make his point. A specific dog is not the same as the idea of a dog. You might as well name the concept of a dog "Steve" and try to feed it the concept of a snack.

    The original human language was natural, binary energy impulses that moved up the spinal column to the brain, similar to Morse Code but there was no associated alphabet, just two types of impulse. The binary code was gradually externalized by transitioning to natural countenance, to facial expression. With binary code and with countenance, it was not possible to communicate falsely; it was not possible to deceive anyone.
    The appearance of the man-made technology of written language with alphabet letters, words, numbers and symbols enabled humankind to lie for the first time. Written words, numbers and symbols are illusions, magic and not real. Humans became word-controlled and mind-controlled by their languages. Whoever creates the languages gains the power to control humanity.

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