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Here’s a reminder to never get on Khia’s bad side. The Florida rapper had a lot to get off her neck and her back about “Pound Town” rapper Sexyy Red.

In an episode of her YouTube series, Gag Order, Khia fired back at the St. Louis rapper who said she was a “hater” for rejecting comparisons to her. For more than two minutes and with lyrical dexterity, Khia unleashed a scathing torrent of words on the young rap star from comparing her to looking like Young Thug to commenting on her pregnancy. 

“We the people versus fugly, non-sexy, f*cked up-a*s Red,” she began. “Your a*s is being charged with not being ashamed of your goddamn self. Doing h*e shit and being mad about it. Being a deadbeat baby mama, a deadbeat daddy, a deadbeat daughter and a deadbeat, Young Thugga-looking-a*s b*tch. Skin looking like a wrinkled bed sheet. Attempting to come for a real queen. Being ugly than a m*thaf*cka. Looking like an old crumbled up stale backwood that ain’t nobody buying — take that sh*t back to the store wh*re. But ain’t no refund.”

She continued: “Not being able to handle the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God – but ain’t nobody helping you but the Devil. Acting like you that b*tch but you ain’t sh*t and it shows, b*tch. F*cking on n*ggas that don’t want you, not knowing who your baby daddy is. Sucking on balls and toes at the same damn time, getting pissed and sh*tted on trying to come for a real queen.

She added, “Bumping your head on the headboard one too many times thinking you can come for me. And acting like you a superstar rapper when you still looking like a copper penny, chile, and a old dusty penny too that’s been left in the cupholder of a old school box Chevy.” 

The entire rant was punctuated with Khia rapidly banging a gavel, and it was a sight to behold. 

The Florida rapper fired back at recent comments by the younger rap star who took offense to comments that Khia made where she rejected being compared to some of the current female rap stars, who she said are pushing a “hoe” lifestyle.

Khia made the comments on a previous episode of Gag Order where she rejected comparisons of herself to the current wave of “female rap” despite the monumental success of her single, “My Neck, My back.” 

“I’m ’bout tired of y’all comparing me to these h*es. I said my neck, my back, my p*ssy, and my crack,” she said, “Not these n*ggas out here, these h*es out here… I still stood 10 toes down like a m*thaf*ckin’ queen. Hair still wrapped like the first day. I ain’t changed a bit, okay. It’s respect me. It’s snatch the m*thaf*ckin’ cat back. It’s don’t trust no m*thaf*ckin’ n*gga. Get your own sh*t. It’s tell that n*gga to hit the m*thaf*ckin’ door.”

She added: “You wanna f*ck these b*tches, you wanna f*ck these h*es. It ain’t eat no n*gga’s a*s and suck no n*gga’s toes. Y’all h*es couldn’t have grown up listening to me because that ain’t how the f*ck I roll.”

“I been out here 25 years and y’all ain’t seen no pictures of my p*ssy, no videos of me sucking d*ck, my phone never been stolen and y’all ain’t seen me with no man, b*tch,” she said, seemingly referencing Sexyy Red’s recent sex tape leak. “And I got a m*thaf*ckin’ husband.”

“Y’all ain’t never seen me do sh*t. Y’all ain’t seen no husband, no children, no n*gga I’m f*cking… Y’all ain’t never seen me twerking, y’all ain’t seen my p*ssyhole from the back… Y’all ain’t got sh*t on the queen.”

Sexyy Red caught wind of the comments and replied in the comments section of a post about the statements by the Neighborhood Talk, writing, “Just another ol washed up h@g hating ona yung turnt rich bthc,” she wrote. “Hatin on btches den & you still ah mad hater.”

She has yet to reply to Khia’s latest comments. 


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