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  1. I have been watching this Series delingently! The Main Characters all do an outstanding job. My hope is that nothing bad happens to Sang Sang! What a Marvelous Actress! I can't help but fall in Love with her!!

  2. What I like about This movie and other movies from China and the Asian continent There are thousands of years of actual history, Wars, conquest ,and Intrigue , that these storytellers can draw from……

  3. The CCP purchased both Hollywood & Disney and now make better movies than they ever could. Now that Biden's illegitimate regime is beholden to China, they will be invading soon, as Biden has decimated our military for them. Soon, Americans will DEMAND all communists at local state and federal levels be hung from GITMO gallows for high treason!

  4. this movie is stupid …. i know jacky chan wants to make action movie ….. but this one sucks …… it's base on the war ….. but it's stupid and unrealistic ….. truthfully it's very annoying ….. too much playing games and messing around for nothing …. sucky movie ….. that's all i have to say

  5. Defeat

    Wei eventually lost the western Hexi (河西) region, a strategic area of pastoral land on the west bank of the Yellow River between the border of modern-day Shanxi and Shaanxi, to Qin. Thereafter, it remained continuously at war with Qin, requiring the capital to be moved from Anyi to Daliang. Wei surrendered to Qin in 225 BCE, after the Qin general Wang Ben diverted the Yellow River into Daliang, destroying the capital in a flood.

  6. 1:10:07 I guess Jackie went out of his way to make this movie ahistorical: "Wei (/weɪ/;[1] Chinese: 魏; pinyin: Wèi; Old Chinese: *N-qʰuj-s) was one of the seven major states during the Warring States period of ancient China….After its capital was moved from Anyi to Daliang (present-day Kaifeng) during the reign of King Hui, Wei was also called Liang (Chinese: 梁; pinyin: Liáng)." So these two guys are from the same state, which is the moral of the story.

  7. 0:12:51 Actually it was the other way around. The bald officer, next to the officer reporting to the guy with the white headband, stabbed one of his own (Wei) soldiers back at 0:11:08, presumably for "talking too much", because he's gasped out, "We were ambushed." As a Special Forces guy tried to sell me once, "If you ain't lying, you ain't trying." So they're looking for who betrayed them, the Wei. This is all happening in extreme southwest Shaanxi, near Hanzhong.

  8. 0:01:13 This is toward the end of the Warring States Period. Liang is a general of the Shu state. Wei is another state. "In 227 [BC], Zhuge Liang, the Imperial Chancellor of Shu, mobilised the Shu military and gathered troops in Hanzhong Commandery in preparation for a large-scale invasion of Shu's rival state, Cao Wei (or Wei)," (Wikipedia article on Wei Yan) "In 227 BC, Wei troops were sent to attack Liang but were ambushed at Phoenix Hill." (This movie's script.)

  9. This is funny! Action film infuse with a bit of comedy. I love it!! Jacki Chan is such a versatile, gifted, and skilled actor. I enjoyed watching immensely. Thank you for sharing❤️

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