Losing Virginity A Little Underwhelming and Penis Not Sticking In.


Hey guys. I lost my virginity 22 (m)and to be honest…it wasn’t all that.

It wasn’t bad at all, but I didn’t feel the pleasure I thought I would and I never came.

I made out with the girl too before trying PIV sex and I had troubles sticking it in. Wasn’t able to fit it in. When I made out with her my penis was fully erect but when trying to put on the condom and stick it in, it got a little soft. Is this normal?!?!

I did Doggy Style with her instead and she was moaning but I honestly wasn’t feeling a lot of stimulus, at certain points I did but it wasn’t orgasmic.

Basically, is this normal for a first?!?! I’m a little worried.

Also, how do you put a condom on and not make it weird and awkward.

I appreciate your input.


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