Mission: Impossible 8 Briefly Paused Filming With Tom Cruise And Co., And Sheep Were Involved- Armessa Movie News


Amid the behemoth box office success of Top Gun: Maverick throughout the year, Tom Cruise is still filming his eighth Mission: Impossible film, Dead Reckoning Part Two. And while the actor was shooting the film in Lake District, England this week, the production had to delay production again (if only briefly) due to none other than a flock of sheep. 

Lake District is located in the mountainous countryside of England, making sheep sightings a lot more common than your average filming location. Tom Cruise and the crew present at the scene completely paused filming, as the massive flock of sheep moved through. Cruise was photographed, while wearing a black jumpsuit, admiring the animals as they made their way through the grassy terrain where Mission: Impossible 8 was being shot that day, per Fox News.  


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