Movie Theaters Delivered 3 Dollar Tickets, Excitement For Fans- Armessa Movie News


There’s nothing quite like watching a movie on the big screen. Audiences are reminded of that everytime they step into a movie theater, and many were reminded this weekend when they took advantage of a special $3 Saturday from theaters across The United States. National Cinema Day, as it was called, delivered discounted tickets in markets throughout the day, and the response from fans seems to be extremely positive.

We won’t have the full numbers or know the full impact until the end of the holiday weekend, but numerous people took to Twitter and other social media platforms to excitedly talk about their discounted tickets and what they decided to see. Many others also commented on how busy the theaters seemed, especially for a weekend that didn’t include a major superhero release or some other kind of first weekend big budget event film. Some even posted about going to see multiple movies or staying nearly the entire day at the theater. 


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