Outbreak – Playlists

http://www.hbomax.com From Africa to America…it’s traveling fast…destroying everything in its path. The Motaba virus inflicts a …







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  1. Cathy T Avatar

    All star cast for a great movie. Proves we cant trust our govt .we are dispensible necessary casualties to them when its for the greater good. Theyve proven to us in past couple yrs how much they lie to us and cover up info. Its always about control and money. The MSM just fuels the fire ,they cant be trusted either.

  2. Tatakae19 Avatar

    That particulates scene in the movie theater scared me from seeing a movie in a theater during the coronavirus pandemic. I didn’t see a new movie in the theater for 2 1/2 years since I saw 1917. I went to go see Top Gun: Maverick while wearing a mask. Well worth it!

  3. Higgs Merino Avatar

    Am I supposed to be laughing? Ginormous implausible plot holes with idiotic script. Painful even to jump thru.

  4. B. W. Starkey Avatar

    Donald Sutherland always plays a A-hole ! Never did like him !!

  5. Thomas Scheurich Avatar

    We have now seen our government reacting to a global pandemic. Surprise surprise, it looked nothing like this.

  6. Kevin Avatar

    That small little helicopter seems to have an endless supply of fuel.

  7. sue ferris Avatar

    Okay. I don't care what anyone says, I miss Kevin Spacey!! Every single movie or series he's ever been in is AWESOME. If I see he's in it, I watch it. Period. That being said, this is such a great film for several reasons – rather original plot, good script, and such an awesome cast. This could have easily been a very cheap B movie with lesser creative elements. Dustin and Cuba in the helicopter = "Idiocity is our best option." My life's mantra.

  8. C H Avatar

    The true is alway

  9. Three Balled Tomcat Avatar

    This movie really hits home now because of what has happened with the Covid 19 virus (and variants) .
    This movies shows how an illness should be handled (leaving out the military angle). Left alone, virologists could have "saved the day". But no.
    Covid was weaponized by governments. The reasons are obvious to most of us.
    And some are still trusting the vax and the masks to save them…
    Good luck with that.

  10. Spaceman213andRocketDog Avatar

    "Get me out of this shit hole"✈️💣💥…

  11. York-lien LEE Avatar

    similar to Wuhan pneumonia outbreak 😱😱😱😱

  12. Matthew Vu Tran Avatar

    This movie was like horror and COVID 19 diseases crisis.

  13. Rebel Baron Avatar

    Glad some of you made the connection with the 19 virus.
    Now, try to make Fauci come clean and tell the nation the absolute truth about "gain of function" research and the money given to the Wuhan lab by the National Institue of Health to make this virus a biological weapon.
    Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky and Rep Jim Jordan questioned Fauci about gain of function under oath several times and Fauci repeatedly lied….OVER AND OVER again.
    Why wasnt Fauci arrested immediately for this?

  14. James R Avatar

    1:47:00 Okay. You just started a forest fire.

  15. Dont be mad bro Avatar

    I just remembered what I want to eat a bowl of mosquitoes and not just any kind give me the big motherfuckers u find down in the swamp

  16. Russ Ward Avatar

    Once upon a time, this was fiction. I guess some of us know different. Too bad some people think it still is.

  17. Brian Clevenger Avatar

    Loved this movie when it came out, still a good watch now.

  18. James R Avatar

    This movie was the most viewed when COVID hit. You can't go wrong with Wolfgang Petersen as the Director. A real nail-biter.

  19. Max De Kiewit Avatar

    Pretty trivial movie. Hoffman mails
    It In big time.

  20. Infinimetrical Avatar

    Definitely not Ebola.
    Definitely not Ebola.

  21. Channing Oneal Avatar

    White men doing what white men do…Shoot it Bomb it. Then LIE 😏

  22. Rusty Britches Avatar

    this seems a little too real right now with the pandemic and monkey pox!

  23. Brianna Thomas Avatar

    Great movie, I loved the speech that man made to the officials because he cares and he's right.

  24. schneeds1234 Avatar

    Only thing it's missing is a president telling people it's just a flu!! Then we need to add some conspiracy theories!! Maybe a sprinkle of horse de-wormer..

  25. Ken Garr Avatar

    Predictive programing at its best.

  26. PsycheMike Avatar

    what happened to Cuba Gooding Jr and Kevin Spacey?!?I wonder if they were already doing those things during this movie or did they became like that later on. Did all the rich and fame turn them