Peter Pan Goes Wrong – Playlists

The Olivier Award-winning Mischief Theatre brings Peter Pan Goes Wrong to the small screen. As part of a commitment to …







22 responses to “Peter Pan Goes Wrong – Playlists”

  1. DuetJay Avatar

    "Call an ambulance – and move your car!"

    Call one for me too, cause that line killed me.

  2. bruhhh Avatar

    I actually had the chance to watch this at theatre class once, and my goodness it was really unexpected how relatable it was

  3. thatoneguy Avatar

    I think it's kinda cute (in a weird way) to listen to Chris and Robert be simpatico about Max. Usually they're in each other's throats.

  4. Gojirra USA Avatar

    This was absolutely hysterical. Reminds me of Shakespeare Abridged.

  5. nunya nunya Avatar

    i love these shows. you feel for the actors playing the actors (not to be confused with the actors themselves)

    everyone is a emotional train wreck. you have the vane pretty idiot barely capable ov tying his shoes but a polish and spit and look at him shine!

    the emomaniac who thinks acting is about being the most stand out character and caries that over to real life bravado as well often starting/interupting conversations with 'while studying at…"

    the director who is obviously only there because they are financially invested or have a court ordered obligation to fullfill (public service hours perhaps?)

    the token 'wonder who she slept with to get the part' always presenting the best 'face' forward.

    then the poor quality souls trying to make the best ov a horrible situation while hiding the growing dependancy addictions presribed by the therapist to help them coap with a stressfull work enviroment.

    shine darkly you beautiful messes!

  6. Wendy Billings Avatar

    The look on her face at 21:49 though!

  7. DeadpoolNJ Avatar

    Nancy and her 6 characters( Tink, Mother, Maid, Tiger lilly, her actor character when trying in the tink costume and a pirate) , plus singing. Awesome job

  8. Maxfield Joyner Avatar

    Turning on the subtitles for Robert's pirate talk makes it hilarious.

  9. Luka Cunningham Avatar

    Thanks to a clip of David being Poirot, I feel in love with this comedy troupe!

  10. cthlulu Avatar

    “NOT YOU DENNIS WALK AWAY” will never fail to have me HOWLING

  11. Kate Davey Avatar

    I love the half second where Jonathan does a triumphant pose when he lands, and then immediately gets hoisted up again

  12. Soundwavegamer Avatar

    1:00:43 the fact that I had the Jeremy Clarkson in the worlds smallest car going through my head as I watched that made me laugh hard well done you made me have a good memory from another great bit of comedy.

  13. Letticia Morgan Avatar

    The actress who plays both Liza and Mrs Darling is a quick change artist…lol.

  14. Yung Oldman Avatar

    christ the audience really ruined this for me, good shit otherwise

  15. BlargHorff Avatar

    whoever is the man in the audience in the Blue/White plaid shirt is not having a good night.

  16. Vinceras Avatar

    This whole series is DEFINITELY worth the watch if you can find them!!

  17. John_Wayne_412 Avatar

    the fake sounding audience laugh track and the times they laughed made me stop watching it as soon as it started.

  18. Penugin Avatar

    This reminds me of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

  19. Catflower_Queen Avatar

    This is so hilarious. I love this.