Rent A Groom – Playlists

To fulfill her grandma’s last wish to see her married, Tracey hires a man to play the role of her fiancé. But as their white lie …








20 responses to “Rent A Groom – Playlists”

  1. Yvonne Moore Avatar

    Great movie. I knew it would be exciting when I saw the title and it was, Thank you.

  2. JoshCT Avatar

    Finding this movie on roku at 4:50 AM wasnt a good thing when you have to work in the AM but it was worth watching and not sleeping

  3. Wendy Misirly Avatar

    Terrible acting really really terrible

  4. Candace Miller Avatar

    So as a woman you gave up fortune and fame and could have had all the women in world you it up for one mediocre girl

  5. Rosemary Jackson Avatar

    Don’t give your “content” a second thought. The majority of us (I believe) just enjoy the visit with you.

  6. Tammy Allen Avatar

    Not my favorite. Cute but too much crammed into too few scenes to be at all convincing or believable. Actors not the strongest either but cute.

  7. PurpleBec Avatar

    This movie is great, theres some realism in but its not enough to convince me that they fallen in love for real. It also reminds me of a book I read called I Bet by Jennifer Cruise, I found it at my local library, it kind of happens the same way except its a bet. They ended up, everyone did even the side characters all eneded up happy. It's definitely a read to give. I do feel like this could happen in real life but I've never seen it, true love is strange and does what these characters do and they do it well. Needless to say I think with more characterisation this could be a top seller romance novel.

  8. Brady Stallworth Avatar

    This video is a must-see for anyone seeking information.

  9. Mandi Davis Avatar

    After the opening scene i almost gave up on watching this bc i thought it was going to be stupid but it was actually a really good movie

  10. Rainie Phillips Avatar

    Great movie! Thanks!

  11. Survivor 5691 Avatar

    The movie reflects the reality of western world society.
    Do those women deserve a good man?????

  12. nea McCree Avatar

    Excellent movie!! i loved every scene,,,,,,,,,,,,,cheers to the writers and Actors.

  13. Margaret Gallegos Avatar

    Im dissapointed with the ending. I assumed they would have a wedding with her grandmother at her side. Along with his Dad. A Happy Family. Aloha! Oahu, Hawaii USA Sept 24, 2023

  14. Ann Stegmayer Avatar

    Her hair is beautiful

  15. Arlo Smith Avatar

    Alan is so gay I didn't need to hear about Hector to figure it out 🌈

  16. Google User Avatar

    I’m only at 18 minutes & already over the acting. Whoever got through this movie, kudos

  17. Jael Louis Avatar

    This actress can't drink on camera convincingly. She does this more than once.

  18. Bow Wah Avatar

    Lies lies lies, I hate it, I am fine with cutting it off here….

  19. Janella Murphy Avatar

    Nice clean movie❤❤❤❤love it very much indeed!!!