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WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS for Rick & Morty season 7, episode 3!


  • Rick and Morty
    season 7 breaks away from its established formula, focusing on supporting characters like Mr. Poopybutthole and Jerry in hilarious and silly adventures.

  • The Loch Ness monster’s fate in episode 3 showcases the show’s humor through the contrast between Rick’s reaction and the President’s surreal description.
  • Unity’s comeback in season 7 brings back a central character from a previous episode, providing a fitting and humorous storyline while satirizing US politics.

While Rick and Morty season 7, episode 3 is a more emotionally charged adventure than the rest of the outing’s stories so far, this didn’t stop the episode from providing some classic gags. Rick and Morty season 7’s episodes started strong with an entry focused on, of all people, the supporting star Mr. Poopybutthole. Even though recent seasons of the series had reduced Mr. Poopybutthole’s role to little more than a recurring joke, Rick and Morty season 7, episode 1, “How Poopy Got His Poop Back,” managed to center an entire episode around the character’s relationship with Rick.

This proved thatRick and Morty season 7 wasn’t going to stick with the show’s established formula, which was reaffirmed by the next outing of the series. Season 7, episode 2, “The Jerrick Trap,” saw Jerry and Rick pair up in an adventure that finally leveled the playing field between the duo and allowed both characters to shine in a supremely silly, fun story. However, the title of the following episode promised something a little more serious, and the series delivered. Rick and Morty season 7, episode 3, “Air Force Wong,” brought back Rick’s therapist Dr. Wong in an outing that was both poignant and hilarious, providing plenty of funny moments throughout.

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10 The Loch Ness Monster’s Fate In Rick & Morty

According to the President, the Loch Ness monster was transported to Lake Erie where her bones were replaced with titanium before she was then bitten by numerous werewolves, giving the US a perfect anti-submarine weapon. However, the President then noted that the Soviets used a leprechaun to turn the Loch Ness monster’s bones to silver, thus seemingly killing her. Like many of the funniest moments in Rick and Morty season 7, episode 2, what made this gag work was the contrast between Rick’s nonplused reaction and the increasingly surreal events the president described.

9 Mr. Stabby’s Show

Rick watches television in an alien hospital during Rick and Morty Interdimensional Cable 2

Before Rick was called away for another mission, he and Morty kicked back and watched some TV. Since they still have access to that old Rick and Morty staple, interdimensional cable, the show they landed on was Mr. Stabby. The series appeared to consist of an alien with swords for limbs taking questions from the audience and inevitably killing them in the process. Understandably, this prompted Rick to wonder why anyone would get tickets to this show.

8 The President Assembles A Crack Team

The President soon called Rick up and demanded that he help him with another mission. This time, the President brought reinforcements. However, his so-called “crack team” consisted of an alien who “might” be able to tell the future, a rock monster, and a sentient fridge. While Rick and Morty season 7 made the unassuming Gene into a hero years after his series debut, the show wasn’t able to pull off the same trick with these unlikely experts. Shortly after they attacked Virginia with the President, every member of the President’s crack team was almost immediately overpowered.

7 Unity’s Rick & Morty Season 7 Comeback

Although Christina Hendricks’ Unity hasn’t been seen since Rick and Morty season 2, episode 3, “Auto Erotic Assimilation,” the hive mind was central to the story of “Air Force Wong.” It turned out that Unity had been trying to talk to Rick for some time since she heard about his attempts to track down Rick Prime as she was worried about his mental health. The idea that Unity took over the entire state of Virginia just to talk to Rick was priceless, while Rick and Morty successfully revived this earlier story with a fitting comeback for Unity.

6 The President Threatens To Send 4000 Warheads

The president of the US laughs in an evil way in Rick and Morty

The President’s fight with Unity saw him threaten to send 4000 warheads to her ship, about “3000 of which will turn out to work.” This brutal dig at the US’s military overspending was then underlined when the President promised to call China after this attack, implying that the country’s stronger military would be an even bigger threat to Unity. However, this wasn’t the only satirical jab at US politicians in “Air Force Wong.”

5 The President’s Approval Rating Plan

Rick fights with the President in Rick and Morty

When the President realized that Unity had left Earth behind, but her brainwashed followers still functioned as a collective hive mind, he immediately tried to cynically take advantage of this. The President subsequently turned Unity’s followers into his most ardent supporters. While a group of mindless, uncritical followers is something many politicians would love to accrue, this gag felt particularly pointed since the President’s desire to improve his standing came from his bottomless need for approval.

4 “We Met. She Was Me For A Second”

Dr Wong in her office in Rick and Morty

While many of Rick and Morty season 7, episode 1’s best jokes were inspired moments of anarchic cartoon violence, “Air Force Wong” took things down a notch. There was still plenty of gross-out humor, but one of the episode’s best gags came when Rick introduced Unity and his therapist in person. Ever unflappable, an unfazed Dr. Wong noted that the pair had already met when Wong was assimilated into Unity’s hive mind, noting that Unity briefly inhabited her body before moving on with the conversation.

3 Rick’s Group Discount

Rick and Morty eating spaghetti

After Unity, Wong, and Rick finally converted all the President’s followers to Unity’s hive mind, Wong noted that this had been a most unconventional therapy session. Rick then asked whether the therapist did group discounts, grinning at his own joke as the huge crowd stood in silence. Humbled, Rick changed his mind and told Wong to send the bill to the White House. This gag proved that Justin Roiland’s exit and formula changes might be just what Rick and Morty season 7 needed as the show prioritized these small, silly moments of character-based humor amidst all the outlandish sci-fi antics.

2 Rick’s Answering Machine Messages

When Rick returned home to the Smith house, he sat and listened to the voice messages that Unity sent him before she assimilated Virginia. Rick gradually became more slumped and hopeless as he realized that his ex really had reached out to him out of concern, while he had ignored this bid for connection. This led him to adopt a pose that mirrored his sullen aspect at the end of “Auto Erotic Assimilation,” until a call from David Miscavige came through praising Rick for defending Scientology, flipping the scene’s mood in an instant.

1 Mr. Stabby’s Post-Credits Cameo

Rick yelling at Beth in ABCs of Beth on Rick and Morty.

The first post-credits scene in Rick and Morty season 7 was a bizarre non-sequitur involving a rampaging lawnmower, so it seemed like “Air Force Wong” would have a hard time topping this gag. However, the episode managed to outdo this with a post-credits interview with Mr. Stabby. During this tense conversation, a late-night host revealed that Mr. Stabby’s show was somehow responsible for thousands of deaths, prompting the Rick and Morty supporting star to reply that all publicity was good publicity.

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