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September 12th’s Wordle puzzle can be hard to solve, even though it is a widespread word used in daily slang. However, some hints might help.

The answer for 12th September’s Wordle puzzle continues to offer a repeating vowel in the solution that can cause many players to use all their attempts. In contrast, the answer isn’t exactly uncommon as it is a prevalent word used in casual conversation. In addition, the word itself will be most overheard in bars or nightclubs as it is one of the more pertinent products sold there. However, it is worth pointing out that the word is more commonly used as slang and used as a word to describe all different types of beverages. The key to solving today’s Wordle answer is to figure out the correct positions of the two repeating vowels.


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Since today’s Wordle answer features repeating vowels, players will have an easier time solving the puzzle using Wordle‘s hard mode. This particular mode can be activated from the settings menu in the top right corner. Once activated, players will have to use a different set of rules where they will not be permitted to use confirmed letters in other spots. While this does restrain players from freely using guesses, it is the best method to solve complicated Wordle answers. However, players who prefer the regular mode and are stuck on their last few attempts can use the hints below.

Today’s Wordle Hints (September 12th #450)

September 12th’s Wordle puzzle is very similar to puzzles from last week, where a repeating vowel is used in the second and third positions. However, the vowel in question isn’t commonly used, making today’s puzzle particularly difficult to solve. Nevertheless, this is where some clues might benefit players who still want to solve the puzzle without having the answer spoilt. These hints are along the same lines as Crossword puzzles and other vocabulary-based games:

  • Hint 1: any alcoholic drink
  • Hint 2: to drink intoxicating liquor, especially to excess
  • Hint 3: he was out ____ with his friends (Fill in the blank)

Today’s Wordle Answer (September 12th #450)

The September 12th Wordle answer is BOOZE.

Solving today’s puzzle will involve using strategic starting words that contain vowels. The word ‘SCORE’ helped identify the confirmed position of two letters in the first attempt. The next word, ‘BIOME,’ also revealed the correct position of the first letters from today’s Wordle answer. The next word, ‘BOOMS,’ helped us identify that there were repeating vowels. Finally, knowing the correct positions of four letters, we were able to solve today’s Wordle answer using the word BOOZE.

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