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The Fabelmans is director Steven Spielberg’s magnum opus. The family found at the heart of this painfully personal and stunningly emotional feature stands in for Spielberg’s own, as the Oscar-winning filmmaker turns his camera back on his adolescence to examine – through his unique, masterful lens – the hardships and triumphs that led to him becoming one of our greatest filmmakers. 

The film is an homage to Spielberg’s two religions: Judaism and Film. It clarifies the enormous hold that each one has on the man, as well as the hold he comes to realize that the latter can have on an audience. It’s a story about art and creativity, about hardships and sacrifice – about how messy life can get, but how necessary those messes are if one’s ever going to experience a life worth living. It’s a masterpiece, and the best movie Spielberg has delivered since… well, the masterful West Side Story in 2021. (That’s one of many Spielberg movies you can stream right now.)

The Fabelmans held its world premiere at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival, where it received a standing ovation that lasted so long, festival organizers had to beg the audience to stop so that they could begin a Q-and-A with Spielberg and his cast. If not for that plea, the ovation might still be going as you were reading this. 

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The Fabelmans is drunk on Spielberg’s passion for film.


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