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WarningL Spoilers for Batman: The Brave and the Bold #6 – “Stormwatch: Down with the Kings Part 6”


  • Amanda Waller reveals her control over Stormwatch and offers them a chance to get answers from her.
  • Stormwatch was chosen for their trustworthiness and their willingness to handle global threats in a way the Justice League wouldn’t.
  • Stormwatch confronts Waller about her secret control and questions if their means of taking down threats justifies their actions.

Amanda Waller has revealed that she was pulling Stormwatch’s strings all along in her efforts to combat the Justice League. Now she finally lays her cards on the table and lets the group know this is their one chance to get answers out of the famously tight-lipped mastermind. At the top of this motley crew’s list is if they’re just her new Suicide Squad.

The current Stormwatch group is a little less criminal and much less chaotic than the Suicide Squad, as shown in the sixth part of “Stormwatch: Down with the Kings” by Ed Brisson, Jeff Spokes, and Saida Temofonte from Batman: The Brave and the Bold #6. In fact, principled team members Flint, Ravager, and Phantom-One have done their best to not kill anyone and actually save lives even when ordered to ignore collateral damage. Waller confirms that this is part of the reason why they’ve been chosen for this team: their trustworthiness.

As Waller herself tells the team, all of them joined willingly, believing that depending on superheroes and locking up villains wasn’t working. They were brought in by the prospect of handling global threats permanently — “in a way that the Justice League wouldn’t,” as Ravager says.

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Stormwatch Is Ready to Lead the DCU (from the Shadows)

Amanda Waller Addresses Stormwatch

With the Justice League on hiatus, Stormwatch — a legacy team from the WildStorm corner of the DCU — has somewhat stepped up as the anti-Justice League. They’re not exactly shining beacons of hope, but they did stop a supervillain from escaping prison, prevent a debilitating undersea disease from spreading around Earth, and keep the Phantom Zone Pistol out of the hands of an intergalactic colonizer. However, all of these heroics have meant bringing those dangerous weapons under Amanda Waller’s control instead.

Stormwatch believed they were doing right on all their missions, taking deadly items and people off the board, harming some to save the many. If the Justice League had all of these items at their disposal, most people wouldn’t bat an eye. For the most part, neither did Stormwatch — until they found out that Amanda Waller was secretly controlling the team behind the scenes. Ravager and Flint seem to be struggling the most with Waller’s machinations. Rather than protecting people, the team is just killing and building an arsenal that could take down the world’s actual protectors: the Justice League. During their confrontation with Waller in this issue, Ravager and Flint both say they expected to go toe to toe with the Justice League one day, but weren’t looking to mount an offensive attack.

Stormwatch Stands at a Crossroads at the Heart of the DCU

Amanda Waller Tells Stormwatch They're Free to Leave

Winter and Flint, two longtime Stormwatch members, note that at least Waller isn’t seeking world domination like some of their past leaders. But the fact that she hid her involvement in the first place worries Flint. This team doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty if they change the world positively. The conclusion of “Down with the Kings” leaves it up in the air if Stormwatch will survive these revelations — and if they feel the ends so far justify the anti-Justice League means.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold #6 is available now from DC Comics.


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