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Even though Sylvester Stallone said he’s done playing Rocky, the actor is still sharing stories from back in the day. He starred in some of the most beloved sports movies of all time as the underdog-turned-superstar boxer Rocky Balboa, and then in the Creed movies became Adonis Creed’s mentor. Stallone also hasn’t shied away from the challenges of making these movies, recently revealing a brutal injury he got while filming and the lessons it taught him.

The Rocky actor has been sharing a lot about the making of these movies and the challenges he’s faced. He posted a message about not having the legal rights to Rocky and Creed earlier this summer and has also said he has “zero ownership” over the franchise. Recently, he shared an Instagram post about the physical challenges of filming Rocky, detailing a foot injury he had during the final Rocky movie. 

This may seem silly to some people, but I keep these as a reminder. When I was doing the last Rocky Balboa, where I was fighting Mason Dixon and all that, I broke two toes, broke them in half. I couldn’t even get my foot in my shoe. The entire choreography and training for the film I had to cut the opening of my shoe so my swollen foot could get in it and we kept moving forward, kept moving forward. So, I keep this as a reminder that when it hurts, sometimes that’s a good omen because when it comes too easy it usually is not very, very good. Anyway, keep punching.


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