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  • Bowie Jane wins the week 14 HOH competition and secures her place in the Final 3 in Big Brother 25.
  • Bowie’s target for eviction should be Jag, but she will likely choose to evict Felicia because she is not in their alliance.
  • Bowie faces a crucial moment in the game, as her chances of winning are lower compared to the other remaining houseguests. The Power of Veto winner holds all of the power this week.

The Big Brother 25 week 14 Head of Household (HOH) competition played out live on the November 2 episode, and the new HOH is Bowie Jane. After Survivor legend Cirie Fields was evicted by Bowie and Jag Bains, Bowie, Jag, and Felicia Cannon competed in the HOH game. As the outgoing HOH, Matt Klotz was ineligible to play. The game was a Q&A about a Chenbot comic book featuring Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves. The competition came down to a tiebreaker between Jag and Bowie. Bowie’s guess was closest to the actual answer, and so she won, guaranteeing her place in the Final 3.

The Big Brother 25 live episode revealed that Bowie won the week 14 HOH competition. She’s currently in an alliance called The Mafia with Jag and Matt. Their target will most likely be Felicia, who was almost evicted this week before Jag and Bowie decided to flip the vote and send Cirie to the jury house instead. This is Bowie’s third HOH win of the season, but her most impressive feat has been that she’s never been nominated for eviction all season.

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Which Houseguest Makes The Most Sense For Bowie Jane To Target?

Although Bowie will have to nominate two houseguests for eviction, this week the Power of Veto matters most. Whichever houseguest wins the Power of Veto will cast the sole vote to decide who’ll join them and Bowie in the Final 3. Bowie’s target should probably be Jag this week because he’s virtually unbeatable, but she’ll probably decide to evict Felicia because she’s not in The Mafia alliance.

This is a crucial moment for Bowie in the game. Of the four remaining houseguests, she probably has the lowest chance of winning Big Brother 25 considering her track record. Although she’s won three HOH competitions, they all came in the second half of the game. For the first several weeks, Bowie barely played, which obviously was a good strategy for her. However, Jag’s competition record, Matt’s social game, and Felicia’s defensive play of surviving seven weeks on the block (which will most likely become eight this week), will probably sway the jury more.

This week’s events will happen quickly because Sunday is the next eviction. Bowie is the only houseguest who’s safe, and she’ll have to make careful decisions in order to put herself in the best position to win the final HOH competition of the season in which she will be eligible to play even though she’s currently the HOH. It’ll be harder for her to beat Matt and Jag in any endurance competition than Felicia, so it might be in her best interest to keep Felicia in the game. However, the Power of Veto winner is actually the houseguest who holds all of the power this week.

Big Brother 25 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT, Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EDT, and Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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Big Brother 25’s Comic-Week Will Change The Game (It Will Impact Head Of Household) – Armessa Movie News



  • Big Brother 25 is introducing a week of comic-themed powers, starting with an anonymous Head Of Household who can keep their nominations secret.
  • One of the twists is the Power Of Multiplicity, which will impact the Power Of Veto competition in some way.
  • Despite the new twists, Big Brother 25’s comic-themed week still features classic gameplay from the houseguests.

Big Brother 25’s next twist is an entire week of comic-themed powers, starting off with a Head Of Household competition that will send the houseguests into a panic when they’re uncertain of the results. Big Brother 25 has been pushing the limits when it comes to twists, themeing their competitions and twists around the four dimensions of the BB house this year. After having the houseguests play through a scrambled first week of competition from the scramble-verse, the cast then dealt with a series of humiliating punishments and competitions during humili-week. After a scary-themed week from the scary-verse, the week of comic-themed powers and competitions is the only twist left.

After the most recent eviction of the first BB 25 juror Cameron Hardin, the contestants learned about the next twist that would be thrown into the game. With the tagline “expect the unexpected,” Big Brother has always been about putting twists and turns into the game in order to keep the houseguests on their toes. For the newest twist, the houseguests are experiencing a twist that Big Brother has refreshed from a previous season, pushing their trust in one another to the limit as they move through the game without any idea of what’s coming next.

Big Brother’s Head Of Household Will Have The BB Power Of Invisibility

During the live eviction episode on Thursday, October 12 Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves revealed the comic-week twist to the houseguests, then chatted with the audience about a week filled with comic-themed twists and turns. First, the next Head Of Household would have the BB Power Of Invisibility. According to Julie, the winner of the next Head Of Household will be anonymous, making their nominations in complete secret. It will be up to the HOH whether they want to divulge their power to the houseguests, but the HOH will have the ability to remain a secret throughout the week.

The BB Power Of Multiplicity Will Impact The Veto

The second twist of BB comic-week will be the BB Power Of Multipicity. While the power has not been explained entirely, Julie provided a few hints about what the power could be. As a twist to the traditional veto competition, Julie shared that the twist would have the Power Of Veto winner “seeing double” after the competition. While this could mean an array of things, it is likely that there will either be two Vetoes up for grabs, or that the winner of the Power Of Veto will have the ability to remove both nominees from the nomination block. This will be revealed in a future episode of Big Brother.

With one final push towards the end of the game, it’s truly any Big Brother 25 houseguests game to win. With BB comic-week taking on a whole new set of rules, the power is truly up for grabs once more in the Big Brother game. Although there are going to be some major twists, Big Brother 25’s comic-week will still feature some classic gameplay from the houseguests.

Big Brother season 25 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT, Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EDT, and Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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Sultana’s Dream – Trailer – Inés, a Spanish artist, lives in India and stumbles upon Sultana’s Dream a science fiction story written by Rokeya Hossain in 1905. It describes Ladyland, a utopia in which women rule the country while men live in seclusion and are responsible for household chores.- Playlists


Sultana’s Dream – Trailer – Inés, a Spanish artist, lives in India and stumbles upon Sultana’s Dream a science fiction story written by Rokeya Hossain in 1905. It describes Ladyland, a utopia in which women rule the country while men live in seclusion and are responsible for household chores.

Sultana's Dream - Trailer

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Pedro Pascal’s Early TV Roles Before He Became a Household Name – Armessa Movie News


Pedro Pascal has become one of the world’s most prolific actors. He’s currently enjoying unprecedented success, starring in two smash-hit television shows: The Last of Us on HBO and The Mandalorian on Disney+. That’s on top of his starring roles in such hit films as Kingsman: The Golden Circle, The Equalizer 2, and Wonder Woman 1984. Pascal’s breakout role was Oberyn Martell in television’s Game of Thrones back in 2014, followed by his role as Javier Peña in all three seasons of Narcos on Netflix. However, before breaking out in Game of Thrones and Narcos, Pascal was a staple of fan-favorite television shows and dramas. With The Last of Us dominating the cultural zeitgeist and the The Mandalorian Season 3 ongoing, it’s time to take a look back at Pascal’s earlier TV roles.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

It’s almost serendipitous that one of Pascal’s earliest television roles was a one-off episode of the beloved, fan-favorite genre series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Pascal portrayed a young freshman, Edward, at Sunnydale College who meets and befriends Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar). However, before their friendship could grow, Eddie is kidnapped and turned into a vampire by the vampire Sunday and her gang. It’s impressive to see Pascal’s exceptional acting skills on display as far back as 1999, playing an awkward college freshman who has a meet-cute with Buffy Summers. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse for Edward after he’s turned into a vampire and dispatched by the titular slayer, who turns Edward to dust, guaranteeing that Edward would not return in this series.RELATED: ‘SNL’: Pedro Pascal Becomes a Different Man When He Wakes up From a Coma


Pedro Pascal on an episode of NYPD Blue.

Credited as “Alexander Pascal,” one of Pascal’s early television roles was a one-off appearance in the beloved police procedural drama, NYPD Blue. In the show, Pascal portrayed a Goth kid named Shane “Dio” Morrissey on Season 8, Episode 9, “Oh Golly Goth,” of the long-running hit series. To add to the nerd flavor of the episode, Henry Simmons of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD fame interrogates Pascal multiple times. Simmons portrayed Alphonso “Mack” Mackenzie for 114 episodes of the hit Marvel Cinematic Universe series. Pascal hasn’t joined Simmons in the MCU yet, but it only seems like a matter of time until he will. He already portrayed Maxwell Lord in the DCEU. It’s fascinating to watch Pascal totally dedicated in his role as a rebellious Goth kid.

The Good Wife

Pedro Pascal on The Good Wife

After consistent work across many television dramas, Pascal finally gets a recurring role in the hit series The Good Wife. Remember The Good Wife? It was quite a popular drama for its time, running for seven seasons and 156 episodes from 2009 to 2016. The show starred Julianna Margulies of ER fame and won multiple Primetime Emmy Awards. Margulies portrayed Alicia Florrick, the wife of a disgraced Illinois State Attorney, Peter (Chris Noth). At the time, the premise was a topical, ripped-from-the-headlines idea as Florrick’s stay-at-home mother is publicly humiliated and embarrassed by her state attorney husband’s political corruption and sex scandals. Alicia takes back some control of her life by becoming the junior litigator at a law firm to provide for her family. Pascal appeared in multiple episodes of The Good Wife during its initial two seasons, still several years before he would hit it big on Game of Thrones. It was also the first time Pascal landed a recurring role on a hit television show. He portrayed the adversarial assistant state attorney, Nathan Landry, who attempts to keep Alicia’s disgraced husband in jail. Pascal says he “loved” working on the show and continued watching it long after he finished his run. Fun fact: Pascal revealed in a video with GQ that his scenes for the drama were shot in a real courtroom at night in Queens, New York since the drama did not have sets available to double for the location.

Nurse Jackie

Pedro Pascal on Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie, Edie Falco’s follow-up vehicle to The Sopranos, was a big success, earning her another Primetime Emmy Award. The show ran for seven seasons and 80 episodes on Showtime. Pascal gets a one-off guest appearance early in the second season of Nurse Jackie playing the father, Steve, who along with his wife is concerned that their little boy might have cystic fibrosis. It’s a very brief role, but it’s fun to look back at Pascal playing a concerned, compassionate father, who only has a few short scenes and is mostly reacting in this medical dramedy series.

Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe

Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe-Pedro Pascal as the villain.

Believe it or not, there was a period when the USA Network produced original content. Before streaming took over the world, the USA Network produced many original dramas that were actually quite popular. During the heyday of the “Characters Welcome” era of USA Network, one of the network’s biggest shows was the spy-themed action-adventure series, Burn Notice. Pascal’s appearance in Burn Notice was a spin-off television movie event, Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe. Serving as a prequel to the events of the regular series, Pascal portrays the villain in this episode, the leader of a local Colombian militia, Comandante Veracruz. He’s set opposite Bruce Campbell as Sam Axe in this television movie. Sam Axe is on assignment in Colombia as punishment for sleeping with his admiral’s wife. Axe is sent in to assist Veracruz’s militia to assess a terrorist group called Espada Ardiente. It’s not long until Axe learns that Veracruz and his militia are the real bad guys. Burn Notice star Jeffrey Donovan, who portrayed Michael Westen in the series, also directed the film. It would still be a few more years before Pascal breaks out as Oberyn on Game of Thrones, but seeing him interact with Campbell here on Burn Notice as the bad guy is enjoyable. Burn Notice often had a cheesy, B-action movie style, but it was entertaining to watch. Plus, it’s Campbell versus Pascal. What’s not to love? If you want to watch this movie, it’s currently streaming now on Hulu. You can find it at the end of Season 4 of Burn Notice.

Wonder Woman (Unaired TV Pilot)

Pedro Pascal on unaired Wonder Woman TV pilot

David E. Kelley attempted to launch a Wonder Woman television series in the early 2010s. The contemporary series would’ve starred Adrianne Palicki wearing the famous outfit, golden lasso, and tiara. Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment produced the pilot for NBC that never made it to air and never got picked up for series. However, it did feature an appearance by Pascal, portraying an LAPD detective named Ed Indelicato, a character from the DC comics and an ally of Wonder Woman. It’s interesting to look back at this show, watching Detective Indelicato interacting with Wonder Woman, knowing that almost 10 years later, Pascal would serve as an antagonist to Wonder Woman in the sequel, Wonder Woman 1984. In a way, it’s like Pascal’s career coming full circle.


Pedro Pascal on Homeland

When Pascal cut his teeth with guest-star roles in television dramas, he proved his versatility. In his earlier television roles, he portrayed a moody Goth kid, an awkward college freshman, a concerned father, a shifty and oily attorney, a megalomaniacal and despotic militia leader, a veteran LAPD detective, and now a senate politician on TV’s Homeland. How can we forget such a prestigious, award-winning drama? Pascal appears in the Season 3 premiere episode, “The Tin Man Is Down” for the series, portraying Senate Select Committee member David Portillo. Portillo is one of the committee members questioning CIA agent Carrie Anne Mathison (Claire Danes) on the bombing attack that happened at CIA headquarters during the Season 2 finale. Proving that there are no small parts, Pascal looks incredibly poised and right at home as a Senate committee member and suit-wearing politician. He is just as convincing as he was as an emo Goth kid in NYPD Blue or the stoic Mandalorian Din Djarin in The Mandalorian.

The Mentalist

Pedro Pascal on The Mentalist

Pascal has a multiple-episode arc in Season 6 of The Mentalist, portraying FBI Agent Marcus Pike, a love interest for Robin Tunney’s Teresa Lisbon. Agent Pike and Lisbon nearly get married. Unfortunately for Agent Pike, Lisbon and Simon Baker’s Patrick Jane are the destined OTP (One True Pairing) for this hit television series. Lisbon nearly goes away with Pike to Washington, DC to marry him before Simon Baker’s Patrick Jane intervenes, confessing his feelings for Lisbon. Lisbon ultimately decides to follow her heart and stays with Jane, breaking up with Marcus. Interestingly, Pascal made his first appearance on The Mentalist, Season 6, Episode 16 “Violets,” just one week before his debut as Oberyn Martell on the Season 4 premiere of Game of Thrones. FBI Agent Marcus Pike wasn’t a bad guy at all, and he did love Lisbon. They simply weren’t the show’s destined romantic pairing. Pascal did enjoy working on the show and became good friends with Robin Tunney.

In this trip down memory lane, looking back at Pascal’s career, it’s great to see the strength of his work in his earliest roles. Even in the one-off roles, Pascal proves that there are no small parts for an actor. Pascal’s hard work and dedication would eventually pay off, landing him bigger recurring and starring roles and major film deals. And now, he’s currently starring in two of the most popular television shows on the planet Earth. The Last of Us is sure to become HBO’s newest prestige drama, and it was already renewed for a second season before the third episode even aired. Pascal is an actor who truly respects the grind and proves that the juice is worth the squeeze.

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Doll Shark – Trailer – A young boy receives a plush shark doll. But the doll becomes possessed by the spirit of an evil sea beast! As the child spends a weekend with a nasty babysitter, the doll comes to life, feasting on bodies and wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting household.

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Final Head Of Household Part 1 Results (Spoilers) – Armessa Movie News


Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother season 24.

The final Big Brother season 24 Head of Household (HOH) competition is underway, and the live feeds have revealed that Matt “Turner” Turner won part 1 versus Taylor Hale and Monte Taylor. After Brittany Hoopes was evicted, the Final 3 played in the first part of the HOH competition, which is traditionally an endurance game. The remaining two houseguests will then face off in part 2. On finale night, Turner and the winner of the second part will compete to be crowned the final HOH. That houseguest will choose who will sit next to him or her on finale night and compete for the $750,000 grand prize.


The Big Brother season 24 finale is just days away, with a special two-hour episode. The finale usually features comments from the non-jury members, who have been watching the season from home. The jury will then question the Final 2 houseguests in order to make their final decisions about who should win the game. The Big Brother winner receives $750,000, while the runner-up is awarded $75,000. Also, one contestant will be named America’s Favorite Houseguest and take home the $50,000 prize. This year, the winner also receives a cruise.for two aboard a Princess Cruise, the official partner for the upcoming CBS show The Real Love Boat.

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The Big Brother live feeds revealed that Turner won the first part of the HOH. From the houseguests’ conversations, the game appears to have been a version of one the spinning competitions that Big Brother has done in the past. Turner said that he could not believe that he won this particular competition. After the competition, Monte said that he felt sick to his stomach, but he felt better when he woke up in the morning.

Now Taylor and Monte will battle it out in the second part of the final HOH competition to see who will go head-to-head with Turner on Big Brother 24 finale night. The houseguests should expect at least one of the final competitions to be a mental game. The winner will have to make the fateful decision of whom to take with them to the end. Although their decisions could change, as of now, Turner is set on sitting next to Monte in the end. If Monte were to win, he originally seemed as though he definitely wanted to bring Turner with him. However, Taylor and Monte’s unexpected late-game showmance and breakup changed the dynamics of Big Brother. A win for Taylor would most likely mean that she would choose Monte as her Big Brother Final 2 opponent.

The final Big Brother HOH is always exciting, especially because Part 3 plays out live on the finale. No matter who wins the final HOH, Big Brother 24 has one of the most evenly-matched Final 3 groups in recent memory for fans. Turner, Taylor and Monte all deserve to win the game. The Big Brother 24 finale is sure to be very entertaining and satisfying for fans.

The Big Brother season 24 finale airs Sunday, September 25 at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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