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Wim Wenders’ Perfect Days took the best film prize at the 16th Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA) today (November 3), while Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s Evil Does Not Exist won the jury grand prize.

The two Japanese films were honoured in a ceremony held for 250 people from 20 countries at the Home of the Arts on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Perfect Days, which debuted in competition at Cannes this year, is Japan’s submission to the 2024 Academy Awards. The film, about finding beauty in the everyday world around us, centres on a cleaner of toilets in Tokyo.

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Wenders and Takuma Takasaki wrote the script, and both produced with Koji Yanai, initiator of the real-life Tokyo Toilet Project.

“In many ways (it was) a dream come true for all of us, especially the fact that nobody less than the great Koji Yakusho played the leading role, the humble public servant Hirayama,” said German director Wenders, accepting the prize for Perfect Days via video.

Producer Satoshi Takata attended the ceremony to accept the jury prize for Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s father-daughter tale Evil Does Not Exist, which world premiered in competition at Venice.

South Korea’s Celine Song won the best director prize for her acclaimed romantic drama Past Lives, while best writer went to fellow South Korean director Anthony Shim for coming-of-age drama Riceboy Sleeps which debuted at Toronto in 2022.

Past Lives, which world premiered at Sundance, had not previously won a major award from the region. Said Song via video: “It is very special to receive this for my very first film and my very personal film, and it is also so meaningful to receive it from my own community.”

Films from eight countries were honoured at the awards. APSA encompasses 78 countries which it says are responsible for about half the world’s film output.

Kazakhstan writer/director Askhat Kuchinchirekov’s debut film Bauryna Salu, which premiered at San Sebastian and explores the tradition of children being adopted by their grandparents, won best youth film.

Kuchinchirekov produced the film with Anna Katchko, who was on hand to remind attendees that Kuchinchirekov was an actor in Tulpan, the best film winner at the second APSA ceremony in 2008.

“Now after so many years he has made this film, so I am very happy for him, I am very happy for Kazakhstan, and I am also happy to be his producer.”

Three Kazakhstan films in all attracted awards.  Writer/director Sarvnik Kaur’s Against the Tide, which she produced with Koval Bhatia, won best documentary. Against The Tide is an exploration of environmental degradation through the eyes of two friends, one of whom fishes using traditional methods and one of whom has “modernised”. Azamat Dulatov won the cinematography prize for Qas.

Four days of discussions, presentations and other events were held before and after the ceremony.

Four recipients were announced for APSA’s US$25,000 development grants: Ahmed Yassin Al-Daradji (Iraq), Tamar Shavgulidze (Georgia), Anthony Chen (Singapore) and Rima Das (India).

Three participants were both chosen and announced for APSA’s year long development lab: Shadi Jamil Habib Allah (Israel) for Morning Thread, Haziqah Binti Azemi (Malaysia) for Garek, and Bavaneedha Loganathan (Sri Lanka) for 46 Mondays. One-third of the 30 submissions were women, the highest number yet, and two women were chosen.

Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2023 winners

Best Film
Perfect Days (Jap)

Jury Grand Prize
Evil Does Not Exist (Jap)

Best Youth Film
Bauryna Salu (Kazak)

Best Animated Film
The Siren (Fr-Ger-Lux-Bel)

Best Documentary Film
Against the Tide

Best Director 
Celine Song, Past Lives (Kor-US)

Best Screenplay 
Anthony Shim, Riceboy Sleeps (Can-Kor)

Best Cinematography 
Azamat Dulatov, Qas (Kazak)
Special Mention: Krum Rodriguez, Citizen Saint (Geo-Fr-Bul)

Best Performance 
Mouna Hawa, Inshallah a Boy (Jor-Fr-Saudi-Qatar)

Best New Performer
Aibar Saly and Alisher Ismailov, Brothers (Kazak)

FIAPF Award for Outstanding Contribution to Asia Pacific Cinema
Jeremy Chua, Singapore

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The Flash’s Lost Daughter Faces DC’s Perfect Doctor Doom Homage – Armessa Movie News


Warning: Spoilers for Jay Garrick: The Flash #1 ahead!


  • Judy Garrick, the daughter of the original Flash, brings a classic comic charm to the modern age with her style and villains, including her arch-nemesis Doctor Elemental.
  • Doctor Elemental is a clear homage to Marvel’s Doctor Doom, with both being cloaked figures with metal gauntlets and masks who use similar tactics to gain power from their adversaries.
  • The introduction of Doctor Elemental sets up a conflict between a hero representing innocence and a villain expected to have only gotten worse over time, adding a touch of Silver Age nostalgia to the Flash Family’s story.

Fresh from the pages of Stargirl: The Lost Children, Judy Garrick, lost daughter of the original Flash, brings a dose of classic comic charm to the modern age in both her style and her villains. Doctor Elemental, Jay and Judy’s heretofore “forgotten” arch-nemesis, is a clear call-out to ’60s icon and major Marvel villain Doctor Doom, whose presence juxtaposes classic and modern elements in the new miniseries.

Jay Garrick: The Flash #1 by Jeremy Adams, Diego Olortegui, Luis Guerrero, and Steve Wands follows Judy Garrick (the Boom) as she struggles to integrate into an unfamiliar present, having only recently returned after vanishing from existence in 1963. Attempting to go on patrol to clear her head, Judy is quickly cut off by her father, the original Flash Jay Garrick, and chastised about how she doesn’t know the dangers of the present, to which Judy scoffs “what [could be] more dangerous than Doctor Elemental?” – a villain Jay does not remember.

A flashback shows Judy about to apprehend the villain, seen as a cloaked figure in an iron mask, before vanishing from reality. With Judy gone, it is implied that Doctor Elemental used the opportunity to go underground, his exploits going unnoticed into the present.

Marvel and DC Love Mad Doctors from the 1960s

Fantastic Four 5 Cover Doctor Doom First Appearance

Doctor Elemental is a clear homage to Marvel’s Doctor Doom: they’re both cloaked menaces with metal gauntlets and ominous masks who seemingly cannot bear to have their faces revealed. Even their introductions bear some similarities, with each making their entrance in a bid to gain power from the heroes before smothering them to death. In Doctor Doom’s first appearance in 1962’s Fantastic Four #5 by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Joe Sinnott, Stan Goldberg, and Artie Simek, he takes Sue Storm hostage to extort the Fantastic Four into doing his bidding. Doom then later tries to asphyxiate them. For his part, Doctor Elemental takes Jay’s wife Joan hostage and later attempts to drown her in an elemental-infusion process.

The homage to Silver-Age villainy seems deliberate, as Judy Garrick’s tale is all about the past coming up against the present. Judy brings a much-needed dose of optimism to the sometimes bleak DC world: Jay even cites the Dark Crisis as an example of the kind of villainy Judy may not be ready to face. By introducing Doctor Elemental to readers as a hammy, over-the-top figure like Doctor Doom in his first appearance, it both establishes his credence as a viable threat to the Flash Family and invites readers to speculate how this figure has changed over time. This sets up the conflict between a hero representing a half-century of innocence and a villain who is expected to have only gotten worse over time.

The Flash Family Will Have to Face DC’s Doctor Doom

Doctor Elemental Loses His Mask in a Fight with Judy Garrick

The Flash Family have always been some of DC’s more upbeat, positive heroes — especially Jay Garrick — and so this touch of a lighter tone with Judy and her nemesis feels both appropriate and a welcome callback to Silver Age shenanigans (despite a hint of modern darkness to come). If the Flash’s daughter is meant to bring some of the ’60s charm into the present with her, then there’s no better nemesis for her than DC’s own version of Doctor Doom.

Jay Garrick: The Flash #1 is now available from DC Comics.

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See How Kelsea Ballerini Just Won Halloween With Her Perfect Barbie Costume, And Hi Barbie- Armessa Movie News


Halloween is in a couple of days, but many people have already been attending parties and sporting sweet costumes. Kelsea Ballerini, the country singer known for stepping in for Kelly Clarkson as a Voice coach, had her ensemble ready, and it’s inspired by one of the summer’s hottest movies. If you can’t guess, know that Ballerini decided to slay the holiday with a perfect Barbie fit. And may I just say it, “Hi Barbie!” 

After the Barbie trailer showed its lead, Margot Robbie, sporting her fabulous pink looks, it was inevitable that fans were going to want to emulate some of those outfits. Kelsea Ballerini sure did, as she posted photos to Instagram, which show her sporting the cowgirl ensemble, and she honestly looks as they she just came back from Barbieland. (Thankfully, she’s not subject to SAG-AFTRA’s rules for Halloween costumes with this bold costume.) Take a look at Ballerini wearing that dazzling pink:

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10 Directors Who’d Be Perfect For The MCU’s Thor 5 – Armessa Movie News



  • Thor 5 is rumored to be in development for the MCU, with several acclaimed directors being considered to helm the Chris Hemsworth-led sequel.
  • Taika Waititi’s future in the MCU is uncertain after the mixed reception of Thor: Love and Thunder, but he could potentially return and close out a trilogy.
  • Directors like Sam Hargrave, Jon Favreau, Patty Jenkins, and Jordan Peele could be interesting fits, each bringing their own unique styles and experiences to the potential project.

Although there has been no confirmation from Marvel Studios, Thor 5 is rumored to be in development for the MCU, and there are several acclaimed directors who could helm the potential Chris Hemsworth-led sequel. Chris Hemsworth debuted as Thor in 2011’s eponymous Phase 1 project, and has since gone on to become one of the most important figures in the MCU, so far having starred in four solo films. At the end of 2022’s Thor: Love and Thunder, Hemsworth was confirmed to be returning in the MCU’s future, and though it hasn’t yet been confirmed when this might be, recent speculation suggests that Thor 5 could be put into development.

Speculation surrounding Marvel Studios’ potential Thor 5 emerged following Taika Waititi’s comments in Marvel’s Thor 4: Love and Thunder Movie Special Book noting that Thor 5’s villain would be “somehow more formidablethan Hela. Waititi joined Marvel Studios to direct 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok after its 2013 predecessor was met with a mixed response, and it revolutionized the God of Thunder in the MCU. Nevertheless, the 2022 follow-up, Thor: Love and Thunder, wasn’t met with such a positive reception, which has left Waititi’s future in the MCU uncertain. While Waititi could certainly return to direct Thor 5, there are several directors who could also lead Chris Hemsworth’s future MCU project.

10 Taika Waititi

When Taika Waititi joined Marvel Studios in 2017 to direct Thor: Ragnarok, Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder was in a tough spot, having come off the disappointing performance of Thor: The Dark World. Waititi’s experience writing and directing comedy projects including Eagle vs Shark, What We Do in the Shadows, and Hunt for the Wilderpeople allowed him to transform Thor into a more comedic superhero in the MCU, which worked perfectly in Ragnarok, but not so well in Thor: Love and Thunder. Nevertheless, Waititi is an acclaimed director, so could perhaps learn from his mistakes for Thor 5, potentially even recapturing the magic and popularity that he instilled with Ragnarok​​​​​​.

9 Sam Hargrave

Sam Hargrave

Sam Hargrave is an actor, stunt coordinator, and director who made his directorial debut with 2020’s Extraction, which starred Chris Hemsworth in an action thriller storyline based on the Russo Brothers’ graphic novel “Ciudad“. Hargrave already has an intimate knowledge of how Marvel Studios works, as he has worked as a stunt coordinator on several MCU projects including Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame. Hargrave’s direction of Extraction and its 2023 sequel was strong, so he could be the perfect candidate to direct Chris Hemsworth in a more action-packed Thor 5, veering away from Love and Thunder’s comedy.

8 Jon Favreau

Jon Favreau

Jon Favreau has retained a strong relationship with Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige since directing the MCU’s first project, 2008’s Iron Man. Favreau returned to direct 2010’s Iron Man 2, cementing his intimate knowledge of the Marvel Studios machine. Favreau hasn’t directed a project for the MCU since Iron Man 2, so he may be itching to get involved behind the scenes of the MCU again, despite him having portrayed Happy Hogan on-screen several times. Favreau is a beloved director, so it would be great to see him return as director to capture the MCU’s early magic in a future Thor 5.

7 Patty Jenkins

Patty Jenkins

Patty Jenkins’ experience working as a director for the DC Extended Universe would perhaps make her the perfect fit for a potential Thor 5. Jenkins rose to fame after directing 2003’s Academy Award-winning Monster and hit more success after delivering Diana Prince’s origin story in 2017’s Wonder Woman – widely regarded as one of the DCEU’s strongest projects. Jenkins was previously hired to direct Thor: The Dark World, but departed due to creative differences. However, Marvel Studios has come a long way since then, and Jenkins’ experience exploring the mythology of Wonder Woman’s backstory would make her perfect for some of Thor 5’s heroes, including Valkyrie and the Mighty Thor.

6 Jordan Peele

Jordan Peele

Previously known as one half of the comedy double-act Key and Peele, Jordan Peele made his directorial debut with the 2017 horror film Get Out, which was closely followed by smash-hits including 2019’s Us and 2022’s Nope. His extra work on horror-inspired projects Candyman and Wendell & Wild makes Peele one of the foremost horror directors of the modern age, which might be a perfect path for Thor 5 to follow. Thor: Love and Thunder began to tease horror elements in Thor’s MCU story, specifically with the introduction of the sinister Gorr the God Butcher, so Jordan Peele directing Thor 5 can turn this to the max.

5 Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead

Directing duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead have a great deal of experience bringing stylized and original horror films to the big and small screens, having directed projects such as The Endless, Synchronic, and Archive 81. What sets them apart from other directors such as Jordan Peele, however, is that Benson and Moorhead already have experience working with Marvel Studios, as they worked on Phase 4’s Moon Knight and Phase 5’s Loki season 2. After delivering some of the strongest and most shocking episodes of Loki, Benson and Moorhead directing Thor 5 would allow the pair to continue Loki’s story, and potentially reunite Thor and Loki in the MCU.

4 Kenneth Branagh

Kenneth Branagh

Kenneth Branagh may be an unorthodox choice to direct Thor 5, as he already had his spin with Marvel Studios directing 2011’s original Thor project. However, Branagh did a great job at introducing Chris Hemsworth to the MCU, and departed from Marvel Studios amicably, so it’s possible he could return to helm Thor 5. Branagh is one of the most acclaimed filmmakers of his generation, delivering projects including Murder on the Orient Express, Belfast, and several film adaptations of the works of William Shakespeare. Branagh could bring more serious tones back to the MCU’s Thor franchise while keeping some of the light-heartedness that Thor delivered back in his original adventure.

3 Guillermo Del Toro

Guillermo Del Toro

Guillermo Del Toro’s work has often been inspired by fairy tales, horror, monsters, and poetry, all of which could come together to make the most revolutionary and original Thor project in the MCU yet. Del Toro’s intense passion for mythology makes him a perfect fit to direct Thor 5, particularly if the potential project delves deeper into Asgard’s own backstory, or the clash of two different pantheons if Hercules and Thor battle in Thor 5. Del Toro has worked on superhero films before, including Blade II and Hellboy, so perhaps would be open to joining Marvel Studios to bring a completely new spin to Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder.

2 Robert Eggers

Robert Eggers

Robert Eggers is relatively new on the scene, having directed only three projects including 2015’s The Witch, 2019’s The Lighthouse, and 2022’s The Northman. Eggers’ work focuses primarily on folklore and mythology, which fits the bill for the MCU’s Thor franchise, and his work on The Northman could be the perfect blueprint for Thor 5. The Northman explores Norse mythology in great detail, which can be translated into the MCU beautifully with Eggers’ signature cinematography style and expressionist influences. The history of Asgard and Thor’s complex MCU timeline would benefit from Eggers’ visionary direction.

1 The Russo Brothers

The Russo Brothers

Joe and Anthony Russo are fan-favorite directors of several MCU projects including Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame. Although there has been no sign of them coming back to direct future MCU projects, there have been many calls for the Russo Brothers to return, and Thor 5 might provide the perfect opportunity, as they can revitalize Thor in the same way they did Steve Rogers. The Russo Brothers’ intense knowledge of the Marvel Studios process and their strong relationship with the studio and Kevin Feige makes their return almost inevitable, and they could really show off their brilliance with Thor 5​​​​​​​.

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