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It sums up the entire history of the video game adaptation that every single one of the movies to have become the highest-grossing hit in genre history has never carried much favor with critics, but none of them have held onto that particular crown for as long as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

Paul W.S. Anderson’s cult classic Mortal Kombat snatched the crown as the first console-to-screen project that didn’t flop, before Angelina Jolie’s debut as the iconic adventurer blew it out of the water with a $274 million tally at the box office, which it managed in spite of tepid reactions from critics, paying customers, and fans of the source material alike.

Simon West’s monotonous blockbuster would hold onto the crown for nine years before Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time came along, with Jake Gyllenhaal’s dud reigning for six years until Duncan Jones’ Warcraft outstripped it despite not turning a single penny of profit, although it’ll take some doing for any upcoming entry to come within the same stratosphere as The Super Mario Bros. Movie‘s $1.36 billion.

What they all have in common is that not a single one of them has been designated as “Fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes, a recurring coincidence that sums up the medium to a tee. Jolie’s arrival as the first iteration of Lara Croft – which came before the sequel, the reboot, and the impending reboot of the reboot – is hardly a bastion of cinematic excellence, but it’s still one of the biggest hits on Netflix.

Per FlixPatrol, Tomb Raider has explored the platform’s global charts since returning to the library in multiple markets, where it exists as a relic of a bygone time before its heroine was run into the ground.

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Loki Season 2 Episode 5’s Secret Post-Credits Breaks Endgame’s Unique MCU Record – Armessa Movie News


Warning: This post contains SPOILERS for Loki season 2 episode 5


  • Loki season 2 episode 5 delivers a unique post-credits scene that pokes fun at the audience and references a deep Marvel cut.
  • This is the second time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that an audio-only post-credits scene has been used instead of a traditional stinger.
  • The “loser” message in the post-credits scene not only mocks viewers but also ties into Loki’s destiny as a loser, showcasing his resilience and determination to keep trying.

Loki season 2 episode 5 post-credits scene is a near-unique example in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after 32 movies and 9 different TV series. After dropping a post-credits scene at the end of the first episode in season 2, Tom Hiddleston’s flagship Disney+ show randomly dropped in the season’s second stinger, with a twist.

Loki Season 2 Episode 5 Post-Credits Scene Explained

After the credits roll on Loki season 2 episode 5, with Loki’s game-changing new superpower revealed, and his plan to save the Temporal Loom, the TVA, and all existence unveiled, a stinger calls back to one of the show’s deepest Marvel cuts. In an audio only post-credits gag, a voice shouts “you died, insert a coin, LOSER!” Out of context, it means very little, but Loki season 2 episode 5 set up the joke earlier in the episode.

After Loki brings together OB, Casey, Mobius and B-15 to undo the destruction of the Temporal Loom, he tries to recruit Sylvie, who rejects his offer, but takes him to a bar to invite him to explore exactly why he wants to save the TVA. The opening shot in the bar shows a Zaniac! arcade game, clearly adapted from the same movie Brad Wolfe (Rafael Casal) starred in when he returned to the timeline in episode 2. The audio stinger that forms Loki season 2 episode 5’s post-credits scene is the Game Over message from the same arcade machine.

Why Loki Season 2 Episode 5’s Post-Credits Scene Works So Well

Intriguingly, Loki‘s audio-only post-credits scene is the first time there’s ever been a vocal track played in place of a true stinger, but it’s not the first time the MCU has used an audio post-credits scene. The first time, notably, was at the end of Avengers: Endgame, when the sound of Iron Man forging the Mark 1 armor was played as a touching tribute to Robert Downey Jr’s fallen hero.

In place of a tribute to a dead MCU hero, Loki’s newest post-credits scene instead pokes fun at the audience, playing on the concept of Game Over message culture in video games, and the very idea of waiting until the end of the credits (insulting us all as “losers” for doing so. But also, the “loser” message is a loaded one: Loki confirmed – in a mantra repeated in season 2 episode 5 – that Lokis are destined to lose. The hidden meaning here is that despite dying (and almost dying multiple times), Loki didn’t give up: he may be a loser (and embrace the fact), but a Game Over message is just another opportunity to try again.

New episodes of Loki stream every Thursday on Disney+

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Jung Kook’s ‘Seven’ Feat. Latto Breaks Spotify Record – Billboard – Armessa Music News


Jung Kook’s solo career is breaking records. The BTS superstar’s “Seven” featuring Latto became the fastest song to reach 1 billion streams in Spotify history, the streaming platform announced on Monday (Oct. 30).


See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

It’s been 108 days since the song was first released, and as a new member of the Spotify Billions club, the song was added to the official playlist.

This is hardly the first record Jung Kook’s Latto collaboration has broken, as it landed upon its release at No. 3 on the Official U.K. Singles Chart, published July 21, for the highest-charting debut by a solo Korean act. Additionally, “Seven,” launched at No. 1 on both the Billboard Global 200 and Billboard Global Excl. U.S. charts (dated July 29). The song marked the first leader on the lists for a member of BTS as a soloist, as well as Latto’s first No. 1.

See Spotify’s announcement of Jung Kook’s accomplishment below.

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‘Five Nights At Freddy’s’ opens with £3.2m to top UK-Ireland box office; Taylor Swift sets concert film record | News – Armessa Movie News


RankFilm (distributor)Three-day gross (Oct 27-29)Total gross to date                                 Week
 1.Five Nights At Freddy’s  (Universal)£3.2m£5.4m1
 2.Trolls Band Together  (Universal)£2.5m£9m2
 3.Killers Of The Flower Moon  (Paramount)£1.5m£5.6m2
 4.Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour  (Trafalgar)£1.2m£10.4m3
 5.Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie   (Paramount)£708,000£6.1m3

GBP to USD conversion rate: 1.21

Blumhouse horror Five Nights At Freddy’s topped the UK-Ireland box office on its opening weekend, starting with £3.2m at a healthy £5,293 average.

Distributed by Universal, Five Nights At Freddy’s  polled in 595 cinemas. Having opened on Wednesday, October 25, it has £5.4m in total. The £3.2m start is up on those of recent Blumhouse Productions output, including The Exorcist: Believer  (£1.7m), Insidious: The Red Door (£2.3m) and M3GAN, all from this year.

Universal scored a one-two this weekend, with last weekend’s number one Trolls Band Together holding well with a 19% drop. The animated feature added £2.5m on its second session to hit £9m total – tracking behind 2016’s Trolls, which ended on £25m, but still a strong performance.

Martin Scorsese’s Killers Of The Flower Moon put in a strong second-weekend performance, falling 36% with £1.5m for Paramount. It is up to a £5.6m total, passing the £5.58m of 2011’s Hugo  to become Scorsese’s seventh-highest-grossing film of all time. Next ahead in that list is 2004’s The Aviator with £8.4m.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour is now the highest-grossing concert film ever released in the UK and Ireland. The film added £1.2m on its third weekend in cinemas – a 48.1% drop, which represents a decent performance for an event cinema release that runs to almost three hours.

With £10.4m, it has overtaken the £9.8m of 2009’s Michael Jackson: This Is It to take the concert film crown; having already broken the record for highest-grossing event cinema release on its opening weekend. It will likely finish in the top 20 highest-grossing releases of 2023, currently occupying 16th position.

Paramount’s Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie added £708,000 on its third official weekend in cinemas – a strong hold, falling just 11.7% on the school half term weekend. The animation is up to £6.1m, behind the £8.8m of 2021’s The Paw Patrol Movie.

Takings for the top five fell slightly, down 4.6% to £9.2m. However, the figure is still almost double that of the second weekend of October; and has topped £9m for three successive weekends for the first time since mid-August.

Leo Tamil record

The Exorcist: Believer fell 38% with £360,355 on its fourth weekend. It is now up to £5.3m, overtaking the £5.1m of 2021’s Halloween Kills and £4.8m of 2022’s Halloween Ends, both also directed by David Gordon Green and made by Blumhouse.

The Great Escaper starring Michael Caine and the late Glenda Jackson added £262,645 on its fourth session – a strong hold, falling just 19.1%. The drama appears to have found its audience for Warner Bros, hitting the £3.8m mark.

Adam Deacon’s Sumotherhood added £195,000 on its third weekend in cinemas – a 49% drop – and is up to £1.9m for Paramount, within range of the £2.1m of 2011 first film Anuvahood.

Disney’s The Creator added £184,376 on its fifth weekend – a 43% drop – and is up to £6.6m after decent midweek showings.

Torture horror Saw X leads Lionsgate’s slate, adding £152,999 on its fifth weekend in cinemas – a 37.4% drop. It is up to almost £5.7m, overtaking 2009’s Saw VI to become the seventh-highest-grossing from 10 Saw films.

Lionsgate’s The Miracle Club posted a 30.9% drop, adding £124,793 on its third weekend in cinemas and reaching £1.2m in total.

A Haunting In Venice added £119,612 for Disney, falling 35% on its previous session, to reach £9.3m in total.

After a stellar opening weekend, Lokesh Kanagaraj’s Indian action film Leo starring Joseph Vijay has become the highest-grossing Tamil-language film ever across its first full week in cinemas. With over £1.5m, it has passed the £1.3m total of last year’s Ponniyin Selvan I.

With £98,000 on its second session, it did experience a sharp 92.1% drop from its opening weekend. It still represents an outstanding result, with few non-English language titles crossing the £1m mark in the territory.

Park Circus’ release of Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice brought in £93,042 at the weekend.

cat person

Viral short story adaptation Cat Person opened to £45,017 for Studiocanal, from 177 sites at a £254 average. Including previews, Susanna Fogel’s Sundance 2023 drama has £79,723.

Also for Studiocanal, Past Lives put on £38,477 on its eighth weekend; a decent hold saw it fall just 24.8%. It is up to £2.7m ahead of its winter awards run.

Russian animation How To Save The Immortal opened to £34,461 from 130 reports, at a £265 average, through Miracle/Dazzler.

Animation The Canterville Ghost has proven a success for Signature Entertainment, still in the top 20 after six weekends. It added £27,578 on its latest session – a 3.2% increase on last time out – and is up to a £524,499 total.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem fights on after 13 weekends in cinemas for Paramount. The film added £26,000 to reach a decent £10.1m total.

Crime drama Retribution starring Liam Neeson opened to £25,691 for Studiocanal, at a £584 site average.

Ken Loach’s The Old Oak added £15,060 on its fifth weekend in cinemas for Studiocanal, and is up to £952,466 – down on the £1.3m of the director’s last film Sorry We Missed You.

Typist Artist Pirate King, the latest film from UK filmmaker Carol Morley, opened to £12,840 from 26 sites, at a £494 site average for Modern Films. Including previews the film has £28,624; a UK Q&A tour with Morley continues throughout November and into December.

Vertigo Releasing horror It Lives Inside added £12,230 on its second weekend in cinemas, to hit a £161,010 total.

Curzon’s Berlinale 2023 award winner 20,000 Species Of Bees opened to £10,511 from 30 sites, and has £16,828 including previews.

Sony’s The Equalizer 3 added £10,423 on its ninth weekend in cinemas to hit £8.6m total. The studio’s next film in cinemas is horror Thanksgiving on November 17.

Foe starring Paul Mescal, Saoirse Ronan and Aaron Pierre added £9,022 on its second weekend in cinemas. The film is up to £140,084.

Warner Bros’ The Nun II is closing out after eight weekends in cinemas, adding £8,344 to reach £6.5m – down on the £11.4m of the 2018 first film.

Hammer Studios’ horror Doctor Jekyll starring Eddie Izzard took £6,277 from 46 sites at a £136 average, released in collaboration with Miracle.

Treasure hunting documentary Savage Waters opened to £2,700 at the weekend, and has £7,380 including previews, from limited shows at each venue.

Suitable Flesh brought in £1,327 on its opening weekend for Vertigo Releasing, and has £2,870 including previews.

Black Bear’s Dumb Money is closing out with a £1.3m cume from six weekends in cinemas.

Trafalgar Releasing’s Crossroads: Global Fan Event, an event cinema release of Tamra Davis’ 2002 road movie starring Britney Spears, took £64,892 from screenings on Monday 23 and Wednesday 25 October.

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With or Without Taika Waititi, ‘Thor 5’ Would Still Set a Superhero Record- Armessa Movie News


The rumor mill surrounding the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s potential Thor 5 has creaked back into life, this time with “confirmation” that Chris Hemsworth will be returning to the fold for a fifth solo adventure without two-time director Taika Waititi in tow.

Regardless of how much truth there is to the speculation, most people would be perfectly okay with a change of pace for the Asgardian superhero after the wildly polarizing reception to Love and Thunder. Waititi’s Ragnarok is undoubtedly one of the MCU’s best-ever installments, but its successor most definitely is not.

via Marvel Studios

Having already set an in-house record by leading four films, should Hemsworth pick up Mjolnir for one more round, he’ll also blast past a genre benchmark that’s been standing for almost 40 years. The first actor to take top billing in a quartet of blockbuster comic book adaptations was Christopher Reeve, and his tenure as the Man of Steel couldn’t have ended much worse after 1987’s Superman IV: The Quest for Peace deservedly gathered a reputation for being one of the worst movies ever made, and it still is as anyone unfortunate enough to have seen it can attest.

Hugh Jackman was technically named first in the credits of five X-Men entries, but neither The Last Stand or Days of Future Past were standalone Wolverine stories, so he arguably doesn’t count. Were Hemsworth to headline Thor 5, then he’d be the first title hero to lead the line in a quintet of comic book capers. We know that “Thor Will Return,” the real question is how, when, and where.

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Meek Mill Announces That His Criminal Record Has Been Wiped- Armessa Music News


HipHopWired Featured Video


Source: The Morning Hustle / The Morning Hustle

Meek Mill can finally get a job…if he needed to anyway.

By that we mean that Meek Mill’s criminal record has been expunged according to the Philadelphia rapper himself. Earlier this year, Meek Mill was granted a pardon by Pennsylvania’s Gov. Tom Wolf. During a recent appearance on The Morning Hustle, Meek Mill was joined by the Bawse, Rick Ross, when he announced that after months of waiting, his criminal record has been wiped clean.

Calling it a “burden,” Meek told the radio crew that “My record was still showing up as if I was a felon, if I tried to do anything like, normal, and the system – it took a few months to go by, but I got the letter yesterday telling me that my record is officially clean.”

Good for Meek!

With Rick Ross beside him and leading the cheering squad by announcing “That boy Meek Mill record clean!” the two are seemingly in a better place than they were years ago when Meek was dealing with all kinds of legal issues and his relationship with Ross seemed strained beyond repair.

Now that Meek’s been living his best life having gotten over his legal problems, squashed his beef with Drake and reunited with Ross, he and Rozay are prepping for the release of their collaborative album, Too Good To Be True, which is slated to drop Nov. 10.

With his record freshly clean, we just hope Meek stays out of trouble and keeps from making social media headlines for all the wrong and weird reasons as he’s been prone to do over the past few years.

What do y’all think of Meek’s record being wiped clean? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Immediate Family – Documentary Trailer – The rise and collaborations of a group of legendary studio musicians through the 1970s and onward, chronicling their illustrious partnerships and their formidable record of hit-making.- Playlists


Immediate Family – Documentary Trailer – The rise and collaborations of a group of legendary studio musicians through the 1970s and onward, chronicling their illustrious partnerships and their formidable record of hit-making.

Immediate Family - Official Trailer | Rock Music Documentary | On Digital December 15

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Global Vinyl Record Market On A Resurgence, Expected To Reach $2.8 Billion By 2028 @ Top40-Charts.com -Playlists


New York, NY (Top40 Charts) The “Vinyl Record Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2023-2028″ report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s offering. The global vinyl record market, which reached a size of US$1.7 billion in 2022, is poised for substantial growth in the coming years, with an anticipated market size of US$2.8 billion by 2028. This growth is expected to be characterized by a robust compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.4% during the forecast period spanning from 2023 to 2028.

Market Overview:

A vinyl record, also known as a phonograph record, is an analog sound storage device made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic. These discs may have a core composed of metal, resin, cardboard, or glass, and they contain grooves with modulated sound information. Vinyl records are experiencing a resurgence in popularity among both music collectors and contemporary artists, making them a cherished medium for music production.

Market Trends and Drivers:

Several key factors are contributing to the growth of the global vinyl record market:

Rapid Urbanization: Urbanization is on the rise globally, and vendors are adopting omnichannel retailing practices to expand their consumer base.

Music Enthusiasts and Collectors: Music collectors, audiophiles, and DJs value vinyl records as prized possessions, using them for concerts, shows, and music recordings. Vinyl records also hold significant cultural and historical value in the world of music.

Music Label Promotion: Popular music labels are organizing events and offering deluxe or limited-edition albums to promote vinyl records.

Technological Advancements: Manufacturers are integrating technological advancements into vinyl records to enhance their capacity, maintain high-definition (HD) audio quality, and reduce production costs.

Celebrity Promotion: Celebrities and music personalities are actively promoting vinyl records, contributing to their growing demand.

Increasing Consumer Spending: The rising disposable incomes of consumers are driving the demand for vinyl records.

Market Segmentation:

The vinyl record market is segmented based on various factors:

By Product:

LP/EP Vinyl Records

Single Vinyl Records

By Feature:




By Gender:



By Age Group:





Above 50

By Application:



By Distribution Channel:

Supermarkets and Hypermarkets

Independent Retailers

Online Stores


By Region:

North America

United States


Asia Pacific




South Korea







United Kingdom





Latin America




Middle East and Africa

Competitive Landscape:

Key players in the global vinyl record market include GZ Media, Implant Media Pty Ltd., Independent Record Pressing, MPO International (Aker Solutions), Optimal Media (Brand Networks), PrimeDisc International Limited, Quality Record Pressings, R.a.n.d.muzik Record Manufacturing, Record Industry, Pallas Group, Stereodisk LLC, United Record Pressing, and others.

For more information about this report visit https://www.researchandmarkets.com/r/gzjzz1

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Travis Scott Continues Record Breaking Streak With ‘Utopia’ Album And Sold-Out Circus Maximus Tour @ Top40-Charts.com – Armessa Music News


New York, NY (Top40 Charts) Diamond-certified, eight-time GRAMMY Award-nominated artist, performer, producer, songwriter and director Travis Scott continues to blaze a trail, breaking records across the board with his latest album UTOPIA and sold-out North American UTOPIA – CIRCUS MAXIMUS tour.

Already crowned as the biggest selling male artist of 2023, his fourth studio album UTOPIA is officially the biggest selling hip-hop album of 2023, the first in 5 years to spend one full month at #1 on Billboard charts, also boasting its biggest debut in vinyl sales for a rap album in a single week since 1991. Additionally, Spotify named UTOPIA the most streamed album in its first week in 2023, and Apple Music confirmed the biggest first day streams of an album in 2023.

Now, with his sold-out North American UTOPIA – CIRCUS MAXIMUS tour underway, with Dallas Observer hailing the show as a “true spectacle,” and The Source heralding the performer as “electrifying,” Travis Scott breaks the record as the first rapper to ever headline and sell-out Los Angeles’ Sofi Stadium.

UTOPIA – CIRCUS MAXIMUS tour has sold 500,000 tickets, grossing over $80M across his biggest tour to date. The critically acclaimed multi-hyphenate has also broken the record for most tour merchandise sold, selling more than $1M in just one night at both the Dallas American Airlines Center last week and Denver’s Bell Arena Sunday night ($1.06M). It’s undeniable, Travis Scott remains the biggest and most undefeatable artists of the 21st century.

Travis Scott continues his exhilarating North American UTOPIA – CIRCUS MAXIMUS tour though the rest of 2023, making stops in all the major cities. For a full list of dates go to https://www.travisscott.com

$2 from every ticket sold will go to Cactus Jack Foundation which is a 501(c)3 with a mission to uplift Houston youth through toy drives, scholarship programs to HBCU college students, and fulfilling expenses for education and creative endeavors.

Earlier this year, Travis Scott unveiled his CIRCUS MAXIMUS film in select AMC Theatres which sold-out instantly nationwide. Taking his audience on a mind-bending visual odyssey across the globe, woven together by the speaker rattling sounds of UTOPIA. The film is a surreal and psychedelic journey, uniting a collective of visionary filmmakers from around the world in a kaleidoscopic exploration of human experience and the power of soundscapes. Written & Directed by Travis Scott and additional directors: Gaspar Noe, Valdimar Jóhannsson, Nicolas Winding Refn, Harmony Korine and Kahlil Joseph.

UTOPIA finds Travis Scott at the height of his powers as a performer, songwriter, producer, and collaborator proving once again that nobody sounds like Travis. It continues to enshrine him as the culture’s foremost sonic innovator and has been heralded as ‘album of the decade.’ The album is currently available at shop.travisscott.com and is available alongside five unique album covers as a part of vinyl, CD and merchandise box sets. UTOPIA is out everywhere now.

Wed Oct 25 – Phoenix, AZ – Footprint Center – SOLD-OUT
Wed Oct 26 – Phoenix, AZ – Footprint Center – SOLD-OUT
Sun Oct 29 – Las Vegas, NV – MGM Grand Garden Arena – SOLD-OUT
Tue Oct 31 – Oakland, CA – Oakland Arena – SOLD-OUT
Wed Nov 01 – Oakland, CA – Oakland Arena – SOLD-OUT
Sun Nov 05 – Los Angeles, CA – SoFi Stadium – SOLD-OUT
Wed Nov 08 – Seattle, WA – Climate Pledge Arena – SOLD-OUT
Fri Nov 10 – Vancouver, BC – Rogers Arena – SOLD-OUT
Sun Nov 12 – Portland, OR – Moda Center – SOLD-OUT
Mon Nov 13 – Portland, OR – Moda Center – SOLD-OUT
Wed Nov 15 – Salt Lake City, UT – Delta Center – SOLD-OUT
Sat Nov 18 – Tulsa, OK – BOK Center – SOLD-OUT
Tue Nov 21 – Austin, TX – Moody Center – SOLD-OUT
Wed Nov 22 – Austin, TX – Moody Center – SOLD-OUT
Sat Nov 25 – Atlanta, GA – State Farm Arena – SOLD-OUT
Mon Nov 27 – Miami, FL – Kaseya Center – SOLD-OUT
Wed Nov 29 – Miami, FL – Kaseya Center – SOLD-OUT
Fri Dec 01 – Atlanta, GA – State Farm Arena – SOLD-OUT
Mon Dec 04 – Nashville, TN – Bridgestone Arena – SOLD-OUT
Wed Dec 06 – Baltimore, MD – CFG Bank Arena – SOLD-OUT
Fri Dec 08 – Pittsburgh, PA – PPG Paints Arena – SOLD-OUT
Sun Dec 10 – Philadelphia, PA – Wells Fargo Center – SOLD-OUT
Tue Dec 12 – Detroit, MI – Little Caesars Arena – SOLD-OUT
Fri Dec 15 – Chicago, IL – United Center – SOLD-OUT
Mon Dec 18 – Brooklyn, NY – Barclays Center – SOLD-OUT
Tue Dec 19 – Brooklyn, NY – Barclays Center – SOLD-OUT
Thu Dec 21 – New York City, NY – Madison Square Garden – SOLD-OUT
Fri Dec 22 – Boston, MA – TD Garden – SOLD-OUT
Sat Dec 23 – Boston, MA – TD Garden – SOLD-OUT
Tue Dec 26 – Newark, NJ – Prudential Center – SOLD-OUT
Thu Dec 28 – Toronto, ON – Scotiabank Arena – SOLD-OUT
Fri Dec 29 – Toronto, ON – Scotiabank Arena – SOLD-OUT

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