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For the last two years, we have been vacationing vicariously through the wealthy and weird people at various White Lotus resorts, and we can’t help asking more of it! First Hawaii, then Sicily, and now, who knows where money, mystery, and madness will take us next? Say hello to The White Lotus Season 3 as the luxury resort chain is all set to welcome its new crop of troubled guests and harrowed staff. Thanks to the stunning vistas, twisted characters, and perfect casting, the last two seasons of the black-comedy anthology series were an instant hit, earning several awards in two consecutive years. So, it wasn’t really a surprise when the third season of The White Lotus was greenlighted even before the second season ended with a dramatic climax in December 2022.

The first season of The White Lotus was set in Hawaii and the second one was set in Sicily. So, where are we heading next? Who’s next in line to appear in the third season? Will there be more murders? Will the vacation be longer this time? These are all valid and burning questions everyone is wondering about. So, how about grabbing a Mai Tai or a Negroni, in honor of the last two seasons and their departed characters, and reading on about the upcoming third season of the hit series? While we don’t have all the details of the upcoming third season, here’s everything we know so far about The White Lotus Season 3.

The White Lotus

Release Date
July 11, 2021

Jennifer Coolidge, Jon Gries, F. Murray Abraham, Adam DiMarco, Meghann Fahy, Tom Hollander, Michael Imperioli

Main Genre



Mike White

What Exactly Is ‘The White Lotus’?

The White Lotus first premiered on July 11, 2021, as a six-part limited series. On its release, it became a huge success with critical acclaim and high rankings, which led to the show’s renewal for another season, which premiered on October 30, 2022. The show’s growing audience and rave reviews also helped it to be declared as one of the ten best television programs of 2021 and 2022, as declared by the American Film Institute, winning 10 Emmy Awards across various categories, including the Outstanding Supporting Actress Emmy for Jennifer Coolidge and Outstanding Supporting Actor Emmy for Murray Bartlett. Created, written, and directed by Mike White, each season of The White Lotus follows a group of guests and employees at a chain resort that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation in an idyllic locale. The property’s bright and cheery atmosphere and the gorgeous location contrast with the wealthy but strange vacationers and even stranger staff, as their lives, personalities, and characters unfold with darker complexities with each passing day.

Is There A Trailer For ‘The White Lotus’ Season 3?

Sadly no. At the moment there is no trailer or teaser clip for The White Lotus Season 3. However, there’s a Season 3 announcement video posted on the official Twitter handle of the network that you can see here:

When Is ‘The White Lotus’ Season 3 Releasing?

The first season of The White Lotus was released in July 2021 and the second season was released in October 2022, so it’s hard to figure out which time of the year the series is targeting for the next season. While it was believed that the third season could likely arrive sometime in 2024, the series’ return has been postponed to 2025 as a result of the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike. Of course, once it does premiere, you’ll be able to watch new episodes of The White Lotus on HBO and stream them on Max with the following link:

Watch on Max

For viewers in the UK, the show is available to stream on Sky Go and NOW. We’ll return with an update on the release date as and when there’s an official announcement, so stay tuned!

How Many Episodes Could There Be In ‘The White Lotus’ Season 3?

Unlike its consistent theme, the show’s episode count keeps varying each season. The first season of The White Lotus had six episodes, while the second one had seven. So, for the third season, the creators might decide on the same number of episodes as the last season or maybe more. Season 2 had remarkable viewership numbers for its later half so longer might be the way to go. As with the release date, watch this space as we bring you all the news and updates on the episodes of The White Lotus Season 3.

Who’s In the Cast of The White Lotus Season 3?


At the moment, only one cast member is confirmed for The White Lotus Season 3 and it’s a familiar face. It has been announced that Season 1 star Natasha Rothwell will return for Season 3, reprising her role as Belinda Lindsey, the spa manager at the Hawaiian White Lotus. Hopefully, we’ll be hearing about more new and returning cast members in the coming months. After all, The ensemble cast of The White Lotus is one of the best features of the series, of course after its locales, art, and music. The creators have put together an amazing cast for each of the seasons, boasting some of the most popular faces on the big and small screens. Being an anthology, each season showcases a new set of cast members, except for a couple of them who appeared in both like Jennifer Coolidge as Tanya McQuoid and Jon Gries as Greg Hunt, who both start out as lovers in the first season and are married by the second season.

The first season featured the likes of Alexandra Daddario, Steve Zahn, Jake Lacy, Murray Bartlett, Brittany O’Grady, Sydney Sweeney, Molly Shannon, and more, while the second season starred F. Murray Abraham, Tom Hollander, Theo James, Meghann Fahy, Aubrey Plaza, Michael Imperioli, Haley Lu Richardson, Adam DiMarco, and Sabrina Impacciatore, among many others. Looking at this gamut of cast members across two seasons, it’s not hard to guess that the upcoming season will see a similar bunch, or perhaps a notch above, with some Hollywood A-listers already being speculated to join the cast.

There are already fan expectations about Laura Dern being featured. We heard her in a voice role in The White Lotus Season 2, as the wife of Dominic Di Grasso (Michael Imperioli). If she is appearing in Season 3, she could either return as her character but in a more prominent role, or in a completely new role. There’s also speculation about Coolidge and Gries returning. Coolidge’s Tanya appeared in both seasons, so it’s only natural for us to hope she will return for the third season as well. However, she died in a tragic accident at the end of the second season (spoiler alert), and Greis’s Greg was nowhere to be found. So, there are chances of Greg coming back seeking a new target like Tanya.

With the popularity and success of Coolidge’s character, it’s also possible she could return to a new role, like Tanya’s twin sister or something. Talking about reprisals, fans are also hoping to see Meghann Fahy return after her praiseworthy performance in the second season. While all of those are things the fans would like to see, who actually ends up joining the cast will, of course, be entirely up to the creators.

Who Are the Creators of ‘The White Lotus’?


The White Lotus is the brainchild of Mike White. He is a film and television writer, actor, producer, and director, who is best known for previously writing, directing, and producing movies like Year of the Dog and Brad’s Status. He also wrote for films like Nacho Libre, School of Rock, Pitch Perfect 3, and Despicable Me 3. For television, he has created a show like Pasadena and Cracking Up, and also Enlightened, which he wrote, directed, and produced as well. For more on his filmography, check out our list of Mike White’s best movies and TV shows. White also serves as one of the executive producers of the series along with Nick Hall, David Bernad, and Mark Kamine. John M. Valerio, Heather Persons, and Todd Brown serve as producers.

If the impressive camera work and art direction of The White Lotus have managed to blow your mind for the last two seasons, it’s because of the brilliance of cinematographers Ben Kutchins (Ozark) and Xavier Grobet (Them), and art directors Charles Varga (The Eyes of Tammy Faye), Gianpaolo Rifino (Hugo), and Silvia Colafranceschi (The Man from U.N.C.L.E.). So, if the promotional art and hotel interiors of the third season are also as inspiring as the previous one, you know who to thank. BAFTA winning musician Cristobal Tapia de Veer (Utopia) and Kim Neundorf (Hunters) composed the background score and music for both seasons of The White Lotus, so it’s likely the same duo would return for the new season as well.

What’s the Plot of ‘The White Lotus’ Season 3 (And Where Is It Set)?

While HBO hasn’t revealed anything yet about the plot of Season 3, we do know that the new season will be set in Thailand. Each season of The White Lotus explores a new vacation destination (mostly islands) with a new group of people. In each season, the plot uses these elements to create a suspenseful story featuring the psycho-social dysfunctions of key guests and hotel employees. Although an anthology by format, an exotic destination, creepy hotel managers, mysterious guests, and one big dramatic vacation are all staples of the series. The subject of death has also been at the heart of all the stories in the series so far and that’s likely to be the case for Season 3 as well. On what could be the possible plotline for The White Lotus Season 3, Mike White had this to say:

“I think the third season would be maybe a satirical and funny look at death and Eastern religion and spirituality. It feels like it could be a rich tapestry to do another round at White Lotus.”

Other than the locale, the season will most likely explore the show’s signature themes revolving around sexuality, gender, and the power dynamics between social classes.

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Did Bre Tiesi Leave The Oppenheim Group After Selling Sunset Season 7? – Armessa Movie News



  • Bre Tiesi may have left Selling Sunset at the end of season 7 due to ongoing issues with Jason and Brett’s treatment towards her and a disagreement over commission splits.
  • While it is unknown if Bre officially left the Oppenheim Group, she is still listed as an agent on their website and has not spoken out about her departure.
  • The introduction of Cassandra Repstad caused further tension between Bre and the O Group, leaving uncertainty about whether Cassandra will join the cast permanently and if Bre’s future with the firm is secure.

Selling Sunset season 7 was filled with drama and fights, but only one agent’s future was left on the line: Nick Cannon’s baby mama, Bre Tiesi. Bre joined the cast in Selling Sunset season 6 and became immediately embroiled in a feud with British-Nigerian powerhouse Chelsea Lazkani over their conflicting familial beliefs. However, between Brett and Jason Oppenheim questioning her professional viability and the introduction of a rival agent, Bre’s patience for the O Group may be running low.

The introduction of Cassandra Repstad, better known online as Playboy bunny Cassandra Dawn, was perhaps the last straw for Bre. While Cassandra claimed to have known Bre from the past, the former model was put off by Cassandra’s knowledge of Bre’s resume and shut down any chance at friendship. Chelsea took the opportunity to become friends with Cassandra and invite her into the O Group’s fold both in Cabo and Los Angeles, much to Bre’s chagrin. Why is it possible Bre might have left Selling Sunset at the end of season 7?

Bre Was Unhappy With How Jason and Brett Treated Her On Selling Sunset


Selling sunset

Release Date
March 21, 2019

Main Genre
Reality TV


In the final episode of Selling Sunset season 7, Bre meets Jason in the O Group office and confronts him about how she’s been treated. She notes in a confessional that many other brokerages offer a 90-10 split, in which the agent responsible for the sale receives 90% of the commission and 10% goes to the brokerage. However, it’s revealed that the O Group does an 80-20 split in which 80% of the commission goes to the agent and 20% to the brokerage.

Bre doesn’t mince words with Jason and asks if every agent at the firm gets that split– even seasoned agent and favorite Mary Fitzgerald. Jason responds even Mary is subject to the 80-20 split, arguing that working with the O Group ensures greater visibility and better listings. Still clearly hurt by Jason’s decision to give Chelsea a $10 million listing in the same breath he gave her a $5 million listing, she argues her worth to the firm. Jason agreed but noted she hadn’t brought in the money Chelsea had. In a huff, Bre leaves, unsure of whether she would attend the party at the new office that evening and where her future with the Oppenheim Group stood.

Bre’s Departure From The Oppenheim Group Is Unknown

Bre Tiesi from Selling Sunset smiling in front of a beige curtain

While Bre was undoubtedly upset with her split at the Oppenheim Group and her ongoing feud with Chelsea Lazkani, it’s unknown whether she left the O Group. She is still listed as an agent on the Oppenheim Group website and posted a photo of the upcoming season on her Instagram page. Bre seemed ready to snap at the end of Selling Sunset season 7, but it’s possible she decided the clout and notoriety were worth a lower split, as Jason suggested. Even though she has a baby with Nick Cannon, her fame skyrocketed after being cast on Selling Sunset. She’s making money through her real estate listings and as an influencer, so she’s undoubtedly more successful than the average luxury real estate agent.

However, Netflix may have prevented her from speaking out about her departure from the Oppenheim Group until after the new season has aired, so staying tuned to her social media and the O Group website is prudent.

Will Jason Hire Cassandra Repstad If Bre Leaves?

Cassandra Repstad selling sunset

Cassandra was introduced as a foil to Bre on Selling Sunset season 7. Still, unlike Ali Harper on Selling The OC, it’s unclear whether she will join the cast of Selling Sunset as a permanent agent in the Los Angeles office. The LA native currently works for Revel Real Estate in Los Angeles and Miami and shows no indication of joining the O Group on her socials or the Oppenheim Group website. However, Chelsea did introduce her to Jason on a potential co-list, and she attended the party at the new office, where a season-ending blowout with Bre led to questions regarding her future with the firm.

For now, it seems Bre is still an agent at the O Group, and Cassandra is nowhere to be found. However, Netflix cast members are not allowed to reveal spoilers on their social media, so more information may be revealed in the coming days. Whether Bre remains a cast member is unknown, but the drama stirred during the Selling Sunset season 7 finale certainly raised important questions.

Selling Sunset season 7 is now streaming on Netflix.

  • selling-sunset

    Selling sunset

    Release Date:

    Main Genre:
    Reality TV


    The reality TV series Selling Sunset showcases the operations of the Oppenheim Group as they navigate the high-end, high-stakes real estate game of Los Angeles, West Hollywood, and Newport Beach. The show explores both the personal and professional lives of the real estate agents as they buy and sell properties worth millions of dollars.

    Adam DiVello

    Number of Episodes:

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‘Loki’ Season 2 Episode 5 Recap – Armessa Movie News


Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Season 2 Episode 5 of Loki.

The Big Picture

  • Loki Season 2 Episode 5 explores a post-TVA existence and follows Loki’s journey to save the TVA and reunite with his friends.
  • The episode delves into Loki’s growth and development as a character, showcasing his independence and emotional connections with the other TVA agents.
  • Loki’s ability to time slip becomes a central plot point as he encounters his friends in different timelines, leading to a pivotal moment in his quest to rewrite the story.

With the TVA destroyed, Loki Season 2 Episode 5, “Science/Fiction,” looks at an existence without the TVA. Loki (Tom Hiddleston) manages to be the only person who survives the meltdown of the Temporal Loom and must get the gang back together in order to try and save the TVA and restore life as we know it. Directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead and written by Eric Martin, there’s a lot to take away from this week’s episode. We finally get to see Mobius (Owen Wilson) on his jet ski, we learn about the lives that the other TVA agents had, and Loki discovers a way to control his ability to time slip. In the penultimate episode, we do a lot of jumping around across timelines and across universes, but the episode actually hinges on the most major growth we’ve seen in Loki’s character since we first met him back in 2011 in Thor.


Loki, the God of Mischief, steps out of his brother’s shadow to embark on an adventure that takes place after the events of “Avengers: Endgame.”

‘Loki’ Puts Us at the Heart of the Story in Episode 5

It might seem silly for me to say that I’m glad a show titled Loki is actually about Loki, but considering recent showings from the MCU (and Disney+) with their television shows, it feels like these shows serve more as a launching board for other projects. So it’s been nice watching Loki and watching a show so dedicated to exploring the growth and development of its titular character. When it was announced that Loki would be getting his own show a few years back based around a variant of Loki who stole the time stone during The Avengers, many fans worried that we would lose what made Loki so great. He had all that development through Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok, not to mention the handful of other MCU movies where he played a significant role, and he was going to lose it?

It’s good to know that despite losing that version of Loki, the one from Loki is somehow infinitely better. He’s no longer simply attached to his brother or his family; he’s his own person, and we have watched him evolve in front of our eyes. So it doesn’t feel out of left field or cheesy when Loki says that he wants to save the TVA because he wants his friends back. We’ve watched him develop close friendships with the other agents at the TVA and become invested in their lives. That emotional beat feels entirely earned.

What Happens in ‘Loki’ Season 2 Episode 5?

Alcatraz in 1962 from Loki Season 2 Episode 5
Image via Disney+

The episode kicks off with Loki on his own at the TVA. Everyone is gone and the TVA has kicked into fail-safe mode. Searching for anyone, Loki begins to time-slip again. This time, he isn’t just time slipping within the TVA. As the TVA turns into spaghetti, he time-slips away and next appears in 1962 in a branched timeline near Alcatraz. Here, he finds Casey (Eugene Cordero) — except this is not the Casey we know, this is Frank, a career criminal currently trying to escape Alcatraz with his fellow prisoners. Throughout the episode, Loki is pulled through time and space, but where he ends up is not random; instead, he appears at the location of each of his friends. He sees B-15 (Wunmi Mosaku), who is now a doctor named Dr. Willis in 2012 New York. He sees O.B. (Ke Huy Quan), who is an author/scientist named A.D. Doug in 1994 Pasadena. And he finds Mobius, now named Don, at a jet ski shop in 2022 Cleveland.

Out of all of them, O.B. seems the least surprised when Loki sits him down and tells him about the TVA and everything that’s happened to them. Maybe it’s because he’s a science fiction author, maybe it’s because he teaches theoretical physics at Caltech. Regardless, O.B. deduces that the time slipping must be attached to Loki and what he wants. Although the TVA is gone, Loki does time slip to a time theater like the one we saw him in in Season 1, which suggests that in some capacity the TVA is still around. O.B. decides that they need to assemble everyone in that room together to get their group temporal aura so they can transport back to that spot in time and space. He’s given the TVA guidebook by Loki to build a tempad, but before Loki can say anything else, he time slips to Cleveland.

Owen Wilson as Mobius in Loki Season 2 Episode 5
Image via Disney+

Loki approaches Mobius, who has no idea who he is and is initially apprehensive of him until O.B. appears through a time door from his homemade tempad. Mobius, in this universe, is a single dad to two sons and has a seemingly comfortable life selling jet skis. But Loki convinces him that he should help because all of existence is in danger, including the lives of his children. After some persuading, Mobius agrees to go with them, and Loki and O.B. assemble the rest of the team before going to collect Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino).

Returning back to the McDonald’s in 1982, Loki approaches Sylvie, ready to give her his speech about the TVA — but unlike the other variants, Sylvie remembers him and has all of her memories intact. Rather than go with him back to the group, she takes him out for a drink. There, at the bar, they return to their previous argument, the one they’ve been having all season: Free will or control? Loki is determined to save the TVA and is baffled by Sylvie’s selfishness for wanting her own life.

To this, Sylvie agrees: she is selfish. She wants a life, she wants to live. “What’s wrong with wanting something, Loki?” she asks him. Knowing that the rest of the group have their own lives on their own timelines, Sylvie is content to let them stay there. They were never given a choice to join the TVA, but Loki disagrees and says that agents like Mobius called the TVA their purpose, and he should be given a chance to choose between the branched timeline life and his life at the TVA.

But after all of this, after Sylvie prods Loki for a true answer, Loki reveals that he wants the TVA back because he wants his friends back. He doesn’t want to be alone, and, in his own way, this is him being selfish as well. Loki isn’t doing this to save existence; at a very base level, he doesn’t know where he belongs without the TVA, which has been his struggle since the very beginning of his story. Long before the TVA was even a thought in Kevin Feige‘s mind, Loki was a kid pulled from his home and raised by a conquerer. He has never truly belonged anywhere.

Image via Disney+

When Sylvie rejects Loki’s offer to join up with the other agents, she tells him that they must all write their own stories now and leaves him at the bar. Bereft and confused about what to do next, Loki returns to O.B. and the gang uncertain of how to proceed. Meanwhile, Sylvie visits a record shop and puts on The Velvet Underground‘s “Oh! Sweet Nuthin’,” which is a fitting soundtrack to the end of her world. Everything around her slowly spaghettifies, and realizing that everything has fallen apart, she uses He Who Remains’ tempad to go to Loki.

With Sylvie there, the group can finally collect everyone’s temporal aura and go back to that specific place in time — except it’s too late. Slowly, each of the characters spaghettify in front of Loki. The whole world disappears into strands of temporal spaghetti and it’s at this moment that he time slips and jumps right back to moments before. Realizing he is now getting a handle on his time slipping, Loki knows what he has to do to rewrite the story. He goes back to the point in time right before someone goes through the blast doors. Is it before Mobius goes to pull him out of the timeline in Episode 1, or is it before Victor Timely (Jonathan Majors) goes out onto the platform in Episode 4? Only time will tell.

Stream Loki Season 2 on Disney+ in the U.S.

Watch on Disney+

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Loki Season 2 Episode 5’s Secret Post-Credits Breaks Endgame’s Unique MCU Record – Armessa Movie News


Warning: This post contains SPOILERS for Loki season 2 episode 5


  • Loki season 2 episode 5 delivers a unique post-credits scene that pokes fun at the audience and references a deep Marvel cut.
  • This is the second time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that an audio-only post-credits scene has been used instead of a traditional stinger.
  • The “loser” message in the post-credits scene not only mocks viewers but also ties into Loki’s destiny as a loser, showcasing his resilience and determination to keep trying.

Loki season 2 episode 5 post-credits scene is a near-unique example in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after 32 movies and 9 different TV series. After dropping a post-credits scene at the end of the first episode in season 2, Tom Hiddleston’s flagship Disney+ show randomly dropped in the season’s second stinger, with a twist.

Loki Season 2 Episode 5 Post-Credits Scene Explained

After the credits roll on Loki season 2 episode 5, with Loki’s game-changing new superpower revealed, and his plan to save the Temporal Loom, the TVA, and all existence unveiled, a stinger calls back to one of the show’s deepest Marvel cuts. In an audio only post-credits gag, a voice shouts “you died, insert a coin, LOSER!” Out of context, it means very little, but Loki season 2 episode 5 set up the joke earlier in the episode.

After Loki brings together OB, Casey, Mobius and B-15 to undo the destruction of the Temporal Loom, he tries to recruit Sylvie, who rejects his offer, but takes him to a bar to invite him to explore exactly why he wants to save the TVA. The opening shot in the bar shows a Zaniac! arcade game, clearly adapted from the same movie Brad Wolfe (Rafael Casal) starred in when he returned to the timeline in episode 2. The audio stinger that forms Loki season 2 episode 5’s post-credits scene is the Game Over message from the same arcade machine.

Why Loki Season 2 Episode 5’s Post-Credits Scene Works So Well

Intriguingly, Loki‘s audio-only post-credits scene is the first time there’s ever been a vocal track played in place of a true stinger, but it’s not the first time the MCU has used an audio post-credits scene. The first time, notably, was at the end of Avengers: Endgame, when the sound of Iron Man forging the Mark 1 armor was played as a touching tribute to Robert Downey Jr’s fallen hero.

In place of a tribute to a dead MCU hero, Loki’s newest post-credits scene instead pokes fun at the audience, playing on the concept of Game Over message culture in video games, and the very idea of waiting until the end of the credits (insulting us all as “losers” for doing so. But also, the “loser” message is a loaded one: Loki confirmed – in a mantra repeated in season 2 episode 5 – that Lokis are destined to lose. The hidden meaning here is that despite dying (and almost dying multiple times), Loki didn’t give up: he may be a loser (and embrace the fact), but a Game Over message is just another opportunity to try again.

New episodes of Loki stream every Thursday on Disney+

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‘Gen V’ Season 2 – Cast, Production, and Everything We Know So Far – Armessa Movie News


Supe School is back in session for the skeptical students of Godolkin University because Gen V is confirmed to be returning for a second season, confirming that the characters of the highly acclaimed The Boys spin-off will return for a sophomore year. At first, the idea of a spin-off to The Boys sounded entirely counter-intuitive to what the superhero satire is about. In addition to commentating on relevant cultural topics and the current state of entertainment, the story of Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) and his team’s quest to expose and destroy all superheroes mocks franchising popular IP. Doesn’t a spin-off series go against that theme?

Well, not if said spin-off has a gripping story to tell, and Gen V Season 1 absolutely has that. As fans of The Boys already know, the series’ elevator pitch is much more nuanced than “a world where all superheroes are evil.” Yes, the significant members of the superhero hierarchy like Homelander (Antony Starr) and Stormfront (Aya Cash) are about as evil as you can get, but there are also legitimately good people like Starlight (Erin Moriarty) and Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott). The Supes of The Boys universe, despite having god-like abilities, are ordinary people with their own wants and desires, which is exactly what makes this anti-franchise franchise so unique.

Gen V Season 1 shines because it feels less like a season of a new show and more like Season 3.5 of The Boys. It doesn’t star the main series’ central characters (though some do drop in for a cameo), but it also offers hugely significant information that could have massive, franchise-changing consequences for the entire universe of The Boys. Not only that, but the all-new story of a group of college students learning what it takes to be a superhero also stands remarkably well on its own, featuring a wealth of engaging new characters. To find out all about the sophomore season of The Boys spin-off and its cast, announcement, plot details, and more, here is everything we know so far about Gen V Season 2.

Gen V

From the world of “The Boys” comes “Gen V,” which explores the first generation of superheroes to know that their super powers are from Compound V. These heroes put their physical and moral boundaries to the test competing for the school’s top ranking.

Release Date
September 29, 2023

Jaz Sinclair, Chance Perdomo, Maddie Phillips

Main Genre

Action, Adventure, Comedy


When is ‘Gen V’ Season 2 Coming Out?

Image via Prime Video

Despite getting officially announced by Amazon three weeks before the Season 1 finale, we don’t have an exact date for when Gen V will be returning for Season 2. Still in the early stages of pre-production, filming on Gen V Season 2 likely won’t be able to begin until the ongoing industry strikes are resolved. At the time of this writing, SAG-AFTRA is still in talks with the AMPTP despite being on strike for over a hundred days.

Where Can You Watch ‘Gen V’ Season 2?

Image via Prime Video

While a release window for Gen V Season 2 is uncertain, where the show will be available to watch is not. Amazon Prime Instant Video has found tremendous success with The Boys, Gen V, and the animated short anthology series The Boys Presents: Diabolical, making it so this is one of the streaming platform’s most popular franchises. In fact, The Boys and its side stories became so popular that Amazon Prime has attracted similar superhero satires, chief among them being the hit-animated series Invincible, which just entered its second season. With The Boys and Invincible alone, Amazon has more than enough compelling superhero content to go up against the likes of both DC and Marvel. That said, those two comics juggernauts will also have a presence on Amazon soon enough, with Bruce Timm‘s Batman: The Animated Series spiritual successor Batman: Caped Crusader as well as Phil Lord and Chris Miller‘s live-action Spider-Man Noir series.

Does ‘Gen V’ Season 2 Have a Trailer?

With filming yet to take place, we’ll have to be patient to see what the next semester for Gen V has in store for Season 2. Hopefully the series will begin production early next year.

Who Stars in ‘Gen V’ Season 2?

The full cast list for Gen V Season 2 has not yet been released, but it’s safe to say that we’ll see more than a few returning faces. The most likely returning star is Jaz Sinclair (The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina), who led the Season 1 ensemble cast as tragic blood-manipulating first-year student Marie Moreau. We’ll likely also see many of Marie’s classmates return as well, including Sinclair The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina co-star Chance Perdomo as metal controller Andre Anderson, Lizze Broadway (Ghosted) as Marie’s shrinking roommate Emma Meyer, Maddie Phillips (Teenage Bounty Hunters) as mind-controller Cate Dunlap, London Thor (Shameless) and Derek Luh (Shining Vale) as shapeshifter Jordan Li, and Asa Germann (Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story) as puppet slaying Sam Riordan.

As Season 1 showed us, Gen V is also not afraid to feature cameos from prominent cast members of The Boys, so who knows who might show up for a cameo in Season 2?

Who is Making ‘Gen V’ Season 2?

Marie Moreau (Jaz Sinclair) using her powers on Amazon Prime's Gen V
Image via Amazon Prime

Gen V Season 2 is expected to see the return of both Season 1’s showrunner and Season 1’s co-creator and executive producer. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Agent Carter producer Michele Fazekas will likely be returning as showrunner for Season 2. She’ll almost certainly be rejoined by The Boys creator Eric Kripke as executive producer.

Other Superpowered Shows Streaming on Prime Video Right Now

Image via Prime Video

The Boys (2019-): The show that started it all, The Boys shattered expectations by telling a gritty and realistic yet funny and outrageous superhero story. In a world where superheroes are movie stars and mascots in addition to fighting crime, most of them harbor dark and disgusting secrets, with one of the biggest offenders being the horrifying Homelander. When young Hughie Campbell’s (Jack Quaid) is accidentally killed by one of these “Supes,” he is recruited by vengeful Supe hunter Billy Butcher to show these spoiled superheroes what real justice looks like.

Watch on Prime Video

The Boys Presents: Diabolical (2022): The first ever animated spin-off to take place in the universe of The Boys, The Boys Presents: Diabolical is an anthology series that showcases smaller side stories set in the over-the-top world. Some of these range from non-canon joke episodes like the Looney Tunes-inspired “Laser Baby’s Day Out” all the way to Homelander’s origin story in “One Plus One Equal Two”. Other standout episodes include “I’m Your Pusher”, which is directly inspired by the original The Boys graphic novel, and the incredibly dark and emotional “John and Sun-Hee”.

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Invincible (2021-): Invincible is not connected to The Boys and is overall a much more optimistic look at superheroes. That said, it still features plenty of blood and gore and even features another evil Superman archetype like Homelander. Here, high school student Mark Grayson (Steven Yeun) is just beginning his superhero journey, hoping to one day become an amazing hero like his father Omni-Man (J.K. Simmons). Little does Mark know that his father is harboring a dark and horrific secret.

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How to Watch ‘Invincible’ Season 2 for Free on Prime Video – Billboard – Armessa Music News


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The wait is over, Invincible season 2 is now streaming on Prime Video. The animated series, about a teenage superhero was expected to drop on Friday (Nov. 3) but it arrived slightly ahead of schedule late Thursday.

Invincible is based on the comic book by Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley. The series, which centers around an 18-year-old superhero named Mark Grayson, premiered in 2021.

The second season finds Mark “reeling from Nolan’s betrayal” and struggling to rebuild his life “as he faces a host of new threats, all while battling his greatest fear – that he might become his father without even knowing it,” according to Amazon Studios. Radiohead’s “Karma Police” soundtracks the season premiere.

The Invincible cast includes Steven Yeun, Sandra Oh, Zazie Beetz, Grey DeLisle, Chris Diamantopoulos, Walton Goggins, Gillian Jacobs, Jason Mantzoukas, Ross Marquand, Khary Payton, Zachary Quinto, Andrew Rannells, Kevin Michael Richardson, Seth Rogen, and J.K. Simmons.

Invincible - Season 2 Official Trailer | Prime Video

Seth Rogen, Robert Kirkman, David Alpert, Catherine Winder, Simon Racioppa, Margaret M. Dean, Evan Goldberg, Helen Leigh and Cory Walker are executive producers. Robert Kirkman directed the series.

Keep reading more details on how to watch Invincible Season 2 for free.

How to Watch Invincible on Prime Video

If you’re a Prime member, you can stream Invincible right now on Prime Video. New episodes from the first half of Season 2 will air weekly. The second half will premiere in 2024, per Variety.

Not subscribed to Prime Video? Click below to launch your 30-day free trial to stream Invincible and other Prime Originals for free.

Prime Video has a huge library of shows and movies including Prime Originals like Citadel, Daisy Jones & The Six, The Burial, Swarm, The Power, Harlem, The Boys, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Fleabag, The Summer I Turned Pretty, The Wheel of Time, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, and The Legend of Vox Machina.

You can also rent and buy movies and TV shows on Prime Video and add Prime Channels such as Paramount+, Max+ MGM+ and Showtime.

Amazon Prime is $14.99 a month (or $139 a year) after the free trial but Amazon also offers 50% discounts to students and eligible Medicaid/SNAP recipients. The subscription gets you access to Prime Video access, Prime Music, Prime Gaming and Prime Reading in addition to free same-day, one-day or two-day delivery on millions of items, exclusive deals, groceries and other perks.

Amazon’s Invincible merch shop has books, apparel, accessories and collectible figurines inspired by the show. Shop Invincible action figures below.




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Tom Hiddleston’s New Stephen King Adaptation Is Even Better After Loki Season 2 – Armessa Movie News



  • Mike Flanagan’s upcoming Stephen King adaptation is an exciting prospect, especially after his previous work on The Fall of the House of Usher and Doctor Sleep.
  • Tom Hiddleston, known for his role as Loki in the MCU, is well-suited to star in it, and Loki season 2 has prepared him for the role.
  • The movie will allow Hiddleston to showcase his range and adapt his performance across different points in his character’s life.

Mike Flanagan’s upcoming The Life of Chuck movie is an exciting prospect after The Fall of the House of Usher, and Tom Hiddleston is well-suited to star in the Stephen King adaptation, especially after the events of Loki season 2. Flanagan is no stranger to adapting horror stories. In fact, he’s brought King’s work to the screen before with 2019’s Doctor Sleep. Flanagan has also made multiple TV shows for Netflix since 2018, each of them masterfully weaving together tales of the supernatural.

Although Hiddleston spends more time playing the God of Mischief in the MCU these days, he’s also dabbled in the horror genre, with his role in 2015’s Crimson Peak proving he’s got what it takes to lead a King movie. Admittedly, The Life of Chuck is lighter on horror than many of King’s other stories. But the tale told throughout the upcoming Flanagan movie is perfect for Hiddleston, especially on the heels of Loki season 2.

How The Life Of Chuck’s Narrative Upends Linear Time

A novella from King’s If It Bleeds collection, The Life of Chuck plays with the concept of time, telling the life story of a man with a brain tumor by going through the course of his life backwards. The King novella begins when Charles “Chuck” Krantz is middle-aged and dying, then takes readers through his earlier years. Of course, Chuck’s brain tumor messes with his perception of reality, so The Life of Chuck doesn’t just upend linear time. It also makes it difficult to tell what’s real and what isn’t, making for a twisty and sometimes confusing ride.

RELATED: Mike Flanagan’s Next Stephen King Movie Revives Key Casting Tradition Missing After His Last Horror Sequel

Hiddleston will play the titular role in Flanagan’s iteration of The Life of Chuck, giving the actor the chance to showcase his range. Given his work on Loki season 2, it seems like Hiddleston will fall into this role naturally. After all, the two projects have one major thing in common.

Why Loki Season 2 Is The Perfect Tom Hiddleston Project Before Life Of Chuck

While Loki and The Life of Chuck are vastly different in terms of plot, both stories break away from a linear concept of time. With Loki season 2 diving headfirst into Marvel’s multiverse, Hiddleston’s Loki and his companions slip through time periods and even beyond time. This is preparing Hiddleston for his role in The Life of Chuck, getting him used to the jumping around and the complexity that comes with it.

Capturing Chuck at various points in his life will also require Hiddleston to tweak his performance from one iteration of his character to the next. This is something he’s had to do numerous times as Loki’s changed in the MCU. Needless to say, Hiddleston’s Marvel role has set him up for The Life of Chuck in ways he may not even realize.

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‘Superman & Lois’ Ending After Season 4 – Armessa Movie News


The CW superhero series will conclude in 2024.

This article covers a developing story. Continue to check back with us as we will be adding more information as it becomes available.

The Big Picture

  • The CW’s superhero show Superman & Lois, featuring Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch, will conclude with Season 4 after 2024.
  • Fans of the series can expect ten final episodes to wrap up the adventures of the titular couple.
  • It’s the end of an era for Superman & Lois, leaving viewers eager to see how the story reaches its conclusion in the show’s last season.

After almost three years of giving hope to the people of Metropolis, Superman and Lois will be coming to an end with its upcoming fourth season. According to Variety, the drama that explored the married life of Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) will only come back with ten more episodes next year, closing out the narratives that were established in 2021. With other iterations of the Man of Steel making their way towards viewers on the big screen, video games and other projects to come, Hoechlin’s version of humanity’s last hope will fly into action one last time.

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Superman and Lois TV show Poster-1

Superman & Lois

Release Date
February 23, 2021

Tyler Hoechlin, Elizabeth Tulloch, Erik Valdez, Inde Navarrette

Main Genre

Superhero, Action, Adventure, Drama



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‘Letterkenny’ to End With Season 12 – Armessa Movie News


The Big Picture

  • Letterkenny, the acclaimed Canadian sitcom, will premiere its 12th and final season on Hulu on December 26, 2023.
  • The show has gained a devoted cult audience for its clever wordplay, deadpan comic performances, and use of Canadian slang and profanity.
  • The spinoff series, Shoresy, focusing on the falsetto-voiced hockey player, premiered its second season on Hulu last month.

Get ready for one last season with the hicks, skids, and jocks of Letterkenny, Ontario. Letterkenny‘s 12th and final season will premiere on Hulu December 26.

The new season is the acclaimed Canadian sitcom will feature a stand-up comedy night at local watering hole MoDean’s, a country music hit, the bad influence of the brawling upcountry degens, the opening of a new nightclub, and an encore at the local Ag Hall before taking its final bow. A hit in both its native Canada and the US, Letterkenny has attracted a devoted cult audience for its clever wordplay, deadpan comic performances, and extensive use of Canadian slang and profanity. The show will be survived by its spinoff Shoresy, focusing on the titular falsetto-voiced hockey player; its second season premiered last month on Hulu.

What is ‘Letterkenny’?

Named after a long-abandoned ghost town in rural Ontario, the fictional small town of Letterkenny is partially based on creator Jared Keeso‘s hometown of Listowel, Ontario. The show centers around stoic farmer Wayne (Keeso), his fun-loving sister Katy (Michelle Mylett), and their friends Dary (Nathan Dales) and Squirrelly Dan (K. Trevor Wilson), and their low-key adventures in and around their slow-paced community. The show’s ensemble incorporates a number of Letterkenny citizens, including the eccentric skids, led by the over-dramatic Stuart (Tyler Johnston); the frequently-inebriated and sexually-adventurous Mr. and Mrs. McMurray (Dan Petronijevic and Melanie Scrofano); rapacious bartender Gail (Lisa Cordington), Reilly and Jonesy (Dylan Playfair and Andrew Herr), two largely-unsuccessful players on the local largely-unsuccessful hockey team; and the residents of the nearby Native reservation, including Wayne’s on-and-off love interest Tanis (Kaniehtiio Horn).

Image via Hulu

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Originating as Letterkenny Problems, a series of web shorts, the series was Canadian streamer Crave’s first original series, and has gone on to both Canadian and international success. Over the course of its twelve-season run, the show has featured guest appearances from a number of Canadian stars, including Blackberry‘s Jay Baruchel, comedian Gavin Crawford, Trailer Park BoysJonathan Torrens, 11.22.63‘s Sarah Gadon, and sportscasters Dan O’Toole and Jay Onrait. Letterkenny is executive produced and written by Keeso and Jacob Tierney; the latter also directs the series. Mark Montefiore also executive produces, and Kara Haflidson produces the series for New Metric Media.

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Awards season calendar 2023/24: key Oscar, Bafta and international dates | News – Armessa Movie News


Screen  has curated this list of dates for the 2023-2024 awards season. The below list will be updated as more dates are unveiled or changed. 


2: British Indepedent Film Awards (Bifa) nominations announced 

3: Bifa round three voting opens

27: Bifa round three voting closes; Gotham Awards ceremony


1: Critics Choice Awards nominations voting opens

3: Bifa ceremony

4: Screen Actors Guild (SAG) nominations voting opens

5: Independent Spirit Awards nominations announced

8: Bafta round one voting opens

8: Critics Choice Awards nominations voting closes

9: European Film Awards ceremony

11: Directors Guild of America (DGA) nominations voting opens

13: Critics Choice Awards nominations announced 

14: Oscars preliminary voting for shortlists begins

18: Oscars preliminary voting for shortlists ends

21: Oscars shortlists announcement; Producers Guild Of America (PGA) nominations voting opens 

29: Bafta round one voting closes


5: Bafta round two voting opens; Bafta longlists announced; Critics Choice Awards final voting opens 

7: SAG nominations voting closes; Golden Globes Awards ceremony

9: Governors Awards ceremony; DGA nomination voting closes 

10: DGA nominations announced; DGA final voting opens 

11: Oscars round one voting opens; PGA nominations voting closes

12: Bafta round two voting closes; Critics Choice Awards final voting close; PGA nominations 

14: Critics Choice Awards ceremony 

16: Oscars round one voting closes

18: Bafta nominations announced

19: Bafta final round voting opens

22: PGA final voting opens

23: Oscar nominations announced

24: Cesar nominations announced 


9: DGA voting closes 

10: DGA awards ceremony; Goya Awards ceremony 

13: Bafta final round voting closes

15: PGA final voting closes 

18: British Academy Film Awards ceremony 

21: Writers Guild of America (WGA) nominations announced 

22: Oscars final round voting opens

23: Cesar Awards ceremony 

24: SAG Awards ceremony

25: Independent Spirit Awards ceremony; PGA Awards ceremony 

27: Oscars final round voting closes


10: Academy Awards ceremony


14: WGA ceremony

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‘Euphoria’ Season 3 Release Window Pushed – Armessa Movie News


The cast of ‘Euphoria’ won’t be back on your screens for awhile.

This article covers a developing story. Continue to check back with us as we will be adding more information as it becomes available.

As HBO announces a long list of delays related to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, they’ve added Euphoria to that list. Season three of the acclaimed drama starring Zendaya won’t be returning to our screens until 2025, much like The White Lotus season three and a number of other projects.

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