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  • Bowie Jane wins the week 14 HOH competition and secures her place in the Final 3 in Big Brother 25.
  • Bowie’s target for eviction should be Jag, but she will likely choose to evict Felicia because she is not in their alliance.
  • Bowie faces a crucial moment in the game, as her chances of winning are lower compared to the other remaining houseguests. The Power of Veto winner holds all of the power this week.

The Big Brother 25 week 14 Head of Household (HOH) competition played out live on the November 2 episode, and the new HOH is Bowie Jane. After Survivor legend Cirie Fields was evicted by Bowie and Jag Bains, Bowie, Jag, and Felicia Cannon competed in the HOH game. As the outgoing HOH, Matt Klotz was ineligible to play. The game was a Q&A about a Chenbot comic book featuring Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves. The competition came down to a tiebreaker between Jag and Bowie. Bowie’s guess was closest to the actual answer, and so she won, guaranteeing her place in the Final 3.

The Big Brother 25 live episode revealed that Bowie won the week 14 HOH competition. She’s currently in an alliance called The Mafia with Jag and Matt. Their target will most likely be Felicia, who was almost evicted this week before Jag and Bowie decided to flip the vote and send Cirie to the jury house instead. This is Bowie’s third HOH win of the season, but her most impressive feat has been that she’s never been nominated for eviction all season.

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Which Houseguest Makes The Most Sense For Bowie Jane To Target?

Although Bowie will have to nominate two houseguests for eviction, this week the Power of Veto matters most. Whichever houseguest wins the Power of Veto will cast the sole vote to decide who’ll join them and Bowie in the Final 3. Bowie’s target should probably be Jag this week because he’s virtually unbeatable, but she’ll probably decide to evict Felicia because she’s not in The Mafia alliance.

This is a crucial moment for Bowie in the game. Of the four remaining houseguests, she probably has the lowest chance of winning Big Brother 25 considering her track record. Although she’s won three HOH competitions, they all came in the second half of the game. For the first several weeks, Bowie barely played, which obviously was a good strategy for her. However, Jag’s competition record, Matt’s social game, and Felicia’s defensive play of surviving seven weeks on the block (which will most likely become eight this week), will probably sway the jury more.

This week’s events will happen quickly because Sunday is the next eviction. Bowie is the only houseguest who’s safe, and she’ll have to make careful decisions in order to put herself in the best position to win the final HOH competition of the season in which she will be eligible to play even though she’s currently the HOH. It’ll be harder for her to beat Matt and Jag in any endurance competition than Felicia, so it might be in her best interest to keep Felicia in the game. However, the Power of Veto winner is actually the houseguest who holds all of the power this week.

Big Brother 25 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT, Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EDT, and Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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Will Brandan’s Mom Angela Be The Reason Mary & Brandan Split Up? (SPOILERS) – Armessa Movie News


Warning – This article contains SPOILERS!!!!!!


  • Brandan and Mary’s relationship has shown red flags, with Mary being possessive and not allowing Brandan to interact with other women, including his own family.
  • Brandan’s mom, Angela, disapproves of Mary and believes she is manipulative, having isolated Brandan from his family.
  • Angela judges Mary’s family and their living conditions, causing tension and discomfort in their relationship. Angela also questions the stability of Mary’s environment and expresses doubts about the future of their marriage.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way couple Brandan DeNuccio and Mary Demasu-ay have been sparking split rumors, and Angela could be to blame. Brandan, 23, was nursing a broken heart two years ago when he came across Filipina Mary’s profile on a dating app. The reality TV show couple began dating, but their relationship soon began showing red flags. Mary and Brandan spent every minute together on video calls. Mary didn’t want Brandan to be out of her sight even when he was sleeping or in the bathroom. Moreover, Mary didn’t like Brandan mingling with any women, including his mom and half-sister.

While the video calls ended once Brandan moved to the Philippines, the toxicity of their relationship didn’t. The pair found it difficult to make ends meet. However, they also decided they were ready to have a baby. Once he found out Mary was pregnant, Brandan got cold feet. He started second-guessing his decision to move, and the frequency of their fights increased. Mary and Brandan decided to get married despite not having resolved their problems. Mary expected Brandan to contribute to household chores and running their store, but, instead, he played video games on his phone.

Brandan’s Mom Angela Thinks Mary Is Manipulative

Angela has never been a fan of Mary, but her concerns about the relationship increased when she found out Mary was pregnant. She had apprehensions because Mary and Brandan just met. Angela felt there were things Mary and Brandan needed to work on themselves before bringing a human into the world. Their relationship had been tumultuous according to Angela. A scene posted on 90 Day Fiancé‘s YouTube page showed Mary and Angela’s first meeting. When Angela saw Mary for the first time, she felt Mary was pretending to be nice but actually didn’t like Angela. “She has been manipulative; she has isolated my son from me and the rest of his family,” said Angela.

Angela Has Been Judgmental Of Mary’s Family & Home

Mary noticed that when Angela got to the Philippines, she judged the poverty and the houses there. Mary felt a lot of pressure because Angela was going to stay with her and Brandan. Mary knew she and her family were going to get judged, too. Angela thought Mary’s house was much better than she expected, but she made a big fuss about the house being infested with spiders.

I don’t know how you can sleep with that ****,” Angela added. Angela planned on staying with the couple until their wedding. Mary told Brandan his mom wasn’t talking to her. Brandan asked her to put in some effort herself. Mary pointed out that Angela refused to hug her as well. Brandan defended his mom by saying Mary also never tried to hug his mother.

Angela Disapproves Of Mary’s ‘Dysfunctional Environment’

Montage of Mary and Brandan from 90 Day Fiance

Brandan had promised Mary he would be on her “side.” She accused him of not keeping his promise. Brandan assured Mary that he would get a conversation started between Angela and Mary. After all, Brandan’s biggest hope for them was to get along. “Because if something bad occurs between them, I’m in the middle,” Brandan said. Brandan worried about what would happen if Angela and Mary got into a fight on the wedding day. “It would just ruin everything,” he added.

Brandan might not have to wait until D-Day for that to happen because in the preview for 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way episode 18, his mom can be seen telling Mary that she comes from a “dysfunctional environment.” In her confessional interview, Mary says that she knows Angela is still judging her. “We are trying to be better as a couple,” Mary tells Brandan’s mom. However, her reply is, “As much as I know that you guys love each other, it’s not enough.” Hopefully, Mary will be able to impress her future mother-in-law. Otherwise, Angela may try to convince Brandan to back out of the marriage.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on TLC.

Source: 90 Day Fiancé/YouTube

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Did Angela Deem Finally Divorce Michael Ilesanmi On The Show? (SPOILERS) – Armessa Movie News


Warning!!! This article contains SPOILERS!!!


  • Angela and Michael’s relationship on 90 Day Fiancé was filled with drama and infidelity issues, but they have made progress and are working on their marriage.
  • Angela initially brought divorce papers to the show, but ultimately tore them up at the recommitment ceremony, showing her commitment to Michael.
  • Despite their past problems, Angela and Michael are now seemingly happy together, posting sweet pictures on Instagram and working towards a better future together.

The conclusion of Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi‘s relationship journey on 90 Day: The Last Resort was unexpected. The popular pair has had a love-hate relationship since their debut in 2018. However, things truly boiled over in 2022 when they appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 7 and faced many marital issues. At the time, Michael wanted to make a social media profile, but Angela didn’t let him. She felt he would mess around with other women as he had done before.

Angela and Michael had several fights last year that concluded on a shocking note. During Tell All, Angela revealed that she had found proof of her husband’s infidelity. Angela shared that Michael used Instagram to meet with another woman and even got her hands on voice messages and screenshots. She was close to divorcing him but gave him one last chance. After their previous appearance, Angela and Michael joined 90 Day: The Last Resort to try to overcome the infidelity. However, the 57-year-old brought divorce papers just in case her Nigerian husband didn’t improve.

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Angela & Michael Have Made A Lot Of Progress

Angela and Michael started on the spin-off like every other couple. They weren’t sure about their marriage but wanted to give it another shot. During the episodes, Angela and Michael made a lot of progress. Angela learned she had a problem expressing herself and worked on her side of the issue. Similarly, Michael realized that lying to his wife isn’t good and showcased that in front of the cameras. When Jovi Dufren, Asuelu Pulaa, and others called Michael from the strip club, he cut their calls repeatedly. He even told Angela about the incident, which backfired but made him look like a hero.

What Did Angela Do With The Divorce Papers?

Angela Deem on 90 Day The Last Resort episode 3 in a robe

When Angela came to 90 Day: The Last Resort season 1, she was more skeptical about the relationship than Michael. She was heartbroken and wasn’t sure if the therapy would even work on her long-distance marriage. The Georgia-based reality star brought divorce papers, hoping she didn’t have to sign them. However, she was also confident she wouldn’t let Michael off the hook again and cut him off before throwing him out. Fortunately, things worked out just fine for her in the end. Angela realized she wanted to recommit to Michael and tore the divorce papers into bits at the recommitment ceremony.

Angela Is Still Posting Sweet Pictures With Michael On Instagram?

Angela and Michael have seemingly lasted after 90 Day: The Last Resort. They often appear in photos together and look much happier than before. On October 20, Angela shared a short video of herself and Michael. She looked excited to be by his side and leaned onto him with love. Michael and Angela may still have some problems to resolve and work to improve themselves. However, they are on the right path to building a graceful future with minimal toxicity. Hopefully, the two will be together forever after saving their marriage on 90 Day: The Last Resort.

90 Day: The Last Resort airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EDT on TLC.

Source: Angela Deem/Instagram

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Creators on Secrets You May Have Missed —Spoilers – IndieWire – Armessa Movie News


[Editors Note: The following interview contains spoilers for the “Billions” finale, Season 7, Episode 12, “Admirals Fund.”]

“Billions” ends not with one man reigning supreme, but two titans shaking hands. Chuck (Paul Giamatti) and Axe (Damian Lewis) joined forces early in Season 7 and — despite a history filled with trickery and betrayal — remain loyal to the very end. Along with their devout team of stock traders and political savants, the duo takes down Mike Prince (Corey Stoll) and his bid for the presidency, before parting ways as friends. Chuck will continue working for the state of New York, while Axe is back behind the soon-to-be sleek desk of his hedge fund.

For a series that began with promises by both men to utterly destroy the other, some fans may be miffed that neither star is crowned as champion. But for showrunners Brian Koppelman and David Levien, the “Billions” series finale isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s an embodiment of what the series has been all along: a massively entertaining reflection of the way the world works. For every cheery, satisfied smile, there’s deeper meaning tucked within the folds. So IndieWire dialed up the co-creators to break down the ending, the final season’s big swings, and how they managed to fill “Billions” with so much beautiful music.

LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 21:  Actor Matthew Perry  arrives at the premiere of Warner Bros. "The Invention of Lying" on September 21, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

IndieWire: For the final season, when and why did you decide it would be best for Chuck and Axe to team up, rather than go after each other?

David Levien: We felt like the real mano-a-mano thing between Chuck and Axe reached its fullness during the end of Season 5, where neither guy lost completely, but neither guy won completely. It was like pure victories and standoffs and grudging respect for the opponent who played you to your very end. Then over the course of the sixth season, as Mike Prince started to reveal the darker hues of his character and how he could be a danger, we realized we had a formidable enough foe that these others could team up against him. In a certain way, that’s the most fun because the barbing is still there, but they have a common cause.

What did you hope fans would be left thinking about?

Brian Koppelman: Pobably in that Wendy [Maggie Siff] and Taylor [Asia Kate Dillon] leave, and Rian [Eva Victor] leaves. It seems to me we feel pretty good about the fact that they leave, and that Sacker [Dola Rashad] understands where Sacker needs to be. Scooter is a very important character to us. Daniel Breaker’s a genius, and Scooter says what he says to Prince [quitting to consider when and how their moral compass went awry], and he is going to do what he’s going to do. To us, we tried to get each of them a moment where the audience can think about what it means for their trajectory from this moment forward.

From the jump, the last episode leaves little doubt that Chuck and Axe are going to win. How did you decide on that approach, that tone, for the finale, rather than teeing up a big reversal or twist as in past seasons?

Levien: If it were a season finale and we were doing this, then we could have dedicated half of the real estate toward the Prince side of the reversals, but we had to devote the other half of the real estate to the valedictories and the goodbyes. So we made the conscious decision for them to have this attitude, right from the beginning, that the outcome’s not in doubt. Basically, once they securely got Prince into Camp David without his phone, with no contact to the outside world, they knew how the rest of the dance steps were going to unfold. We didn’t want to drag that out and then have all these characters that we’d been with for seven seasons not get to have resolution on a character level.

Koppelman: Two things: 1. If you’re watching the show, you know Prince ain’t winning. So to [make it appear otherwise] felt disingenuous to the audience. Between the penultimate and ultimate episodes each season, we could fuck with it, but this is the end, so they’re going to win. 2. I would say this, Ben: On a plot level, 100 percent, you’re right. We made the decision to let you know who the winners and losers are going to be. But there’s something else that’s been going on the whole time. The show has a lot of morality questions underpinning it, and so their souls are in peril for a lot of this episode.

This is one of the tricks about the show, right? From Season 1, people viscerally bonded with this guy, Axe, because of his backstory and because of the corrupt forces that were after him. So viscerally, they hung with him, even though he let Donnie die and all this stuff. What we hope happens is that one asks oneself, “Why do I feel this way about this guy? What does that say about the world we’re living in? And about the value system we speak versus the value system that we actually feel and live? So Bobby Axelrod, for all this talk about freedom, where’s he end up and what does he say as his final line? [Axe ends up running Axe Capital again, and his final line is to his employees: “Let’s make some fucking money.”]

So it’s working on this level, but it’s also working on that level. We have this thing about our work: People often misread it early on, but we’ve had a long enough run that eventually it lands. So, some people had to review “Super Pumped” on only five episodes, but if they watched the last two episodes, they would know that it was about something else. We accept all that. What we write is entertaining and some people want to indict us for it being entertaining, but we are interested in these moral questions. It’s in our work. It’s in everything from “Rounders” to “Knockaround Guys” to “Solitary Man” to “Billions,” even to “Tilt.” It’s just in there. Ultimately, we think people will figure it out, but we want to entertain, too. It’s important to us that it’s entertaining and that it’s not work.

Damian Lewis as Bobby
Damian Lewis in “Billions”Courtesy of Christopher T. Saunders / Showtime

These days, there’s so much to watch and so much emphasis on trying to get through everything. You kind of have to hope everybody processes not just what happens, but what it could mean, before auto-play pulls up the next show in their queue. We all need time to let stuff settle in, and the “too much TV” era doesn’t always encourage that kind of contemplation.

Koppelman: It takes time. In doing this, you have a choice between spoon-feeding [points] to the audience and just choosing to trust they’ll appreciate them over time. The immediate moment we live in makes it hard. It makes it really hard. But I go back and watch shows all the time, and so does he, and so do our friends, and so do you. We all do it. Then, five years later, you notice something new and go, “Oh fuck.” That’s a great thing, and we’re comfortable [with it.] We made indie movies for a lot of our careers, so to us, the fact that we’ve developed an audience that’ll watch this shit is amazing and thrilling. Yeah, the plot is one thing, but the other stuff at stake matters as much to us, and we hope eventually it does to everyone else, too.

Levien: There’s also just the mechanics thing of the audience learning how it happened. It should be very satisfying for them, even if they have a lean on which way it may work out. That’s something that we came to understand heavily when we were writing “Oceans 13” and working on it with [Steven] Soderbergh. Because that’s not a movie where you’re wondering if George [Clooney], Brad [Pitt], and Matt [Damon] are going to win or lose. They’re probably going to pull it off. But it’s like, “How are you going to get there? How are you going to turn the cards over to delight the audience?”

Koppelman: That scene in “Oceans 13” when the guys are by the Bellagio Fountains — early in it, not the end — I remember George really talking about finding these little moments where you understood why it mattered to these guys. It was great. Hearing George talk out the way he thought about character has stayed with us for a long time. Within these entertaining things, you can find ways to land something significant — you hope.

Given the significance of music in “Billions,” how long have you known your final song was going to be “Take the Money and Run”?

Koppelman: Did it work for you?

It did. I thought it matched the vibe of the episode and leaves the audience on the upswing.

Koppelman: That’s what we think, too. We think a lot about the music, and we wrote the song into the script. The two of us are sending songs and playlists back and forth all the time, and we’ve been like brothers since we were 15, so the resonance the songs have are similar for the two of us. It’s not that we thought of it so long ago, but when we thought of this song, the moment one of us said it to the other, it was like, 100 percent. There was no doubt.

Levien: We can’t say we thought of it when we were making the pilot. It’d be very cool if we had, but we weren’t driving toward this the entire time.

Koppelman: But it is always satisfying when you write them into the script and then it works as well as you hoped. It goes to the heart of this final season. We really were thinking about “Billions” obsessive fans this season. We decided that that’s who we are, and we wanted to make the show for folks who cared a lot about the characters, the world of the show, the language of the show. The show exists in a slightly canted world — even though we never cant the camera — and that song exists in that kind of space, too. So it all kind of felt like it worked together.

This may be a question just for me, but how often were you able to write songs into the script and actually get the music? Because the licensing, the budgets, all of that can be such a pain in the ass.

Levien: We didn’t run into that problem. Maybe it was just an instinct thing, but we would write some big ticket songs into the scripts and then sometimes they’d be very obscure songs, so it tended to balance out.

Koppelman: But also I would say right from the very beginning, we went to Showtime and said, “Look, we’re going to use music in a certain way. Let’s know going in how important the music’s going to be. Let’s have a music budget that allows us to take those shots during the year. We’ll manage it. If we’re going to hit the hard ceiling, we’ll call you way in advance.” And then they did a really cool thing. Not every network does this, but Showtime came to us and they said, “Any product placements you do on the show, we, Showtime, won’t take that money. You can use that money for songs.”

Oh, wow.

Levien: They said, “You can apply it to your show budget.”

(L-R): Asia Kate Dillon as Taylor Mason, Maggie Siff as Wendy Rhoades and David Costabile as Mike ‘Wags’ Wagner in BILLIONS,
Asia Kate Dillon, Maggie Siff, and David Costabile in “Billions”Courtesy of Cara Howe / Showtime

Koppelman: So if you saw a car on the show and were like, “That seems like a product placement.” Well, that’s the money that got “In the Evening” by Led Zeppelin in the show. So our post-supervisor would tally [the budget] and go, “Here’s where we are. Here’s what the product placements are covering. OK, it’s going to be really easy to use that U2 song.”

Dave and I picked every song, so [our music supervisor] Jim Black didn’t have to worry about that, but what he was amazing at was the clearances. He built relationships over a long career and he expressed to people what music lovers we were. Then Jim would say to us, “Hey, to get this Neil Young song, if you really want ‘Old Man,’ you should write Neil Young a letter and I’ll get it to him. So we would write letters and they were earnest because we meant it.

Levien: We were putting [these songs] in because they mattered to us, so it was easy to express that to the artist.

Koppelman: We could describe to Neil Young, “Here’s what’s playing, here’s what’s at stake in this scene, here’s why we’re using the song. We think [our scene is] in the spirit of the song.” I remember doing that, and the next day they cleared the song for a very reasonable price.

Then the music business noticed that when we would feature a song in a certain way, that song did well that week. Then some artists became fans, or their managers did. “Atlantic City” was the first Bruce Springsteen song we [asked for], and we heard that he was reading the script on vacation. He went outside his place, and he was reading it. Obviously, that’s nerve wracking, but then we got word back [that we could use it], and when I met him a couple years later, he told us that he and Patti watched the show on Sunday nights.

Among the big swings in the final season, the restaurant montage at the start of Episode 9 stands out. What were the origins of that?

Koppelman: We had a suspicion that people might be moved by it, but it was beyond what I thought. That [montage] was written into the script. That song [“I’ve Loved These Days” by Billy Joel] was written into the script. Look, let me start from the fact that we’re two Long Island kids growing up, so that creates a certain association with Billy Joel and the way Billy Joel saw New York. We’d had that song saved for a while, for the last season, and Patsy’s is an incredibly important restaurant to us, so it’s got to start there. My dad started taking me to Patsy’s. My dad, who we dedicated the first episode of the season to, he passed away between Seasons 6 and 7. So Patsy’s matters a lot to us and what it means in New York. There are amazing stories about Sinatra and Patsy’s that are just mind-blowing.

Levien: So we were intending to use it in a meaningful way, and we were saving it

Koppelman: It led us to think, “OK, this is a moment to just give a hug to everybody, to say goodbye to the show together.” That’s what it felt like, and that’s what that restaurant kind of feels like. While writing that episode, one of my son’s friends, his dad had just passed away very close in time to mine, and I went to this kid’s dad’s funeral. Then on the way home I was alone, and I went to Patsy’s and I just sat at one of these tables by myself and texted Dave from there.

If you write something like [“Billions,”] it’s a part of you for so long. When he was writing this first novel years ago, before I was a writer, David said to me, “When you’re in a really good one, where it really feels like you’re connected to it, everything that happens in your life finds its way into the work in some way.”

“Billions” is available to stream in its entirety on Paramount+ with Showtime.

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Did Liz Woods Finally Dump Ed On 90 Day: The Last Resort? (Spoilers) – Armessa Movie News




  • Liz and Big Ed had an unexpected conclusion on “90 Day: The Last Resort” and sought professional help to save their relationship.
  • Liz expressed her dissatisfaction with Ed’s immature attitude and asked him to be more serious about marrying her.
  • Ed and Liz made progress in their relationship, with Ed being more honest and considerate, but it appears that Liz dumps him in the final episode.

Liz Woods and Big Ed Brown had an unexpected conclusion on 90 Day: The Last Resort. The famous pair joined the new spin-off to give their relationship one last chance. They had already been through a lot together and wanted to seek professional help. During 90 Day: The Last Resort, Ed and Liz discovered all the major issues that plagued their relationship. One problem was Ed’s immature attitude, which made Liz feel he wasn’t serious about marrying her. The single mom wasn’t happy that the 58-year-old only cared about being funny.

Midway through 90 Day: The Last Resort season 1, the couple had a heartfelt chat and discussed their issue at hand. Liz bluntly told Ed to be more serious, asking him to grow up. Ed also reciprocated and said to her that he was serious about Liz and would do anything to make their relationship work. After the initial chat, Ed tried his best to give Liz his best possible version. He became more truthful to her and even spoiled Jovi Dufren’s strip club plan by asking her permission. The final episode’s preview hints that Liz dumps Ed before leaving the resort.

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Big Ed & Liz Woods Have Made The Most Progress On The Show

Liz and Ed’s track record on the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off shows they won’t end their relationship yet. Unlike Kalani Faagata and Asuleu Pulaa or Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown, the San Diego-based couple didn’t have disastrous differences. The two loved each other when they debuted on the spin-off and continued to care for each other throughout every episode. Liz even allowed Ed to go to the strip club with Jovi, showing her trust in him. In return, Ed paid her back by being honest and real with her. Ed and Liz proved themselves to be the most successful couple on the show.

Big Ed & Liz Woods Are Married

According to In Touch, Ed and Liz Woods are no longer fiancés but husband and wife. Ed and Liz have finally got married and settled in Arkansas. Ed and Liz’s wedding ceremony was held in Bentonville. The pair were surrounded by their family and friends, who cheered them as they finally reached the most significant milestone of their lives. While no leaked photos have surfaced yet, reports have revealed that the wedding was successful and beautiful. The guests wore Bohemian outfits, which was the theme of the ceremony.

How 90 Day: The Last Resort Saved Ed & Liz’s Relationship

90 Day Fiance's Big Ed Brown & Liz Woods with therapists

In August 2023, Ed and Liz appeared in an interview with E! News and revealed that 90 Day: The Last Resort did save their relationship. Ed shared that he and Liz reached a great place after spending two weeks in the resort. Liz explained that being on the show helped her grow and understand her fiancé more deeply. The couple also discussed how the therapists inspired them to leave their self-sabotaging habits behind. Ed and Liz claimed they learned about many personal things on 90 Day: The Last Resort, which they needed to work on individually.

90 Day: The Last Resort airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.

Sources: In Touch, E! News

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Are Mary & Brandan’s Mom Angela Still Fighting? (Spoilers) – Armessa Movie News



  • Angela and Mary had a toxic relationship from the beginning, fueled by jealousy and distrust.
  • Brandan’s mom, Angela, felt that Mary had isolated her son and would make his life a living hell.
  • Despite their initial animosity, Angela and Mary appeared to have reconciled at Brandan and Mary’s wedding, as seen in their selfie together.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way‘s Mary Demasu-ay didn’t see eye to eye with fiancé Brandan Denuccio’s mother, Angela, before they met. Brandan, 23, met Mary, 23, when he was in a vulnerable state. Brandan lived with his mom until he was 15 when she lost custody due to a failed drug test. Brandan was sent to his father’s house, but he left and lived in multiple places, such as his truck, for two months. Brandan was 21 when his godparents took him in. It was also when he met Mary, who lived in the Philippines, on a dating app.

Brandan’s mom and Mary disliked each other from the start. In 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 5, episode 1, Angela tried to make Brandan realize that their relationship was built on jealousy and distrust. Mary wasn’t allowing Brandan to see Angela because Angela had female roommates. Brandan wasn’t even allowed to see his stepsister. Angela labeled the relationship toxic and was against Brandan moving to the Philippines. She had already lost 10 years of her life to her addiction. His mother was trying to rebuild her relationship with Brandan when Mary entered the picture.

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Mary Thinks Brandan’s Mom Angela A “B***h”

During episode 16, Brandan was living in the Philippines for six months, with his and Mary’s wedding day just two weeks away. Brandan’s mom was coming to the Philippines to attend the wedding, and the couple was going to feed her a frog delicacy as a gag to break the ice between his mom and Mary. Angela’s relationship with Mary had not been good at all. While Brandan wished for Angela to be on good terms with Mary, Mary pointed out how Brandan’s mom ignored her on phone calls. She was always “just being a b***h” to Mary.

Brandan’s Mom Thinks Mary Makes His Life “Hell”

Brandan and his mom’s relationship hadn’t been the best since he moved to the Philippines. Brandan and Angela barely talked once a month. Brandan hoped for his mom to reestablish a connection with him and have a healthy relationship once she came to the Philippines. Angela was not thrilled after knowing Brandan and Mary were having a baby. Upon seeing Mary in person, Angela could tell Mary didn’t like her and was pretending to be nice. She told the cameras that “manipulative” Mary had isolated her son from the rest of his family and was going to make Brandan’s life a “living hell” behind closed doors.

Angela & Mary Look Like BFFs In Wedding Selfie

Brandan's Mom Angela and Mary from 90 Day Fiance at the wedding

Mary was worried that Angela would try to break up her and Brandan and expected her to create problems. If Brandan did not have her back, Mary planned on not marrying Brandan. “Because husband always have his wife’s back no matter what,” Mary added. It seems Mary and Angela may have buried the hatchet during the wedding. In Touch reported it was Angela who posted photos of Brandan and Mary’s wedding in April 2023. Among the pictures from the ceremony, Brandan’s mom had also shared a selfie with Mary. The 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way mother-in-law and daughter-in-law duo seem to be on the same page, finally.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.

Source: In Touch

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Week 12 Nominations Made By HOH (Spoilers) – Armessa Movie News




  • Jag continues to target Blue after missing a shot at her last week, putting her at risk of eviction.
  • If Blue doesn’t win the Power of Veto, she’ll most likely be headed to the jury house.
  • The upcoming double eviction poses a vulnerable position for Jag as he will be ineligible to play, potentially leading to his eviction.

Jag Bains is the Big Brother 25 week 12 Head of Household (HOH), and he’s nominated Blue Kim and America Lopez for eviction. Jag won the HOH competition for the second week in a row after being the invisible HOH last week. Although Jag told everyone his secret, because Big Brother didn’t reveal him as the HOH, he was eligible to play in the next HOH competition. Jag decided to continue with last week’s thwarted plan to evict Blue from the Big Brother 25 house.

The Big Brother 25 live feeds have revealed that Jag nominated Blue and America for eviction. Jag nominated America as a pawn, explaining to her that it would be suspicious if he didn’t put her on the chopping block this week after he blindsided her and her showmance, Cory Wurtenberger, the week before. America’s job is to make Blue believe that she herself is Jag’s intended target.

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What Will Jag Do If Blue Wins The Power Of Veto?

When speaking with America, Jag offered to throw the Power of Veto to her if possible to help her save herself, and also to move things forward to evict Blue. He told Blue, his true target, that she was just a pawn to help him evict America. Jag told Blue that, if she wins the Power of Veto, he’ll nominate Felicia Cannon in her place. He added that if America wins, he’ll nominate Bowie Jane. Earlier, he had asked America whom she’d rather be nominated against, and she said that she had a chance to stay against Bowie, knowing how Felicia and Cirie Fields feel about Bowie.

It’s interesting that Jag is continuing to target Blue after taking a shot at her last week and missing when she won the Power of Veto. Blue was loyal to Jag and Matt Klotz, telling them about America’s warning to her about them. Unfortunately, Blue trusted the wrong people, as America was telling the truth about them targeting her. If Blue doesn’t win the Power of Veto, it’s almost certain that she’ll be evicted. The next obstacle that the houseguests will have to overcome is Thursday night’s live double eviction. Jag will be ineligible to play, which will put him in a very vulnerable position.

If Blue stays in the game and realizes that she was Jag’s true target again, she’ll might nominate him and Matt if she has the chance during the double eviction. This will most likely ensure Jag’s eviction if he doesn’t win the Power of Veto. After nominating literally half of the house for eviction last week between his initial nominees and his replacements after he and Blue both used the Power of Veto, Jag has surely made the remaining houseguests question his loyalty. It’s going to be a wild ride this week in the Big Brother 25 house.

Big Brother 25 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT, Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EDT, and Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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Does Susan Noles Win The Golden Bachelor? (Spoilers) – Armessa Movie News


WARNING! This article contains spoilers for The Golden Bachelor!


  • Susan Noles is a fan favorite on The Golden Bachelor due to her charismatic and funny personality.
  • Susan and Gerry’s connection deepened when he gave her a gift of rose quartz, comparing her to his late wife.
  • Although Susan doesn’t win The Golden Bachelor, she has shown different sides of herself and has been enjoyable to watch. She would make a great choice for The Golden Bachelorette in the future.

The Golden Bachelor contestant Susan Noles has become a fan favorite due to her charismatic and funny personality, and she’s captured leading man Gerry Turner’s attention as well, but will they leave the show together in love in the end? Susan hasn’t had a one-on-one date or even spent a lot of time with Gerry yet. However, their connection deepened when they shared a touching moment at The Golden Bachelor episode 4 cocktail party before the rose ceremony. At that time, Gerry pulled Susan aside and gave her a gift of a piece of rose quartz.

Gerry explained that empathy and strength are attributed to that type of stone, and he felt that Susan has both of those qualities. They reminded him so much of his late wife, Toni. Susan cried as Gerry told her that that was the highest compliment he could pay someone. In Susan’s confessional, she said that she felt like a kid, and was excited again. They shared a passionate kiss. Susan told the cameras that every time she talked to Gerry, that spark reignites, but will it burn until the end of The Golden Bachelor?

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Who Is Susan Noles?

Susan is a 66-year-old wedding officiant from Aston, Pennsylvania. According to her ABC bio, she’s also had a longtime career as a hair and makeup artist. On The Golden Bachelor, she told Theresa Nist to trust her as she styled her hair for her one-on-one date because she’d been doing it for 35 years. Susan also has a company, Nuptials by Noles, which, according to its Instagram page, offers unique modern or traditional wedding ceremonies.

According to Distractify, Susan’s ex-husband is retired MLB player, Dickie Noles. Together they share three children and six grandchildren. Susan’s ABC bio reveals that she loves spending time with her kids and her grandkids at the beach. Susan can be found on Instagram at @thesusannoles. Her Instagram bio states that she’s “Full of Life, Love & Great Energy.”

Susan’s ABC bio also shares her hobbies and interests. She’s great at golf, and also enjoys going to concerts. Two of her all-time favorite shows are The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd. Some fun facts about her are that she loves her pink go-go boots, dreams of having lunch with Kris Jenner, and loves eating leftovers from the night before.

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Does Susan Win Gerry Turner’s Heart?

Although Susan and Gerry deepened their connection during episode 4, she doesn’t win The Golden Bachelor. According to Reality Steve, either Leslie Fhima or Theresa Nist will be Gerry’s final choice. They, along with Faith Martin, received hometown dates. Faith’s filmed on August 19, while Leslie and Theresa’s filmed on August 21 and August 23, respectively. Gerry eliminated Faith after her hometown date, leaving Leslie and Theresa as the final two women who could win his heart in the end.

Susan has a big heart and a funny personality. From her cooking to her karate demonstration in the talent show, she has shown that she has many different sides to herself. Susan genuinely cares about people, and she has been so kind to Gerry and her fellow contestants. She’s been so much fun to watch, and would be a great choice for the lead of a possible season of The Golden Bachelorette. Susan deserves to find the love that she’s searching for, and hopefully will do so in the future.

The Golden Bachelor airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.

Sources: ABC, Nuptials by Noles/Instagram, Susan Noles/Instagram, Distractify, Reality Steve/Instagram

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Big Brother 25 Week 11 Power Of Veto Ceremony Results (Spoilers) – Armessa Movie News




  • The Power of Multiplicity helps invisible HOH Jag to nominate America and Cory for eviction.
  • Cory and America were confused and upset to be nominated.
  • Jag’s decision to split up showmance duo Cory and America is a big move in the game, with Cory being the likely target for eviction.

The Big Brother 25 week 11 Power of Veto ceremony has occurred, and the Power of Multiplicity has helped the invisible Head of Household (HOH) Jag Bains to finally nominate the showmance of America Lopez and Cory Wurtenberger for eviction. Nominee and veto winner Blue Kim used the Power of Veto to save herself, which was going to force Jag to name a replacement nominee. Since he won a veto as well thanks to the Power of Multiplicity, he saved his other nominee, Felicia Cannon, from the chopping block, and nominated Cory and America.

The Big Brother live feeds have revealed that Jag nominated America and Cory for eviction at the Power of Veto ceremony. After Blue won the veto, Jag revealed that he was the invisible HOH to her, and apologized for nominating her. He said he was convinced to do it by Cory and America, but ultimately took responsibility for his actions. Jag not only told Blue that he was the HOH, but that he was going to use this opportunity to nominate the showmance. Jag had told America and Cory that he was the invisible HOH when he decided to nominate Blue because he thought it would be obvious, and they’d figure it out anyway.

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America & Cory React To Being Nominated By Jag

After the Power of Veto ceremony, a confused and upset Cory and America lamented being nominated against each other, and wondered how it had happened. When Jag offered to speak to America and Cory, along with Blue, America told him to “F*** off,” which upset Jag. He told Cory that he wasn’t going to take disrespect from America, but he was willing to talk everything out as a group. Cory was open to speaking to them, but America wasn’t. Cory and America each want the other to stay, with them going so far as to say that they care about each other more than the game.

Cory and America have only been in power during the second half of the double eviction when Cory won HOH and targeted Jared Fields. However, they’ve been instrumental in flipping several of the votes this season. They’ve been inseparable as a duo since their showmance began, and it’s shocking that they’ve made it this far, especially when the houseguests have had so many opportunities to target them. Jag is making the right move by splitting them up at this point. It would make more sense to evict Cory, who has been the mastermind behind a lot of the chaos that has ensued all season.

This is one of the biggest moves in Big Brother 25 so far, and it’s really thanks to Blue winning the Power of Veto and saving herself. If that hadn’t happened, Jag would’ve left the nominations the same and stuck with his plan to evict Blue. However, both of them winning the Power of Veto this week was too perfect of an opportunity. Cory and America have now been blindsided, and one of them will definitely be headed to the Jury House, most likely Cory.

Big Brother 25 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT, Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EDT, and Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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Are Taylor & JP Still Together? (SPOILERS) – Armessa Movie News



  • Love Is Blind season 5 introduced Taylor and JP, the first engaged couple from the experiment. However, their in-person rapport was terrible, leading to an awkward relationship.
  • Taylor and JP broke up in Mexico due to JP’s issues with Taylor wearing makeup, which he found deceitful. They have not gotten back together since.
  • While Taylor seems to be focusing on herself, JP has been seeing a girl for a year, according to Love Is Blind cast member Izzy Zapata.


Love Is Blind season 5 introduced viewers to the connection between Taylor Rue and Jared “JP” Pierce, and there are updates about their relationship status. Taylor and JP had an instant connection in the pods and were the first couple to get engaged from this season’s experiment. However, after the reveal, it became clear their in-person rapport was terrible. JP clammed up when it came to communication, and Taylor found it extremely difficult to get JP to talk at all. Passed initial affection during the engagement moon in Mexico, the pair became extremely awkward.

Taylor finally drew the truth out of JP regarding his lack of communication. He felt like Taylor was deceitful by presenting herself with makeup when they first met. He hated the fact that she wore makeup and wanted Taylor to have a natural look. Taylor resented JP’s assertions and, after sleeping on it in a separate room, decided to end things in Mexico. Only two couples made it to the altar on Love Is Blind season 5. Two other couples became engaged during the experiment but were edited out of the season because one person was suing, and another couple presented sketchy circumstances.

Who Is Taylor Rue?

26-year-old Taylor was single for four years before participating on Love Is Blind season 5. Taylor, who is a kindergarten teacher, loves Christmas and is looking for someone honest, faithful, and ready for marriage. Taylor loves posing tastefully for pics on Instagram and has a love of fashion and traveling.

Who Is Jared “JP” PierceJared JP Love Is Blind Season 5

JP is a 32-year-old firefighter working for the Houston Fire Department. He is very patriotic and obsessive about wearing red, white, and blue. He has the least active Instagram account of the primary Love Is Blind season 5 cast members. From what he does post, it’s clear that JP is passionate about his job and physical fitness.

Are Taylor & JP Still Together?

Taylor and JP from Love Is Blind Season 5 kissing during reveal

Taylor could not get over JP’s despondency and attack on the way she presented herself. They have not gotten back together since their Mexico breakup. However, they do seem amicable since they still follow each other on Instagram. Taylor does not seem to have moved on to anyone new and appears to be focusing on herself. According to Love Is Blind season 5 cast member Izzy Zapata, who spent a lot of time with JP in the pods, “He’s been seeing a girl for a year now so obviously he’s doing something right” (per The Viall Files podcast.) JP has yet to share that woman’s identity on social media.

Source: Taylor Rue/Instagram, Jared Pierce/Instagram, The Viall Files

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Big Brother 25 Week 11 Power Of Veto Results (Spoilers) – Armessa Movie News




  • The Big Brother week 11 Power of Veto comp had two winners: Jag (HOH) and Blue (nominee).
  • Blue will save herself, leaving Jag to name a replacement nominee.
  • Jag should consider targeting Cory and America, breaking up the showmance. This could be a turning point in the game for him.

The Big Brother 25 week 11 Power of Veto competition has been played, and, because of the Power of Multiplicity, there are two winners: current Head of Household (HOH) Jag Bains and current nominee Blue Kim. Jag became the HOH shielded by the Power of Invisibility, which kept his identity a secret. However, he told his Final 2 Minutemen alliance partner Matt Klotz, Bowie Jane, and showmance Cory Wurtenberger and America Lopez that he’s the HOH this week. He nominated Blue and Felicia Cannon for eviction, with Blue as his target.

The Big Brother 25 live feeds have revealed that Jag and Blue won the Power of Veto competition, with one veto each due to the Power of Multiplicity. There were two Power of Veto competitions, with Jag winning the first one and Blue winning the second. This is Jag’s fourth Power of Veto win and Blue’s first. At the end of the competition, Felicia received the punishment of 24 hours in solitary confinement in the BB Comics room.

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How Will The Power of Veto Affect Jag’s HOH Plans?

Blue will definitely use the Power of Veto to save herself, so Jag will have to name a replacement nominee for her. Since he won the other veto, he can choose to leave Felicia on the block, or save her too, and nominate two totally different people. Although his main target will come off the block, he still has all of the power to control who the nominees are moving forward.

Perhaps this will be the week that Jag and Matt finally take the shot at America and Cory. Jag should nominate one of them in Blue’s place, or use his veto as well and nominate both of them. Jag and Matt could easily beat Bowie, Felicia, and Cirie Fields in any physical competition, so it would be smarter for them to keep them around. Felicia and Cirie would also continue to target whoever stays between Cory and America. Cirie and Felicia don’t seem to be coming after Jag and Matt, so this might be the best move for Jag moving forward, especially if Blue ever tries to take revenge on him.

Jag has had no problem turning on his alliance members in the past, including Blue and Cameron Hardin. It wouldn’t be surprising if he changed his mind about wanting to keep America and Cory in the game longer as well. This could be a turning point in the game if the showmance is finally broken up. They’ve been instrumental in orchestrating many of the evictions this season, and they are definitely the biggest threat at this point. Time will tell if Jag decides to play it safe or takes a chance with his replacement nominee(s). This is a very important moment for him in Big Brother 25.

Big Brother 25 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT, Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EDT, and Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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