20 Replies to “The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey – Playlists”

  1. Never heard of this movie. I’m glad you had it here. It was excellent. Great Christmas movie. Thank you Bill, Tom, Joely, Luke and Saoirse. You were all great.

  2. What a delightful Christmas story! Even the most icy, frigid heart can melt with love, compassion, patience and understanding. Lovely family movie for all!

  3. I had the book and I was surprised to see tbe movie. This is nice. Just a tiny bit different then the book. I love this movie a nd I loved the book.

  4. Here I am watching in march 2023. The world is in turmoil. Leaders think they know what's best but I differ from that prospective. All they seem is greed and power. We just wants to live in peace. Life and earth held promise at one time and I truly believe a future its ours if we hold onto old values of our ancestors. If every person will plant and nurture one seed, we can survive. I hold unto faith to keep us strong and prayer to guides us.

  5. I love that their need for remembrance and being grateful to help is a need we all wish to hang on with all we share our splendid time with. Thank you God. I need a new husband and the strength to go back to work. I am retired but it’s bogging me down I ask dear God dear Jesus please help me in the correct direction for the employment you know I am needed. Amen

  6. What a wonderful and sweet, Precious Christmas 🎄 Movie! It's a few weeks after Christmas but I celebrate "Old Christmas" also which is Greek Orthodox Christmas ✝️🎄. It's Snowing here tonight in the Blue Ridge💙Mountains where I live so it was a perfect night to watch this.
    This will become part of My Christmas 🎄⛄ Movie ritual. Thanks for sharing this with Us!
    Many Blessings Y'all!

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