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The Marvels will be with us in a matter of days, so it’s about time that the general Marvel population started getting excited for it. Thankfully, what with Thor cameos and X-Men crossovers teased, it seems we’ve finally gone from “abject indifference” to “active excitement” at last.

Meanwhile, Tom Holland lovers might be about to feel extremely vindicated as damage control on an upcoming problem-riddled reboot is underway. Let’s roll…

New The Marvels clip manages to turn the tide of apathy around in less than a minute and a half

With just one week to go, a new clip from The Marvels has dropped and, though we can scarcely believe it, people actually like the looks of it. Following the 73-second sneak peek, social media is full of positive reactions, with the descriptor getting thrown around the most being “fun.” With its brisk 105 minute runtime, every scene is going to count with this movie, so it’s encouraging that the increments we’ve received so far are going down well with folks. And if Muneeba Khan can tag along with the Marvels for the whole thing that would be great; thanks, Kevin.

Who’s the best Spider-Man of them all? Rumored Secret Wars plot details may reveal the in-canon answer

Photo via Marvel Studios

That’s right, Marvel is rumored to be on its way to making a bold declaration about the three cinematic Spider-Man that would canonically make Tom Holland the best of them all. It’s all to do with Avengers: Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars supposedly bringing together the “Prime” versions of different heroes, with Holland apparently the Prime Spider-Man in the multiverse. That said, other rumors say Tobey Maguire will still be a major player in the Multiverse Saga’s conclusion himself. As for Andrew Garfield… Crickets. #JusticeForPeter3.

One of Blade‘s six screenwriters debunks claims Mahershala Ali was a supporting character in his own movie

alita battle angel
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We just learned the surprising factoid that Blade‘s creative development got so out of wack that Mahershala Ali’s Daywalker was relegated to the “fourth lead” in one iteration of the script that otherwise focused on female character dynamics and was stuffed with life lessons. Former screenwriter Michael Starrbury has now stepped forward to debunk these claims, however, but given that he’s just one of six scribes who’ve been attached to this much-troubled project he would be forgiven for missing something. Guys, how hard is it to make a supernatural action flick about a guy who stakes vampires while looking cool in a leather trenchcoat? New Line managed to make three of them, even with Wesley Snipes’ antics!

Should Armor Wars be rebranded as Iron Man 4? No. Should you stick around for more unexpected developments from the Marvel multiverse? Definitely.


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