The Raven – Playlists

In 15th century England the sorcerer Craven learns from fellow magician Dr. Bedlo that his supposed dead wife is alive and living …








20 responses to “The Raven – Playlists”

  1. autismtreatedcured Avatar

    So much fun!! I can't believe Jack Nicholson at that age!

  2. David Williams Avatar

    The abominable Dr. Phibes is another great Vincent Price Horror/Comedy.

  3. Audrey Daleski Avatar

    And the grea/ – karloff.

  4. Audrey Daleski Avatar

    Oly Vincent for me, and Peter lorre.

  5. AmeRicanItalian Israel Avatar


  6. Viktor Karlsohn Avatar

    this is the 1963 version, not 2012

  7. Chris Konicki Avatar

    Peter Lorre was quite the character.I forgot how much fun it was to watch him in action.

  8. michael bonaiuto Avatar

    for such a great cast i found this movie to be horribly bad

  9. Trey Owen Avatar

    This was one of my favorite loose adaptations of The Raven back in high school. And that freakin line at 7:14 nearly killed me when I first heard it back in 11th grade. "How the hell should I know?" 🤣😂😅😆

  10. Mayra Noguera Avatar

    They're like little kids oh my gosh

  11. Mayra Noguera Avatar

    Is that Jack Nicholson as a Young Man

  12. Sky Woman Avatar

    The comedy of this horror film is unmatchable! Humor with a touch of fright is much delight .

  13. Bonnie Brock Avatar

    Limp magic wand……………….Oh you dirty old man! LOL

  14. Margaret Garnto Avatar

    I'm glad that The Raven (1963) is still on your YouTube Movies and Shows channel and is still free for me to watch anytime, but why were the two Dr. Goldfoot movies taken off the channel and made private? Please tell me why you took them off the YouTube Movies and Shows channel, and please bring them back to the channel so I can watch them again anytime for free, or I will have to buy DVDS of them somewhere.

  15. robin Avatar

    I love that they snuck in a few bars of “Same Auld Lang Syne” 1:12:27 when the confetti falls all over the dr after Vincent blows up his bomb 💣! Clever. And funny.

  16. Cheryl Bowker Avatar

    I met Vincent Price. He is a very nice man.

  17. Claude Nall Avatar

    Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, and Jack Nicholson. What a cast! Thank you.

  18. Rachel Garber Avatar

    The credits show a release date of 2012, however this movie was made in 1963. The 2012 movie stars John Cusack

  19. Rachel Garber Avatar

    Charles Dickens’ pet raven Grip and Poe’s inspiration for the poem, was stuffed after it died of lead poisoning and donated to the Rare Books collection at the Free Library of Philadelphia. They also own the only copy of The Raven written in Poe’s hand. Poe got the idea from Dickens’ Barnaby Rudge, which features a raven