The Summit – Playlists

In August, 2008, 18 mountain climbers reached the top of K2. 48 hours later, 11 people were dead. While memorials paid tribute …








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  1. Freeze Dried Mealworms Avatar

    You don’t keep driving because you think it’s not gonna happen to you…you keep driving because you have to go to work. That woman is a moron. She doesn’t have to climb a mountain.😊

  2. Navigator Avatar

    I remember reading about this in Time magazine or Newsweek at an airport after it happened and I really identified with Ger. I think of him every now and then.

  3. Avery Weinstein Avatar

    1 in 4 people pass away trying to summit K2. The mortality rate of attempting to summit K2 is insane! I’ve also heard that when you’re very close to a summit, you can get excited delirium and keep pushing even if it’s not the best decision.

  4. Travis Highfill Avatar

    It's kind of crazy because the most of these videos of Everest and K2 that pop up in my reels and on facebook, the more I just don't understand the thrill to do it. All of that time spent, possibly dying, just to stand on top for a couple of minutes, then descend back down without dying. The successful summit videos have been a joy to watch because it is an incredible feat, but I still can't fathom the energy and time spent just to stand on top of a mountain haha.

  5. John Calliope Avatar

    Respect the mountains, by putting a big ass sign up.

  6. Dave S Avatar

    22:30 All sherpas are professional climbers you muppet. Your the dam amateur compared to them. His statement was about as arrogant as a black guy in a Chinese spa.

  7. 78tag Avatar

    It surprises me that they haven't all made a decision before ascending whether they attempt to a rescue or keep going. Actually it doesn't appear to me that there was much of a consensus about anything of importance.

  8. Jamie Fagan Avatar

    Look! You can't blame anyone for not wanting to risk their life to bring a dead body off a mountain. Just kinda makes sense to me.

  9. odurandina Avatar

    i can't believe this is finally on YT in HD. Awesome.

  10. Delilah Cannova Avatar

    Amazing documentary.

  11. Emily Sanderson Avatar

    Anybody that has no limits in life must not be good to get to know

  12. Rod G Avatar

    Idiots they reached summit 3:30pm 😅 of course dawn was around the cut

  13. hk schubert Avatar

    None of these narrators seems very sophisticated.
    Just ordinary boring people off the street.
    Long boring production.
    No talent.

  14. Tara Chapman Avatar

    Absolutely insane to think anyone could climb k2 why oh why even try

  15. RTStx1 Avatar

    There are known climbers whose lifeless bodies locations are known; but the conditions are so bad no helicopter or rescue team can go; so it is their final resting place frozen in the open.

  16. Cyber Hype Avatar

    14:50 Chick looks like Meg Ryan circa. 1992 😂 you guys see it right!?

  17. drgonzoatmpls Avatar

    This is insane! It's like the family of Ger is trying to point the finger of blame at somebody. Are they actually surprised that he died? Because I'm not. Ten other people died as well. Breathtaking shots of K2 and an interesting story. The final scenes with Ger's family launching an investigation about his death should have been edited out. Interrogating these guys who almost died themselves is low brow. All of them were exhausted, dehydrated, disoriented, and scared. Of course their stories are going to be different and change over time. Just like mine and yours would. We are humans.

  18. Yak Avatar

    I feel for Ger's family but damn. That's a do or die situation and no one is responsible but for themselves on that crazy journey.

  19. Roger Komula Avatar

    Dren spelled backwards is Nerd. Kind of sums it up.

  20. underthetornado Avatar

    I'll never understand why people want to challenge death on the top of a mountain. These to me are attempted suicides.