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In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ X-Force, Kraven the Hunter’s legacy is officially continuing with the X-Men (rather than Spider-Man).

This post contains SPOILERS for X-Force #31

The latest issue of Marvel Comics’ X-Force confirms Kraven the Hunter has officially moved on from Spider-Man. Seeing the X-Men as the true apex predators of the Marvel Universe (and rightfully so), Kraven is determined to prove himself the world’s most capable hunter by going after mutants, daring to venture to their exclusive nation of Krakoa. While hunting down and motivating Spider-Man to be worthy prey used to be Kraven’s crowning achievement, it looks as though he’ll now be the X-Men’s problem.


As seen during Nick Spencer’s recently concluded run of The Amazing Spider-Man, the original Kraven the Hunter was murdered, dressing himself up as Spider-Man and tricking his clone son into killing him. Since that time, the Last Son of Kraven has assumed the name and mantle of Sergei Kravinoff, an identical clone desiring to continue Kraven’s legacy. The new Kraven has even had a handful of encounters with Spider-Man (alongside a brief stint with the Sinister Six).

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However, recent issues of X-Force from Benjamin Percy and Robert Gill have seen Kraven setting his sights on the X-Men. Having found the remains of Deadpool inside a polar bear he had tracked and killed, Kraven has come to believe that mutants are a far more worthy prey than Spider-Man, having expanded their race beyond Earth while also creating a means of mutant resurrection. Carving an “X” into his hand, the new X-Force #31 sees an armed Kraven brazenly heading through a gate to the mutant island nation of Krakoa (using Deadpool’s gross remains to trick the portal into letting him through).

All things considered, it makes perfect sense that the X-Men would be seen as the better target in Kraven’s eyes. After all, there’s nothing more challenging than prey that can’t die. Despite not having inherent powers of his own, Kraven does have a potion that provides him additional strength and agility beyond that of the average man. However, it’s going to take all of Kraven’s strategy and ingenuity if he truly wants to take on X-Force, Krakoa’s first line of defense (as well as the X-Men in general with all their incredible mutant abilities).

While it’s good that the legacy of Kraven the Hunter is alive, it’s very exciting that his clone has chosen to focus on new heroes rather that continuing the original’s obsession with Spider-Man (to the point of becoming cursed). While he’s only had to deal with Deadpool thus far, things could get very bloody now that Kraven the Hunter has come to Krakoa to hunt down the X-Men. X-Force #31 is on sale now.


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