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Tilda Swinton is a force to be reckoned with, whether she makes a physical transformation in movies like Trainwreck or brings her own magic as The Ancient One in Doctor Strange. Even though this British actress has won an Oscar for her performance in Michael Clayton, she has other things to focus on besides nailing her next award-winning role. The 61-year-old actress has plans to open up a multiplex chain, but would need the help of a billionaire multiplex owner to help.

The Chronicles of Narnia actress has had a busy few months going to Cannes for the premiere of George Miller’s Three Thousand Years of Longing, and then to Toronto for the The Eternal Daughter’s premiere. Additionally, Swinton has a plan for how to support movies in her own way, telling Indiewire:

I’ve often wanted the owner of a multiplex chain to give me and my friends the authority to program their chain, randomly, in a flash-mob sort of way in one weekend all over the country. That’s what I’d love to do, completely unexpectedly. Everybody would know that the next week they could go see the latest blockbuster, but for these next two days they might be able to see something they’d never otherwise see. Let’s see if someone writes who says, ‘I’m a billionaire, and I own a multiplex.’


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