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My 600-lb Life season 5 fans are curious about show alums, Justin and Steven Assanti. They want to know what they’ve been up to since the show aired.

On My 600-Lb Life, Justin and Steven Assanti (aka the Assanti Brothers) were featured with Dr. Nowzaradan, and it’s time to let fans know what they’re up to. The siblings were a part of the show in season 5, episode 13. They have since moved on with their lives, and fans are curious about how they have fared. Dr. Now (as he is widely known) is a Texas-based bariatric surgeon. TLC follows his morbidly obese patients, who weigh over 600 pounds, as they try to lose weight with the famous physician’s help.


Dr. Now puts his patients on strict weight loss regimens that test their willpower. The diets ensure that they will be viable candidates for the surgery. The Assanti Brothers were able to follow the regimen and get their surgeries, and their journeys were shown in a drama-filled episode. Before that, Steven got himself kicked out of the hospital for substance abuse, and verbally abusing medical staff. Justin left the hospital, but stuck to his routine, and eventually qualified for the operation. Steven and Justin developed their food addictions due to rough upbringings, which led them to turn to food for solace. Steven is infamous with My 600-Lb Life fans because he’s considered an unsavory character. Justin was much more reserved throughout the show.

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Fans of the series noticed that there was no love lost between the brothers, and that doesn’t seem to have changed. According to Cheatsheet, the brothers are currently not on speaking terms. Steven is the heavier of the two, and once weighed over 800 pounds. Justin’s highest weight was just over 600 pounds. In a Where Are They Now? episode, Steven reported that he had lost over 300 pounds, and weighed roughly 500 pounds. However, Dr. Now thinks that he actually weighed more than that. Justin has said that he lost 200 pounds after the bariatric procedure. It doesn’t seem like either of the brothers have lost much weight since then.

Steven got married to Stephanie Sanger after My 600-lb Life. He claimed that the fame he garnered from the series affected his marriage. He also said that the editing on the show only featured his bad points. This statement was backed up by his wife, when she said that he was a nice person, rather than being problematic, as he seemed to be onscreen. While Justin admitted that their episode was a bit exaggerated, it was accurate in terms of portraying just how difficult Steven can be. He still runs his shop, Hobby Haven, which helps him to deal with his social anxiety.

Fans of the show will be glad to know that the brothers are doing well, despite not wanting to have anything to do with each other. My 600-lb Life seems to have given them a better outlook on life. They’ve both moved forward after successful surgeries. Now, it’s up to them to make the most of each day, and it seems like they are doing just that.

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